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Submitted by BozoLoco 968d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft just ditched its Xbox One development philosophy. That can't be good. writes: The hardware has kind of been regressed and the developer philosophy changed to appease a backlash from a mob that never appeared to truly understand the hardware architecture to begin with.

The console was made with the cloud in mind. I’ve seen what it can do. Microsoft made the mistake of making a console -- the Xbox 360 -- with a detachable HDD, which made it tough for developers to create games that required storage space for large amounts of data, as not everyone had a massive HDD.

They rectified this with Xbox One, but now we've regressed into a console that no longer requires the internet. (Dev, Xbox One)

JokesOnYou  +   968d ago
Dont be surprised if they can offer both in theory all they have to do is let you "opt in" during the first sign in of your console.

Id gladly give up the ability to sell used games(I dont sell my games now) and take the mandatory 24hr check(I honestly cant remember the last time I didnt have internet or it was down for more than a few minutes) just so I can have access to my library anywhere, dont ever need disc again and most of all share with my nephews in Virginia. Hey micro is a two tier Terms of Service agreement possible???

I just posted this in a xbox forum, I encourage every xbox fan to ask this, get some feedback, its not too late.
MariaHelFutura  +   968d ago
Don't be surprised if the system is delayed, or worse rushed out w/o extensive testing.
SonyAddict  +   968d ago
Its already rushed lol!.
It took 3 years to produce X1!.
Google it!.
Akuma2K  +   968d ago
A launch delay very well may happen, which will be even more disasterous to MS when trying to stay on par with thier launch date knowing sony hasn't announced theirs yet for the PS4.

Makes you wonder how much worse can it get for MS, with the mix of bad PR and damage control no one knows what'll happen next.
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JokesOnYou  +   968d ago
Listen if flip floping now on their current strategy was so easy, then theres no concern for delay= its software you can code the OS to either authenticate and lock a game by disc to the console ID or you allow the game to be store in the cloud accessible only through online access/ verification every 24hrs, 2weeks, etc its all code and its micros expertise. ...sadly they just need to be pushed to do it.
dale_denton  +   968d ago
i can already see RROD day 1
maniacmayhem  +   968d ago
I still say let the digital games have and be what the XboxWon originally had intended and leave the retail physical games just like the 360.

To me that is a win/win.

Why would the system be delayed or rushed out without testing. All this is on the software side, not hardware.
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MariaHelFutura  +   968d ago
Didn't MS says the system was built around all this rocket science?
Lannister  +   968d ago

What happened to all this rocket science level stuff that the console was supposedly built around ?

All that was BS ?

So apparently they had the ability to turn off DRM just like THAT. And it would have zero impact on the console ? So why didn't they then ?

If it has no impact on the console whether they did DRM or not, what was the point then ? Was it to steal my money Microsoft ?

This is why MSFT and the Xbone 180 still look bad to me because there's no honesty, no integrity in the damn thing.
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MariaHelFutura  +   968d ago
Major Nelson
"We can't just flip a switch and turn off drm, the console was built around it"

Angry Joe Interview
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tiffac008  +   968d ago
I agree, there is no reason why the Family Sharing cannot be implemented without the restrictions on the Physical Media.

We already sort of have this with the PS3 & 360 this gen. Where you can share your account with your family or friends and have them download whatever digital games or content you have already purchased or redeemed.
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Software_Lover  +   968d ago
I can not get to the forums for some reason when I log in. I get a server error. I can go to the forums fine if I log out. It might just be the pc that I'm no now. I'll try again once I get home. Have you ever had any issues?
first1NFANTRY  +   968d ago
"Id gladly give up the ability to sell used games(I dont sell my games now) and take the mandatory 24hr check"

last time i checked most of the world still don't have an internet connection. America is not the world.
Software_Lover  +   968d ago
I dont recall him saying it was. He was speaking for himself. Half the world doesn't have proper food,clothing, or shelter either. Does that mean we should all fast and go live in the woods?
Gameatholon  +   968d ago
Each console has its share of "pros & cons". Sony is not perfect, they have made a lot of mistakes, and so has Nintendo, but I can honestly say that I have never seen so much back-peddling from any of the companies I mentioned above, as I saw today from the Microsoft Camp.

I imagine when Jimmy Fallon showcased both systems on National Television, Microsoft knew that there was a serious problem in the way their new console was being perceived by the media and public compared to their competitor.

