Xbox One’s DRM Backflip Is A Bad Business Decision: Here’s Why

Lifehacker: Barely a week after its controversial E3 press conference, the company has back-flipped on DRM and used game restrictions — the console will no longer require you to connect to the internet every 24 hours and disc-based games can be sold and swapped at leisure. While this is a partial win for consumers, from a business perspective it can only be viewed as another blunder.

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STGuy10402002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I believe Microsoft did the right thing.

BozoLoco2002d ago

The online functionality had more to do with cloud computing and developer resource than anything. The changes have regressed the tech. This isn't that good of a decision.

whoyouwit042002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Wrong They will still use the cloud but now it's a option.

Baka-akaB2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

That's a ridiculous claim . Game that are online based are still going to remain online based and use clouds if they want to .

There is no correlation between that and cloud computing . It was a purely greed based decision to satisfy publishers .

Or are you guys going to pretend the same thing once gaikai and cloud features was to be used on a ps4 without those policies ?

Godmars2902002d ago

Its still not consumer friendly. Only now its less friendly to a smaller number of consumers.

People w/o any online whatsoever either are going to have to go out of their way to prime the machine or not get it.

As to the article; the author is trying to use Sony example of sticking to the PS3's launch price for as long as they did. Not that that instance was anywhere close to what's going on here, except that the XBO is $100 more than the PS4.

V0LT2002d ago

Who is to say they won't try to pull a fast on in the future though..

rainslacker2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I do too. And in less than one day I'm tired of articles, a couple forum posters, and to a lesser extent MS, implying we were wrong and should be punished by taking features out(game sharing). Once again, trying to make all the industries woes into the gamer's fault.

One really didn't have anything to do with the other.

Starbucks_Fan2002d ago

"Xbox One is like that GF that cheated on you and wants to come back to you. lol. You'll be dumb enough to get back with xbox one."

GameCents2002d ago

Threatened to cheat. . .actually told you would cheat even before you started dating. Then took it all back.

Will let you play Forza 5 at launch so automatically best girlfriend ever!

Marry her!!

brish2002d ago

"Xbox One’s DRM Backflip Is A Bad Business Decision"

Yeah! Why release products that people will buy!

... wait a minute!

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whoyouwit042002d ago

OMG, some people are just determine to do what they can to trash Microsoft, it's just really sad.

Veni Vidi Vici2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Stop with the "woe is me" crap about MS. MS got trashed for trying to take away "certain" rights that gamers should never have to part with. Some people will inevitably trash MS because they're fanboys just like the MS fanyboys would reciprocate on Sony. THere's no escaping that. But for most people it has nothing to do with brand loyalty. It has everything to do with losing rights and value and people decided to stand up as a matter of principle. It's nice to see that some people still hold them.

Some things MS wants to do are innovative and others are just plain stupid. They're being called out on it. Good on MS for realizing their mistake. But to bitch about people standing up for what they think is right is asinine. So just stop with the whole schtick about how all the Sony fanboys are just ganging up on MS for no reason. Some of us couldn't care less who the maker is as long as it's good for the industry.

DEEBO2002d ago

they did the right thing.those features they pulled could have been work out.but they are looking at the big picture was going to slaughter them in sales,they had no choice but to change the DRM policy if they wanted x1 to force MS hand.but they been doing this.adding wifi.hdmi now bluray to their console.

wishingW3L2002d ago

I don't see any problems yo!

younglj012002d ago

Congrats too MS for making this decision.But the backlash had too be a lot worse then we think.For MS too changing their policies so quickly is something I didn't see coming.Proud of you MS even though I still don't trust you sorry ;(

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