Xbox One Pre-Orders Resume on Amazon, Microsoft Store After Policies Drop

Thanks to a big change by Microsoft, pre-orders have resumed for the Xbox One.

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GraveLord1885d ago

Pre-orders never stopped on Amazon.

Thantalas1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

"Major Nelson, who Tweeted that both Amazon and the Microsoft Store are offering reservations on the Day One Edition of the Xbox One... Today’s breaking news has lead Microsoft to allow new buyers to throw money down."

This means that Microsoft were limiting the amount of Xbox One Day 1 consoles available so that they could say they have all been sold out. When they reversed their decision on DRM they have seen an increase in demand so will now make more Day 1 models available.

They want to make a lot of sales but it's also important to be able to say they have sold out of Day 1 consoles.

Foxgod1885d ago

Well, to make sure i made a full deposit on my preorder.
Dont wanna miss out on that 1st day edition.

OlgerO1885d ago

I preorderd my PS4 only a week after its februari reveal on, so I better get it at launch.

JokesOnYou1885d ago

Yeah X1 preorders never stop on Amazon its been #1 for a couple of days, and some gamestops stopped taking preorders because than ran out of allocations.

Minato-Namikaze1885d ago

Isnt that because they took down the ps4 launch day edition? or maybe the PS4 launch edition is no longer available due to high demand.

Gran Touring1885d ago

@Minato yeah the PS4 launch day edition ran out within a few days. If you were lucky enough, first orders for the standard edition (at least on amazon) were upgraded to day-one. At this point I don't know if you can preorder an "at launch" PS4 without it being in a bundle

Drekken1885d ago

Minato-Namikaze - They took their launch PS4 and bundled them with all the launch games. The only way you can get one now is to buy a game with it.

falviousuk1885d ago

what does this have to do with the article you are posting in. Oh wait nothing, its just another troll

lucidity1885d ago

This is tied to product availability, not to policy.

golding891885d ago

This is great news for xbox one. I am so getting one now without this always online crap :)

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