They even ostracized the entirety of the United States Military, and all its compartments, including, the Navy, Marines, etc. There were dozens of articles condemning that decision, I even saw one that labeled the XBOX one as a return to fascism. A little extreme? yes, a little inappropriate? I agree, but this was the mindset of about 90% of the gaming community.

They needed an immediate fix to help alleviate concerns, something that could reverse the negativity surrounding their new console, to salvage the situation immediately because telling the fans and gaming media to deal with it, or buy a XBOX 360 if you do not have an internet line, clearly was not working.

Adding to that, Microsoft it is only 2013, not 2113, there is and will be, probably for a long time, a lot of homes and areas that do not have a stable internet line or none at all.

All of the Public Relations spin that Microsoft has been spewing the last couple of weeks like mouth-diarrhea, claiming that "XBOX ONE is the Future, do you want to come with me, or get left behind?" has been effectively revoked and dismissed, garnering a new nickname for the console, XBOX180. This is not the kind of press they were hoping to achieve with the change, I can tell you that.

I believe the new XBOX features were a negative, partly due to Microsoft's inability to explain why they were beneficial to consumers, and the fact that citizens want to OWN their products.

Wow I have to say color me impressed, two Disagrees in less than five seconds. Did the two of you even read what I wrote?

Typical Fanboys, you don't read the response, you skim it to see if it fits "your view" and when it does not, you disagree, with no explanation as to why, that or you completely missed the point of what I wrote which is even worst.

That is some blind loyalty, and fanboyism at its finest. Love you guys, keep at it :)
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Rusty515  +   968d ago
Im sick and tired of people from other countries thinking ALL of America is just one big Wi-Fi hub. I live deep in South Carolina, and it's hard as hell to keep a constant connection where I'm at. America has other states than just California and New York you know?
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Why o why  +   968d ago
Well said gameatholon,

The back track was a good one in the end. More dramatic than, hdmi isn't needed or rumble is last gen, definitely. This one was more important for gamers and consumers. Our ownership of everything is getting taken away..... ever heard of inheritance tax......, trust me these corps and governments will find a way to leech our rights to just about anything and use spin to dress it up. They wanted this to be the norm. This has stalled its rollout for another 7 years at least.

Again.....well done to those who stood up. Take the game sharing hit for better rights. Ms were basically licensing hard copies of disks you purchased and now look. It wasn't necessary anyway..... just another money grabbing ploy. Side with the gamers not the devs....without us, what is there....

Oh, there's a myth gathering pace that game sharing isn't possible now without drm....please look at how ps+ achieved it. At one point it was 5 accounts and ALL COULD PLAY AT THE SAME TIME WITHOUT DRM. IF you really think that was the type of system ms were going to implement then why cant they still do it.......because that's ms for you. Already people have made excuses for them.
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JokesOnYou  +   968d ago
Why o Why you answered your own question first off sony sharing meant sharing your profile, also because WITHOUT drm it was abused and thats exactly why they severly gimped the sharing, that system was much different from what X1 would have done with this feature and Im not sure I got to look it up but was it for full retail disc based ps3 games or just psn/psp titles? This would have allowed me to share my library with family 3000 miles away on day 1, thats not anti consumer, no more than selling the first cars when most people rode horses and there weren't paved roads in most was progress, if you couldnt afford it, thought it was unsafe, felt the world wasnt ready, guess what just continue riding your horse, while those who could see the convenience of cars enjoyed them....and unlike that situation basicly the towns do have the roads built= internet in all but some isolated places, the internet statistics confirm this.
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Bob Dole  +   968d ago

Bob Dole lives in California and the internet in his area is crap. He has to reset his modem EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to maintain his 4mb/s otherwise it drops to around 100-500k/s. I'm sure there are places that have it better than here in Cali but Bob Dole doesn't live there and doesn't get to experience that.
Why o why  +   968d ago
@ jokes. .

Yeah. It was abused but there's no reason ms can't still implement the share system without being so draconian across the board. Well done for your current appeal. I'm still not sure about how the proposed system worked in its entirety and it seems a bit too consumer friendly for ms if I'm being honest but there might be a way. You have my full support even though you dissed my horse.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   968d ago

"I just posted this in a xbox forum, I encourage every xbox fan to ask this, get some feedback, its not too late."

Will do.

I personally can take advantage of the DRM 24 hour check in. I'm speaking behalf of my self and nobody else here. I already have a few people in mind in sharing games with.

If we can get MS to opt it in as a none-mandatory feature that can be altered and changed by the user then honestly I'll be good.

