Microsoft Masters the Moonwalk: It Helps the System, But Not the Company

CCC says: "After enduring Sony’s E3 assault and the countless punches that gaming journalists have thrown at it, the Xbox One has finally made a much-needed stand. A new statement from Don Mattrick, president of interactive entertainment business at Microsoft, explains the system’s complete and utter turnaround on the DRM and restriction policies that were so ardently at E3 2013. The details of the announcement are as follows:"

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NatureOfLogic1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Great title lol.

on topic: This does make MS look bad after the reveal. With them desperately pushing for an all digital online console, only to fail and rethink due to negative reactions from gamers and retailers. MS know they got away with a lot with the 360. With rrod, inferior hardware and charging a fee for free apps and multiplayer. They tried to take it a bit further with Xbox one. They failed. MS don't understand It's core fanbase and hopefully they lose bad this gen for underestimating the core gamers voice. Someone at MS will lose their job for not seeing this horrible ideal from miles away.

BrunoM1919d ago

Your right they don't understand who the core fan base for the system is .. US hardcore gamers want as much freedom as we can get that's more than clear and we all know that!

Thing is the fan base Microsoft wants to go for is not dumb they want to buy a game play for a few weeks trade it in when it does have value and buy another one .. If anything the fanbase that does keep their games is us hardcore gamers and even we don't accept drm ..

So on these day an age the xboxone was gonna fail as it stood maybe by next gen but not on the ps4 xboxone gen

tarbis1919d ago

That's an insult to Michael Jackson. >_<

Typical-Guy1919d ago

I'll buy the system and I'm sure they'll be more than alright unless they pull off another sh!t...

Docknoss1919d ago

I had the ONE pre ordered before the removal, so whatever