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A "Fanboy" Reaction to Microsoft's DRM Retraction

Casey White wrote: "The more I think about it the more upset I become that the old generation of gamers are hindering progress just because they don’t understand that a company has rights, just as they have rights as consumer.

Two major features, which were ones that I had personal interest in (one of which was the reason I put down my deposit for an Xbox One as soon as the conference ended), have now been removed from the future release of the console" (Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Boody-Bandit  +   549d ago
MS dropped DRM because it's not what MOST consumers wanted. It doesn't matter how anyone tries to spin MS dropping this policy. It would've ultimately hurt the industry if they were successful with it. It's obvious, by how fast they rescinded, they were getting trounced by it's implementation. Proving most consumers weren't going to put up with it.

I say congratulations to those that were sticking to your guns and voting with your wallets.
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Grave  +   549d ago
I agree. It's like they thought they had the power to do what they wanted using the guise of "it's the future". Our future contains more consumer rights thanks to this reversal. Let'em get a foot in the door and the next thing you'll have is a credit card prompt to play the next level of the game you don't own.
SilentNegotiator  +   549d ago
"Bu- but 10 people to a single game would have saved the industry from the horrors of used games!"
nypifisel  +   549d ago
Haha yeah that honestly made no fking sense!
edonus  +   549d ago
It was just a hard message to sell. DRM is not inherently bad. There are tons of ways to DRM. You could from a software side require online registration you could block used games or trade ins.

MS was trying to make a really big step that may have been a little too big for the masses to understand right now. I wouldnt be surprised if MS comes out either at launch or a few years later with a XBOX ONE that is fully digital with no disc drive and it be $100 cheaper.

I think when they went on Jimmy Fallon and saw how people couldnt really process the idea it proved to be too risky. I said last gen these consoles do so much its hard trying explain to people what it actually does. These are entertainment devices its hard trying to explain something complex about something that is suppose to be so simple with out scaring someone off.
I think if they would have went through with it they would have eventually been very successful. Doing it this way may actually speed up the success. It really is just an easier decision to make.
SilentNegotiator  +   549d ago
"DRM is not inherently bad"

Yes. Yes it is.
3-4-5  +   549d ago
Stand up for what you believe in.
Ray186  +   549d ago
You don't get it do you. They didn't do gamers any favors or change because of some older gamer outrage. They changed because the pre-orders started coming in and realized that other people are going to have their jobs next year. Sure they have all the rights in the world to do whatever they want with their products.

I also have the right to spend my money any way that I see fit. MS learned a very valuable lesson today. The real question is will they be able to change consumer perceptions about their product.
TheNightNinja  +   549d ago
The pre-order numbers were referenced in the article. Thanks for reading!

This is just my personal opinion, it's fine if you don't disagree but this mentality of "your opinion is wrong" it a little ridiculous. An opinion can't be wrong, it's a personal statement.
Heisenburger  +   549d ago
Typically I would agree with the "opinions can't be wrong" statement(for obvious reasons).

Though at some point there has to be a line.

There were(are?) people that were(are?) pro-Hitler, pro-Nazi, ect.

Lol I am NOT in the slightest comparing anything here to concentration camps, nor am I attempting to make light of the subject.

Though my point is, at some point an opinion CAN be wrong(incorrect).
Salooh  +   549d ago
( Stealing is right and that's my opinion )
In your logic i'm not wrong and it's my personal statement.

( I like apples more then orange )
That's called opinion and i can't argue with that

( Xbox live in X1 is better then PS+ on ps4 )
That's also some kind of opinion but in reality ps+ gives you more value then Live so your opinion is wrong.

Note : Didn't read the article but your comment here is wrong , no offense , just to make the difference between an opinion and what's wrong or right. So :

Opinion from facts = can't argue with it
Opinion while ignoring the facts = wrooong
Facts= facts
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HammadTheBeast  +   549d ago
Exactly. People are giving them way too much credit for being snapped.
NextGen24Gamer  +   549d ago
I agree with everything he said in the article/rant. I'm very upset with Microsoft changing their policies and caving in to the gamers not ready for the next gen. Dare I say it. The Xbox one is just the Xbox 360 now with better graphics.

Sad day for the advancement of gaming. Thanks Sony for keeping the gaming industry as is and now we have to wait another 7 years for the digital advancments that could have been here in November.

I just hope they give Xbox one owners an option when they register their console to go always online. 2/3 of Xbox one owners will most likely choose that option and we can family share....
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rlacorne  +   549d ago
You know what? That family sharing thing would be pretty much possible even without the required 24h check-in. Microsoft just removed you a feature, but only because they wanted to. Not because the technology wouldn't allow it without being always online.
rainslacker  +   549d ago
The old adage, "You can't please everybody" comes to mind. If you were truly looking forward to those features, then I empathize with your situation.

However, what you wanted was obviously not what a majority wanted.

Your last sentence says it all. The customer should have the choice. If MS had approached this issue with choice at the center, the outcome would have been entirely different.

