360 and PS3 sales rocket during bumper Easter

MCV: The race between Xbox 360 and PS3 shifted up a notch this past week as both consoles saw huge leaps in hardware sales, thanks to the Easter break.

Though PS3 is still outselling 360 regularly week-on-week and in terms of year-to-date sales, the Sony and Microsoft platforms both saw a 73 and 78 per cent rise in hardware sales respectively this week.

Nintendo's mega-selling Wii and DS also saw significant rises, despite stock concerns.

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resistance1003766d ago

So the price cut didn't really change anything in europe for Microsoft?

sonarus3766d ago

do you think they could have increased by 78% without the cut???

resistance1003766d ago

If GT5:P wasn't released at this time, yes without the cut i recon they could have

sonarus3766d ago

lol regardless though GT5P is out now all that is left is to see how far the game can carry the ps3.
By the way about GT5P do they keep the lisence events before each class like they did in the other titles. I know a lot of people hated them but i LOVED them

LocustGR3766d ago

No, not exactly.
There has been a slight improvement, but it seems that Europe is still a Sony stronghold.

No advertising = poor sales

resistance1003766d ago

In the UK its helped the 360 pull it level, but in mainland europe its had very little effect, and i suspect GT5:P will cancel out the effect of the 360 Price cut.

Also as for Advertising i see more MS ad's then any other.

shine13963766d ago

I think it (gt effect) already has rained on x360 parade. then again if you think about it...x360 didn't have the price cut before gta, it had it the week preceding the release of GT. Reports were coming from all over the place that Gt was selling bucketloads...

The Wood3766d ago

even after a price cut. That's good news for Sony. I'm sure with the release of GT5p and maybe Everybody's golf the PS3's sales will continue to stay ahead of the 360's like it has been. The price drop has just lessened the sales gap

Truplaya3766d ago

i have a PS3 but am i the only one not excited by this GT5 prologue? I'm not paying for a demo then paying for the full game gain in a year. I'll play Forza2 and Burnout until GT5 is out properly.

Barreldragon003766d ago

But then again GT isn't my type of game im more in to Motorstorm or Burnout.

sonarus3766d ago

lol you sound like you are waiting for someone to beg you into getting gt5p. No one is forcing you, if you don't want it say no

Keowrath3766d ago

Hmmmm, I didn't buy it. I downloaded the GT5 demo off the JPN psn when it was available but only played it like once but then again, I'm not a racing game fan. However I can apreciate Prologue for what it is and as many have said, although not quite the same scale as a full GT, PGR or Forza it's still an incredibly good racing game (that blows away a lot of lesser full priced racers) for a great price. As Mighty Douche stated in another GT5:P thread, Asda are doing it for £18 in the UK. That's peanuts for a game of this caliber if you're a fan.

But I'm more an action game fan myself.

Blitzed3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

One day you post you sold your PS3 2 weeks after buying it, then you own it again, which is it?

I may be wrong, but didn't you post a similar staement about MGS4?

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Meus Renaissance3766d ago

The cheap price of the 360 could have a negative consequence. People will see that, and see the more expensive PS3 (a brand they know well in Europe) and assume its more of the premium and hence buy that. But as the PlayStation 3 market grows, I think it'll drown out Microsoft's influence eventually.

Nintendo however - they're just laughing to the bank each hour

heyheyhey3766d ago

that is a factor of course

but the advantages will probably outweigh the disadvantages in this regard, seeing as the mass-market wants the cheap HD gaming- rather than think about the point you mentioned

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