Microsoft, Xbox One, and Why Microsoft’s Reversal is Bad News

On Wednesday, June 19th, Microsoft made the decision to reverse several policies relating to the Xbox One. But will this have a negative impact on the future of the console gaming industry?

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AngelicIceDiamond1980d ago

So now they see the benefits when MS cuts the cord on the policies.

Of course they do.

sentury1111980d ago

I know! First it's the end of console gaming, but now it could have been good to keep it.

MS can't win.

JokesOnYou1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Go to xbox forum where you login with your gamertag,....ask if its possible to have 2 different terms of service agreement where you can "opt in" to drm restrictions and thus be able to take advantage of the "family share plan" which of course allows you to acces your games anywhere on any console, never need the disc again and share with friends. This should not be a problem since this whole strategy works by identifying your console ID and lock my f-king console and give game sharing micro, f-ing dont understand them sometimes.

Outside_ofthe_Box1980d ago

Anyone trying to turn MS removing it's anti-consumer polices as bad news were either defending it to death so they are standing by their words in order to not look foolish or they're straight up insane.

Bigpappy1980d ago

How is allowing customers to sell and share DIGITAL Games "anti-consumer"? They really need an offline and an online version of the X1. I want to share my Digital games. I don't want to screw around with disk anymore. I want next gen not same gen with a better card and more RAM.

Septic1980d ago


I'm with you on this. Whilst DRM definitely had its issues, having a digital library and that game sharing feature sounded really interesting. Oh well....

humbleopinion1980d ago

MS "anti-consumer" policies were just as bad as Valve's Steam, only with the added benefit of sharing games with friends and family, plus the ability to still re-sell physical copies at a store (something Valve doesn't let you do).

People love steam, so what's not to love with a friendlier approach?

Starbucks_Fan1980d ago

"Xbox One is like that GF that cheated on you and wants to come back to you. lol. You'll be dumb enough to get back with xbox one."

Software_Lover1980d ago

Beating.........A............. .Dead...........Horse.

It's ps3 reveal and Six Axis all over again.

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Intentions1980d ago

It was good news, but I would of liked to see/have most of the features that were cancelled.

Eg: Family sharing, disc-less play.

sentury1111980d ago

I would have too. I already had three friends to share games with. Oh well, at least now all PS fans have to gripe about is Kinect and you can disable that.

FITgamer1980d ago

You can only disable the video feed of the connect when the system is in standby, when the system is running Kinect is mandatory for it to operate. People keep saying "you can still use the controller, you don't have to use the Kinect." That's not the issue people have, they want to have the option to have it completely detached from the system. If we want to keep it in the box, use it as a door stop, or target practice it should be an option.

Biggest1980d ago

There really is no reason that those things can not exist. Microsoft is punishing people for saying no. Ahh well. They still have fans out there.

Eldyraen1980d ago

In theory most are still possible--but now the wait will be substantially longer if we ever even see them.

rageus1980d ago

Playing without the disc cannot be done without DRM. Otherwise people would just install the game, and sell the disc.

Mainsqueeze1980d ago

I think you can still have disc-less play. all the games will still be downloadable on xbl day one

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