Could PS4 Have Won E3 Without Used Games, DRM?

IGN - If Sony had said exactly what Microsoft did at E3, would fans still be behind them? We discuss.

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NYC_Gamer1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

No,Sony would have been under the same shit storm.

doctorstrange1770d ago

It wouldn't have been as bad, as we'd have less choice and neither of them would have to give up on DRM. But yeah, I'd be pissed as would a lot of people.

It's still $100 cheaper, of course, which'll win them a lot of love.

dedicatedtogamers1770d ago

The $100 cheaper price point would've still caused a big uproar.

But, postulating aside, the reality is that Sony clearly won E3, which is even more evident considering Microsoft just backtracked on their DRM and 24-hour check-in policies.

Sitdown1770d ago

That is where you are confused...Microsoft E3 was not about DRM and 24-check in. Try just looking at the conference for what was presented, not what you think about their previous releases and notes. Microsoft said E3 was going to be about games, and it did exactly that. If you check the threads, a lot of Sony fans were bored with Sony's conference until the price and used games were brought up. I did not really perk up until they mentioned Final Fantasy.

Loki861770d ago

Definitely not, like I had said before MS brought the games and the PS conference was so boring till the last 20 minutes.

MysticStrummer1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I think the price would still have been a big deal, and the question of who had the better exclusives is always going to be subjective.

For me, the two best things MS showed were a multi-plat (MGS5) and a game that has a very good chance of being on PS4 eventually (Titanfall).

Hard to say what others would have done but for myself, if Sony had echoed MS's policies I'd either have taken another look at the Wii U or looked into building a gaming PC.

SoapShoes1770d ago

Yeah but Sony brought games too. Just as many and they announced they are working on more games in total than Microsoft. Soooo....

HammadTheBeast1770d ago

Sony First Party shown so far: 6/20.

MS: About 11/15

KillrateOmega1770d ago

It pains me to admit it, but MS would have edged them out a bit. MS's performance was simply more attention-grabbing.

Dagobert1770d ago

Yeah bruh, voice activate remotes for your TV is a killer move.

dark-hollow1770d ago

You mean the one they BARELY mentioned at their E3 conference because they were busy showing games after games?

KillrateOmega1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I know what you're getting at, and the PS fanboy inside me applauds you, but don't be unfair.

They had a solid E3 and if you were here watching the Sony conference live, you would know that many people were growing bored and were worried that Sony had somehow dropped the ball despite their clearly more advantageous position as of late.

jmc88881770d ago

So you're saying you've seen an Xbox One game in action?

Their presentation was PC's with 300-500 percent more graphics power then the Xbox One has and 200 percent more power then a PS4.

Thus if a game 'looked good' at E3, it looked good on a massively more powerful PC.

In other words, your impression at e3 didn't come from games running on an Xbox One.

So should that be a valid reason to vote that MS won e3? Nope.

KillrateOmega1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

As a hardcore gamer, I recognize your reasoning and, quite frankly, I agree.

However, simply from a basic consumer standpoint and not taking into account my own knowledge of what the games were running on, MS's conference was more interesting.


Same basic message to you.

theWB271770d ago

Confirmee not all games were. .. and of the best looking. .. forza 5... shows what the system can do

Ju1770d ago

What games? MS had three games and faked the rest. Doesn't really change anything. PS4 is still the better box and still $100 cheaper.

HammadTheBeast1770d ago

I support Sony, but I have to kind of agree. However, I believe things will get interesting this games com.

DEEBO1770d ago

what makes you think sony doesn't have games to show?they are better poker players when it comes to the E3 thing.MS had to show those games and still wasn't just show some of their games but the price of the ps4 was a big has less power then the ps4 but cause of that camera they want 100 more dollars.we they do that at? social features and talking to a camera is not worth more then a stronger console.

KillrateOmega1770d ago

I'm talking about their E3 conference performances, not their hardware features.

And I never said that Sony didn't have games, bro...

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DragonKnight1770d ago

Yes. Every idiot journalist tried to group in Sony with Microsoft in May after MS announced their stupid DRM system. They demanded Sony address it. If Sony didn't have to address it at E3 to please everyone, they could have shown more games. Pretty simple.

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