Sunset Overdrive Box Art Revealed

Alive Game Zone - Lately today, the box art image has rolled out for Insomniac Games' upcoming open-world shooter, which is currently being developed and will be released as an exclusive title for Microsoft's Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive.

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GameCents1918d ago

My eyes!!!!11!1111!!

Heck my ears hurt too.

gaffyh1917d ago

Unfortunately, a lot of people do judge a game by its cover in stores, and this looks terrible. It doesn't explain at all what the game is about, whereas the generic, "standing dude with a gun" on the cover does, and gets the message across way better.

Blackdeath_6631917d ago

i think this game may be a monumental flop like fuse was

GameCents1917d ago

You mean to say you hope...

lastofgen1917d ago

the game is meant to be crazy, over-the-top, and uniquely built. in my opinion, the box art fits that description perfectly.

KentBlake1918d ago

Is this real? It's probably the ugliest cover art ever made. It looks fake, especially if you look at the boxes for other Insomniac games (Resistance 3, for example).

MooseWI1917d ago

That's the point of this game, it is meant to be really over the top.

MoveTheGlow1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Anything that isn't "Big dude with a gun" on the front is welcome at this point. Yeah, it's jarring, but at least it's not the cover to Bioshock Infinite (which they apologized for with so many alternate covers) or the butt-tastic Remember Me cover. At least they're doing *something.*

That said, meh. Still not caring about this. I love the style, but it's yet another TPS. From the makers of Fuzzzzzzze. Not the makers of Ratchet and Clank, those birds have flown. They've been Rare'd.

Redempteur1917d ago

it looks fake.

i have a hard time believing it's real even if everyone telling me it's real.

Why do we have a box art but no in-game footage ?

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from the beach1917d ago


Also, a box art but no in-game footage yet?

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The story is too old to be commented.