I do hope that MS can find a way to make things like you want a reality. It would go a long way in ushering in this vision that MS had in the long term. I even find some of those features a good step towards a digital future. But for the time being, the ways MS was trying to implement were just a bad value proposition on the part of the consumer.
kalkano  +   549d ago
"If MS had approached this issue with choice at the center, the outcome would have been entirely different."


Don't force this kind of crap on us! Let us CHOOSE!

I really think this whole thing revolved around the X1 BluRay drive. I think reading the games from disc just made things more expensive for Microsoft.
Bigpappy  +   549d ago
You said: "However, what you wanted was obviously not what a majority wanted."

You know this based on pre-orders or N4G. The majority, I am afraid, kept silent as they usually do. Its the nosiest that got what they wanted. That's a shame too. Gullible masses can be very dangerous.
rainslacker  +   549d ago
No Bigpappy. If the majority want something, then they have their own "vocal minority" that would come to have their say.

There wasn't a lot of that in this issue. On this site alone, I can name maybe 5-6 people who would routinely speak up for the side of MS. Most of them came across as trolls, because they only spoke in absolutes. Didn't offer constructive debate, and weren't taken seriously because of it. Most of their arguments were, "It doesn't effect me". It wasn't until this game sharing thing was revealed that they actually had a reason to have seemingly legitimate support for these policies.

If you look at other issues not quite as polarizing on this site, the comments have plenty of vocal opposition because the opinions vary greatly. This time though, it was a lot of gamers coming together to voice their concerns or outright hate for these policies.

But keep telling yourself that you are part of the majority, just know that all evidence points to you being in a very unvocal minority.
NihonjinChick  +   549d ago
If you want to go digital, then go digital. Nothing is stopping you from buying all your games digitally. People shouldn't have to be forced to make that change, it should stay optional.
psyxon  +   549d ago
so microsoft should cave into the thousand people who are ready for the supposed "next gen" features in x1? ignoring the majority who simply don't want the crap they were imposing? yeah, okay.
HammadTheBeast  +   549d ago
Yeah well, you're a fanboy.
SpideySpeakz  +   549d ago
MS already stated the Family Sharing plan won't even be available at launch, with or without DRM.
rainslacker  +   549d ago
A company does have rights. But a company only survives at the whim of it's customers. Those customers spoke to what they want, and the company made their decisions accordingly.

It isn't the current gen gamer who's holding anything back. It's the current gen gamer simply saying what it is they want, and what they are willing to spend their money on.

If that doesn't line up with what the author wants from the console, then he can start his own campaign to see if MS will reverse their decision again. It's how the game works.
Software_Lover  +   549d ago
......... I had a long response, but at this point in time, it's not worth it lol. To each his own.

Game on people, game on.
HammadTheBeast  +   549d ago
I swear this happens to every long comment you have lol.

Edit: Oh ok. Nevermind lol.
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Software_Lover  +   549d ago
Just 2 that I can think of.
ltachiUchiha  +   549d ago
Hell to the yes mate, this is awesome news & is only healthy & good for the gaming industry. It feels like christmas for me. Game on mate.
smokelocc  +   549d ago
Its terrible that peoples closed mindedness can halt any good or game changing ideas, purely based on "I dont like change". I had my reservations on an always online system, but I was willing to give it a try. Now i'll never know what could have been. smh...
DonMingos  +   549d ago
You can still have your console always online.

The difference is that now you will have it always online because you WANT TO, not because you HAVE TO!

I honestly don't understand fanboys reasoning
psyxon  +   549d ago
rofl. you do realize you can just keep your console connected 24/7 if you really want that? you act like you just had freedom taken away. my god.
HammadTheBeast  +   549d ago
Yeah. Now you should switch to something else. Cause apparently, always online was completely necessary for persistant worlds, which we can't have anymore :(
ShabbaRanks  +   549d ago

Wow didn’t know the human race could be this stupid. I guess some people just love to get fu**ed in the a**hole by big companies.

Bend over and say ahhhhhh my friend.
ezcex  +   549d ago
rlacorne  +   549d ago
Also, even if they didn't plan it accordingly, most of the features they removed could have worked pretty well without the 24h handshake and all the DRM policies they were going for.

For Microsoft to remove those features just feels like them trying to put the blame on gamers, again. "Look what you've done, you broke it! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW". And after reading this article, I can say it's working.
Sadist3  +   549d ago
It would not have hurt the industry. GameStop is hurting the industry. That's why game studios close down, because GameStop gets %100 profit off of used game sales. So now I guess we can look forward to less new IPs, and more Halo 15, Assassins Creed 28, and Call of Duty 19. Thanx guys.
NihonjinChick  +   549d ago
People would be still trading and selling games with each other if GameStop didn't exist. Used games don't put companies out of business. They've been around ever since people were playing Pong and Pitfall.
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Ray186  +   549d ago
I absolutely hate this developer argument. Game developers are for the most part contract employees. Before your current game is finished, you had better be looking for a new job. Because when this project is finished goodbye. No profit sharing or any other benefits like a mainstream business.