Again I'm speaking behalf of myself here. You can all at least respect that.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   968d ago
I'd "opt in" with no problem. I was going back and forth about the x1 but still pre ordered it. After some thought I think we now have what Sony has....just a graphically upgraded 360. All the innovation is now gone along with dmr...
JokesOnYou  +   968d ago
Edit meant to reply to Bitbydeath and Delive below
Yeah thats the problem if they remove the check in, theres no way in hell their going to allow you to share, because of course whats stoping you and a 100 others all from downloading that 1 disc...damm I'm telling you this was perfect for me and surely most xbox fans, vast majority do have internet some just chose not to pay for online. I was discussing this at work and no BS when given both options everyone I talked to chose game sharing, screw gamestop geedy bastards.

BLKxSEPTEMBER, it might help if we go to the forums and speak out, if they can give us the option everybody wins.
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BitbyDeath  +   968d ago
@Jokes, why not just download your games? Your games will no longer need discs if you go digital.

As for the sharing, PS3 has it, so maybe you should just be asking for that back since their is no reason for it to go in the first place.
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Delive  +   968d ago
Technically, you can still buy all games digital and you can play those digital games anywhere you sign in. Just can't share the library.
ChrisW  +   968d ago
I was still planning on buying the X1 despite all of those restrictions because they do not bother me the littlest.
angryraptor  +   968d ago
Amen brother. I can't help but feel we are getting cheated out of what was likely going to be a magnificent vision of the future based on the initial policies they had in place. I too never trade in my games and was excited by the very forward thinking concept of a shared library of gaming licenses across the cloud with no need for physical media -and all because people who weren't content pissed and moaned. It wasn't enough that they just buy the PS4 that was better suited to their needs -instead they had to ruin it for all those who do not fear change and were excited for the vision of a digital future and now we get a gimped system and feature set. The least Microsoft could do is give people a one time option to share their dream or opt out and be bound to the chains of a physical media future. I would also gladly give the right to sell games to opt in for the exciting vision that they shared with us and for which the xbox was initially designed!
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Jdoki  +   968d ago
Opt in would be fine. I guess it may be a bit confusing for your average consumer, but for those that want it, it would be nice.

What intrigues me about this news is... Doesn't it make MS look incredibly weak. Doesn't it make their whole implication that cloud can turbo charge their games moot. Doesn't it reduce some interesting functionality, such as family sharing. Doesn't it invalidate everything they said about the benefits their DRM would bring.

They've not even given themselves time to win over the consumers. which makes confirms to me that a lot of what they said (particularly about the cloud) was smoke and mirrors. I can only imagine how bad the pre-orders must have been to make them do this.

I think MS would have been better to stick to their guns and play the long game. I think they were banking on Sony adding the same sort of DRM, in which case they could share the heat. Sony positioning itself as 'champion of the gamers' was an incredible move.

Even this huge 180 damage limitation move is only going to help MS to a small degree. The bad news is out there. Is Jimmy Fallon going to do another piece on the XBO to correct his previous (semi-accurate) report? Bad news tends to travel faster than good - so I think this will have a limited affect on MS in the long run.

Sony can seriously lay the boot in now - although I suspect they will be very careful about the messages they send out. No point advertising the fact that their competitor has made their console more gamer friendly.
callahan09  +   967d ago
They can't do that, JokesOnYou. Either everyone is in, or nobody is in. Here's why:

1) You buy your game and take it home and put the disc in, registering the game to your account. Now you no longer need the disc ever again, so...

2) You sell your disc to someone else, who is *not* opted in and takes that same disc home and can play it without going online to verify it and remove the game from your account. Therefore...

3) You can still play the game digitally, and the guy you sold the game to can play it offline from the disc, because Microsoft has no idea that you sold the game to take access away from you. Essentially, the game was bought once, you sold it, and yet you still have access while somebody else now does as well.

Microsoft isn't going to let that happen. It's everybody or nobody, there's no other way around it.
3-4-5  +   967d ago
* Theory - They take it away....get everyone to buy, and then force you to sign off on it or you can't use it anymore.

Which then will lead to 30% of XB1 owners trading in their console for PS4 or Wii U.

Just a theory, but they've proven that have no integrity. I still play 360, but Microsoft lost almost all the respect I had for them.

5 steps forward....20 back
Ulf  +   968d ago
"Development philosophy"? WTH is that? Some stuff the article author made up, I'm thinking. This has NOTHING to do with developers, and EVERYTHING to do with publishers, retailers, and the consumer.

