Screenshots of UT3 bonus maps

German site shows a bunch of screenshots from the recently released UT3 bonus map for the PC.

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Gish3676d ago

I haven't played UT3 on PS3 yet, but I love that they gave this out as a free map pack. Makes me very interested in finding out about the game.

mighty_douche3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Well they cant really charge for it, Someone would just stick them online as a "mod" then you could just download them for the PS3. Easy.

Anyone new to MoDs.... this site is a great tool for PS3 owners ( ) you can download the mods straight from the PS3 browser, much less mess.

Heres a real quick way to do it (more info, PM me, happy to help), ok here goes... (be warned, must have a flash key or mem card in the PS for you to DL to)

First go to on your PS browser, find the mod you want, Click on the *PLAYSTATION DOWNLOAD LINK* and save it to you Flashkey/mem card.

Close browser > start ut3 > press start > community > My Content > Import content (square) > select storage device > select mod > press X > done.

Your newly installed ready to go mod should now be shown on the screen.

Fishy Fingers3676d ago

Thank you for the info!


3676d ago
kid from brooklyn3676d ago

These maps are ridiculous and the fact they are free is even better! Facing Worlds is a snipers paradise and the deathmatch map is all rocket launchers with a redeemer in the middle. With this free map pack plus the mods this is easily the most I have received from a game in quite some time. If you dont have it buy it you wont regret it especially if you like online shooters.

faisdotal3676d ago

Mods Mods Mods.

Seriosuly Sony, buy exclusivity rights to UT and advertise the Game 3.0 NOW!