All this used game hurting the developers nonsense is just PUBLISHERS being not able to get any of the money Gamestop makes. Please stop.
ltachiUchiha  +   549d ago
Yup they should make a 1000 consoles for consumers like yourself who enjoy being restricted & ban u from buying unrestricted consoles, i bet u wont say that after.
DjKiba  +   549d ago
Look I never had a problem the those two features. I'm just confused as to why it has to be either or. Maybe if it checked online every 24hr and didnt' lock you of your games. Whats wrong to catering to every audience. I mean if you had to install the game on your HDD anyway wouldn't it act as a digital copy?
mxrider2199  +   549d ago
not worth reading at all
Chapter11  +   549d ago
No company has a right to screw over customers. Yes, we did win you twat.
kalkano  +   549d ago
Actually, they do have that right. They just won't stay in business for long. ;)
Sadist3  +   549d ago
Everyone is online at least once a day, but yet complain when a system checks in once a day. Smart.
NihonjinChick  +   549d ago
I only get online about twice a week.
kalkano  +   549d ago
Choice, choice, choice, choice, choice.
shuuwai  +   549d ago
Go read EA's simcity game with DRM.

short ver.
click on simcity.exe,
server full, note comes up ~we'll try again in 25min~
So, now I have wait 25min just for a re-connect to the server, IF it connects, most time it doesn't, no gameplay, thanks to DRM.
MontyQ  +   549d ago
xbox gives me a xbone
310dodo  +   549d ago
They should have just stuck with it
but lightened the blow with

"Xbox one is a Gaming Computer, and like a computer reaches its full potential when plugged into the internet...especially if you keep it plugged in 24 hrs"

I like the games on the system and family share.
and I am buying a PS4
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dazzrazz  +   549d ago
I'm still not getting it. Don't want and will not pay for useless camera
SpinalRemains  +   549d ago
Say what?

The system in place has been in place because it works.

No one is losing money.

You've all been suckered into thinking that these big publishing companies are victims. That renting games is akin to piracy. They're not, and it most certainly isn't.

I'm sorry but these attitudes are extremely elitist and the worst thing for the industry.

God forbid a superior product drive profits.
Under the model proposed by the article and the apoligists and elitists, games not need be any good any longer or held to a standard of excellence. They will be rushed and regurgitated due to profit margins being maximized through multiple revenues on the single product or disk.

If you're going to support all digital to protect your product, then so be it. But to have a disk drive, and not be able to play a game with it is ridiculous.

What MS wanted to do, was to digitize everything, still use a disk, and keep the prices the same. That is awful.
When you remove a cost, the customer has to see a cut too.

We lost options and saw no cost drop. It was the worst of both worlds.
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Ray186  +   549d ago
Bubbles+ Well said.
BabyTownFrolics  +   549d ago
I'm glad they reversed their policy, now I have no reservations about buying both consoles
Ray186  +   549d ago
F That they need to be punished for even thinking that they could get away with this.
BabyTownFrolics  +   549d ago
Ill leave you to it, I just wanna play with my buddies. Some will game on the ps4 and some will game on the xbox1. You can keep on raging.
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Gothdom  +   549d ago
I don't understand... I thought they told us it was too late to change this? Unless I missed something...
Adropacrich2  +   549d ago
This should have massively positive effects. Makes me wonder if it wasn't just some master plan to begin with. Excellent news

Entirely happy to by one now and that means I get to continue playing the franchises I like most
level 360  +   549d ago
Microsoft's previous thinking isn't about progress it's about control and alienation.
mydyingparadiselost  +   549d ago
I love how Mr. author Ian blames the old generation gamers for ruining his dream machine. Ian, if your reading this I want you to know your idea of change is right, but it wouldn't work for millions of people at this moment and your bright future would be many other peoples dark present. The future you want will happen but if it happened at this point of time it would disinclude so many people from being able to play even if they were to drop the money for an One. In short, your viewpoint is skewed only towards yourself and if you want that future so badly stop complaining and play on Steam where that future is already becoming a reality.
TheNightNinja  +   549d ago
Hey, thanks for the follow up! First of all, my name is Casey, not Ian... not sure where you got Ian from, other than he is another writer on the site.

Second of all, I don't disagree. The world is clearly not ready for what comes next. I think I'm still allowed to be personally upset about that though, and that's what this rant is about.
mydyingparadiselost  +   549d ago
So consider this my “Ian rant.”
That's where I got Ian from, sorry for getting your name wrong. And of course your allowed to be upset, I just feel the arguement for these things is short sighted. Your article is well written though, it's a good read regardless of whether I agree with the content. I appreciate the response, hopefully if or when I read another article from your site I won't get the authors name wrong in my comment :). And seriously the future of digital at the moment is on Steam, consoles are a different beast and should be until the digital space hammers the kinks out of the problem.

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