What they did was backpedal and put the games industry into the same place its been for the past decade -- a place where only huge sellers can be printed on a disc, and every other title needs to be totally DRM-restricted by being DL-only.

I liked their policy. The only thing that bothered me was the 24-hour thing. They could have made a "log in to register the install, then you're good" model, and I think things would have gone much better. Would have been *exactly* like Steam then, except with disc media.

You KNOW 3rd party publishers, on both Sony and MS platforms, will implement some new scheme. What Sony and MS say is immaterial. All MS did was outline their policing mechanism in a more detailed fashion than Sony did, really. Sony stated that their no-DRM statement was only in reference to Sony-published titles -- which isn't actually very many, in the grand scheme of things.
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iliimaster  +   968d ago
gamestop announced they stopped taking pre orders for the xboxone and was handing out flyers letting people know what they were making their bed with... i bet after this gamestop stores will start up pre orders again after today
Ulf  +   968d ago
Um no, they didn't.

Why spout such obvious lies?
JokesOnYou  +   968d ago
Delive from your link they stopped taking preorders because they were out of allocations.= hard to promise what you dont have.

Also the passing out flyers was isolated nothing of the sort sponsored by gamestop, my area here in San Diego had no beef with X1 policy they were happily anticipating its launch.
Delive  +   968d ago
I never said anything other than that. Iliimaster said gs 1) stopped taking preorders and 2) handed out flyers. Ulf claimed it to be lies. I quoted the most unbiased articles I could find to show ulf that ilii was not lying. They DID stop taking preorders and DID hand out flyers. Resson for preorders was supply and demand, but its still not good for ms when consumers go to a store and can't preorder your product, but can preorder your direct competitors. Isolated, but enough gs stores handed them out to make news on several different sites. Were those gs stores trying to burn ms or kindly inform unknowing customers of the requirements? I don't know, but either way, it can't be good for ms.
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iliimaster  +   968d ago
im still getting wii u first then ps4 then after gears 4 is announced and a price cut im in and will be current with all systems with my kinnect camera ductaped so it will never see the light of day and i gotta cover up the mic as much as possible then only then would it be acceptable
Mikeyy  +   968d ago
If MS put enough horsepower under the hood in the first place they wouldnt need to rely on the cloud.

They opted for cheaper parts, then still want to command a premium price at the launch.
00  +   968d ago
someone just realized they might be losing their job.
#5 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
No_Limit  +   968d ago
The cloud got nothing to do with the mandatory 24 hour check in. If a game like Forza 5, or Dead Rising requires cloud processing, then they both can benefit from the use of Drivatar or more zombies onscreen that will make the game better but those are not essential to the core single player gameplay, otherwise instead of the 24 hour check-in, constant internet connection should be required for those game to operate. For a game like Titanfall, it is a multiplayer game and internet is require anyway so that guaranteed cloud processing will be there to run the game to its fullest. People confuse about cloud processing in that it can only exist if the system have constant internet connection, which is not the case.
strigoi814  +   968d ago
Microsoft like timed exclusives so better watch you behind guys..
tuglu_pati  +   968d ago
I dont know how Don Mattrick's still has a job. This have to be the worst console unveiling of all times.
NihonjinChick  +   968d ago
This about sums it up.

Related image(s)
Tundra  +   968d ago
What they did is wonderful but in all honesty, it makes it seem like the console is being rushed for a late 2013 release. The fact that the PCs used at E3 didn't even have GPU affiliated with AMD makes me think the console is not yet finished entirely.

Adding fuel to the fire, they make a complete 180 on policies as if it's nothing. The whole thing appears incredibly unorganized to be honest. I hope they have a stable release but at this rate, it's looking less likely. I do applaud them for listening to the overwhelming feedback and taking action.
porkChop  +   968d ago
Those weren't actual dev kits. Microsoft was lying. Developers already have the dev kits and they have the same hardware as the Xbox One which includes an AMD GPU. There would literally be no reason whatsoever for Microsoft to have an Nvidia GPU in the dev kits because the console never used Nvidia in the first place. They used those PC's to pass the PC versions off as the Xbox One versions. The Xbox One versions likely won't look as good. It's a classic bait-and-switch. Show you one product to get you interested, and give you another one entirely.

What I find hilarious about this 180 is that Microsoft said the Xbox One was literally built around these systems and restrictions, and that they couldn't be removed. Yet now they're being removed no problem. That's my big problem with Microsoft, they're never honest about anything. They're always lying, always scheming, always falsely advertising everything.
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HacSawJimThugin  +   968d ago
The civil war took place because some people didn't want change and feared the future.

