New Zealand retailer puts Wii U on clearance, 50% Off

A retailer in New Zealand has decided to sell all Wii U systems for 50% off, marking them on clearance. Is this just one retailer giving up on the system, or a sign that a new bundle is coming to stores?

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Relientk771739d ago

Wow 1/2 off, that's crazy

bet people will be buying it now in New Zealand

jbl3161739d ago

they are. But that retailer is getting rid of all Wii U stock. That's the main reason it's so cheap.

chadboban1739d ago

Man I wish it were in my country, with Pikmin 3 just a month and a half away I would've picked one up right away. Guess I'll just have to wait for an official price drop in my country :(

I'm really looking forward to a lot of Wii U games so I'd really like an excuse to get one sooner rather than later. They have a nice bit of exclusives this year and going into 2014.

Ninte1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yeah just picked up a premium today for $199 only three left in my dicksmith store. Damn should of bought all three :)

imXify1739d ago

And resell the other two for a little profit :P

LOL_WUT1739d ago

Pretty good deal IMO ;)

mydyingparadiselost1739d ago

I can't take anything seriously from a store called DickSmiths. Good deal though, if your in NZ you should snag one up and prepare for The Wonderful 101.

jbl3161739d ago

its proper name is Dick Smith Electronics. The retailer is actually Australian based. It was named after the founder called "Dick Smith" lol.

mydyingparadiselost1739d ago

Makes perfect sense, it's still funny in the most immature way possible :]

Gameatholon1739d ago


Great deal though.

Ninte1739d ago

Dicksmith tried to sell me a two year warranty for an extra $80 and i said no thanks, i am covered under the cga.

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The story is too old to be commented.