Xbox One Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten Discusses Microsoft's Reversal

Following today's big announcement that Microsoft has changed its mind on used game restrictions and online check-ins to refresh licenses, GameInformer spoke with Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten. GameInformer discussed pricing, changes to digital titles, and how Microsoft is positioned following E3 last week.

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dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

"Whitten was clear: "[$499] is our price for Xbox One." "

Welp. That buries that rumor.

Typical-Guy1770d ago

But that doesn't mean they won't have cheaper SKUs..

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

Considering the fact that they confirmed Kinect was still required, yeah, yeah it kinda does mean they won't have cheaper SKUs, at least not at first.

hazardman1770d ago

Do you still need Kinect for console to operate?

3-4-51770d ago

Even after $100 price drop, which has never happened within first 3 years of consoles life cycle, it would then only be the price the PS4 was originally.

It would have to drop $150 to compete with PS4's eventual $50 price drop in console 2-3 years from now.

It's like they were so arrogant about beat Sony in the 100 meter dash that they lined up at 150 meters just because they were that confident in themselves.

zeal0us1770d ago

I want to hear what Don and Larry thinks about this Microsoft reversal.

ClosedUnknownz1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

No matter what Micro$oft says, I'm still getting a PS4.

Grave1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Will still happen. Says it right in the article.

Grave1770d ago

Lolz at $500 upfront cuz we think this console will grow and evolve. I'll keep my 360 its better than a 180.

HammadTheBeast1770d ago

"Kinect is a toolset for developers"

Yeah, never heard that before right?

Grave1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Ya there's sooooo many awesome Kinect games! ...lolz

Mr_Nuts1770d ago


So true, this is why they've made it mandatory so first party developers will be forced to include it in their amazing games

Basicaly it's

"If we can't make awesome Kinect games we'll just force it into awesome non Kinect games"

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The story is too old to be commented.