Microsoft Restores Game Ownership And Expects Us To Smile

Eurogamer remember waking up on the day Microsoft unveiled its original set of Xbox One policies, reading through them on my phone and being desperately sad.

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NatureOfLogic1917d ago

This change is for MS, not gamers. Sales predictions drove their decision not gamers voice like they're claiming.

STGuy10401917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Money talks as they say.

zeee1917d ago

KingElixir: Yes, that's exactly what I have been saying. MS saw the writing on the wall. They must have surveyed the pre-order numbers of PS4 and compared it with their numbers.

Even though this is the right thing to do and something that they should have done from get go, this is simply the numbers game. Goes to show that when consumers stop spending on a certain product, even the biggest companies in the world have to bow down and in this case bend over :)

karl1917d ago

cmon seriously? u saying we had no influence in this?

like sales has nothing to do with gamers buying consoles?

Polysix1917d ago

WE did influence this, but our actual text objections may not have. What our word of mouth did do was affect pre-orders massively, so yes we DID do this! Congrats.

Our talk, our protests, our votings and our pre-orders for PS4 all combined to make MS take notice the only way it knows how (by looking at financial forecasts based on consumer interest/pre-orders)

we were 'heard' but not directly by MS from out mouths but from our wallets.

M-M1917d ago

I know they won't admit it, but Microsoft seeing Xbox One pre-order sales compared to the multiple PS4 pre-orders was devastating for them.

1917d ago
Polysix1917d ago

Jimmy Fallon was the icing on the cake, but I doubt they reacted THAT quickly just to JF. This had more to do with pre-orders and public backlash voting/word of mouth. Jimmy may have sealed the deal but it wouldn't have done anything without us 'voting' with cold hard cash (or lack of)

ginsunuva1917d ago

Jimmy Fallon was way too soon. They have to take a long time to finalize business decisions. 6 days minumjm

rainslacker1917d ago

While probably true, the two things are directly linked. Vote with your wallet, campaign with your voice.

3-4-51917d ago

Damage is done.

I'm a gamer, always been Nintendo and Xbox + PC, but man I will never forget this.

I was so hyped for it too until E3....

They have a great controller, some good IP's but a whole load of douches who don't know crap about gaming making all the decisions.

When you make "money" decisions, your almost always doing it at the expense of the gamer and the game's quality / experience.

"money" decisions are short term decisions and almost always the wrong decision.

Nintendo is set up so even if Wii U fails hard....they will still be in business 20 years from now making Both consoles and games.

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STGuy10401917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

"Less than two weeks later, Microsoft completely changed its approach, reversing its position so much that the Xbox One will now work in much the same way as Xbox 360."

Most of us knew Microsoft would change its tune once enough gamers spoke with their wallets.

Typical-Guy1917d ago

You've been asking for this and now all of a sudden it's not enough...

ovhaum1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

That's the least they could do. They're not giving us s**t! They're just took some of the DRM RESTRICTION.

Now, they need to take off the mandatory hal9000 and lower the price for the XBone180. Then, it will start to look good.

3-4-51917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

We asked for A....they gave us B and told us we need B.

We said no...we want they are giving us kind of A...but not fully A, and they haven't really gotten rid of B, just some of it.

ginsunuva1917d ago

No we wanted a lack of B.

It's like punching someone in the face continuously and then you stop and expect them to love you.

Skynetone1917d ago

the monkeys fell off there tree, and know they need a hand back up

Docknoss1917d ago

I'm smiling, your mom's smiling, were all smiling

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