I'm still in shock over all of this. All of my XBL friends love the X1. We sat in party chat and watched the X1 reveal plus E3 together and had no worries...then today happened. I swear most of the hate came from Team Sony. My friends and l Loved the X1 and the only people we found to have a problem with it were Team Sony loyalist. Why MS why??
NihonjinChick  +   968d ago
There were plenty of MS fans who didn't like the One's policies.
Software_Lover  +   968d ago
Image is everything.
00  +   968d ago
"most of the hate came from Team Sony"
I'm pretty sure it was the pissed of 360 fans who started pre-ordering the PS4 after E3, the one would have been annihilated if it released as the DRM machine let alone MS themselves could not sell why the one has value.
HacSawJimThugin  +   968d ago
And I'm sure you are right but just as Jokes stated, I would gladly give up these decade old practices for family sharing and the future of what gaming could be. The Internet sucks.
user6981454   968d ago | Spam
USA007  +   968d ago
I use to be an Xbox fan, and have owned 20ish 360's (talk about bad luck). Before the announcements I was thinking MS would be the better console, but their conferences and now this One80 has turned me away.

I definitely wouldn't have bought it with drm and 24hr check in. At least now with the policy change I can consider both consoles instead of having the One completely off limits to me. Still I have a bad taste in my mouth from MS, and am very hesitant to buy in to them, unless they offer a clear benefit
MasterCornholio  +   968d ago
If most of the hate came from Sony fanboys Microsoft would never change their policys. But the truth is that most of the hate came from consumers which is why Microsoft changed their policy.

P.S Angry Joe is a huge fan of the XBOX brand and he hated those policy´s and im pretty sure there are plenty of more like him in the market.
#10.6 (Edited 968d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
antikbaka  +   968d ago
If they give up cloud so easly that mean only one thing - CLOUD IS A LIE
antikbaka  +   968d ago
P.S. I find it quite funny that those who changed the situation aren't xbox fans (case they have already preordered it) but whose who think xbox is peace of brick and haven't invested even a cent into it. So M$ doen't care about fan base :3
MasterCornholio  +   968d ago
Funny i thought they stated that they couldn't get rid of these policy's since the One was built around them. Also they also claimed that they would never change them no matter what Sony did or what opinions the public might have.
cyhm3112  +   968d ago
I just want to see xbox fails so much, maybe MS as a company as well,lol
sly-Famous  +   968d ago
What a load of BS, PS4 does not have these restriction and yet Sony already confirmed it can do cloud gaming. Anyone defending this piece of junk are little rich boys whoes daddy's buy them anything they want and are living in denial. There millions out there who, like us, enjoy gaming but cant always because of all the crap companies like M$ are full of.
hazelamy  +   968d ago
who says it can't do the cloud thing any more?

they kept going on about how you could still play your games with a few k through a mobile connection, that's not the cloud.

so online multiplayer is no longer a feature of x1 because it doesn't force player to use an internet connection?

online features will still need to be online, cloud feature will need to be online, online multiplayer will still need to be online, patching will still need to be online.

this drm was never about the cloud, if the console truly needed to be online to function, it would need a constant connection.
the fact it only needed a few kilobytes a day and now it doesn't even need that, shows nothing has changed as far a the cloud thing goes.
baodeus  +   968d ago
DRM has nothing to do with cloud gaming (both MS and Sony said that being connected is more beneficial or enhance your gaming experiences. As long as you play MP or online games, and you are connected, the cloud still applies)

DRM, although a bit strict, implementation was to prevent massive sharing of games since you can play it without disc after installation. MS policy in sharing (probably only for single player game and only one person can play it at one time) is still more convenient than disc based sharing or lending (you don't need to take the disc around with you, and you can access your entire games library anywhere). Sony would have to have restriction too on their digital distribution (Gaikai and PS Vita) if they still want to stay in the gaming business. Remember how they reduce game sharing down to only 2 people on ps3? And what happen to that, how come people didn't go ga ga over that services instead of keeping the stupid right to used game that doesn't do anyone good beside retailers like gamestop?

I guess if MS can still implement similar services for digital distribution, while keeping disc based game the way they are, it might still work to their advantage. I'm crossing my finger.
Jdoki  +   968d ago
I see a management reshuffle coming on in the XBox division of MS!
SITH  +   967d ago
It absolutely did not matter what MS did or did not do, people were still going to complain.

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