Xbox One: Did Microsoft just pull off a Risky Marketing Technique?

GC - "Door-in-the-face marketing technique is risky but Microsoft may have pulled it off."

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JoGam1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

MS may have pulled off a risky marketing scheme and they may have lost ground by their tactics.

I think they can bounce back, however this experience shows both MS and Sony changing how we play games will be difficult has hell. They have to make sure they keep a well balanced business model where consumers are excited about the changes.

LOGICWINS1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

How much ground did they lose exactly? Less than 2% of gamers pre-order consoles and buy on launch day if we're going by history.

The mainstream, the majority of people who buy these consoles don't have a clue any of this DRM nonsense ever occured.

What MS is fighting for now is the hardcore minority.

JoGam1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Ground is ground no matter how much loss. Also ground doesn't have to be sales. Ground could mean buzz or excitement. Regardless how u cut it they lost some.

Don't be nieve, if MS thought they wasnt losing ground those restrictions would still be in place.

LOGICWINS1852d ago

Im not disagreeing with you. They did lose ground...with the hardcore minority.

NatureOfLogic1852d ago


Spin, spin and then spin some more. MS will lose install base after all of this. Worst console reveal ever and first impression is more important than you would like to admit. And you failed to realise that the Xbox fanbase is mostly that "hardcore minority."

LOGICWINS1852d ago

Umm..okaaay? Whatever you say.

GribbleGrunger1852d ago

Logic, it had hit the mainstream. Jimmy Fallon and other mainstream media reported this regularly. You would be right if it hadn't ... but it had.

dendenmooshi1852d ago

It's kind of a pet peeve of mine when people throw around numbers without having linked a source.

jmc88881852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Actually they lost ground with alot more people than 2 percent.

1. Kinect2 is still part of the Xbox One that is mandated. This issue isn't going away, as the leaks from Snowden and others have just begun about how pervasive and how EASILY we have all been spied on without a single court order.

2. People who were immediately fed up, some of them preordered already, and they missed the boat.

3. Lots of people already have a negative first impression and some of them remarkably but true, will still think Xbox One has all the other restrictions because that's how they learned about it come this fall. Also you know what they say about first impressions, it takes about 10 subsequent favorable impressions to remove the impact from the first negative one.

4. It still is a console that is $100 more and the PS4 is still 50-125 percent more powerful.

...and more, but that should be good enough for now.

Mounce1852d ago

and the Hardcore minority extremely help with Word of Mouth.

Friends who tell their friends, friends of friends who hear their friends who 'Know', and warn them of why to stay away from Xbox One and they listen to the hardcore-friend because they know better. So on and so on.

Hardcore 'Minority' are like, a Spear to concepts and passing information to the world. So - I'd think PS4 will still outsell Xbox One Side-by-side and that will continue in large momentum because of the promise and $100 price tag because if you're going to mention NON-HARDCORE.....Then what's important to casuals? Or if soccer moms/dads/casuals wanna pick a console - $100 cheaper will be the killer blow. "PS4 is $100 cheaper? What can the Xbox One do that the PS4 can't do? - Some exclusive games? Can PS4 run CALLA DUTEH? - It can? Ok, PS4, I save $100 and can buy TWO MORE GAMES on the PS4..."

See what I did there? It's called - Common sense in thinking like a consumer would. 'Logic Wins'.

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Mr_Nuts1852d ago

No...just no, don't make it out that this was all Microsofts plan from the start. They f***** up, gamers fought back and they lost.

Plan and simple

It's amazing with the amount of defense articles coming onto the site all of a sudden making out that gamers have ruined an amazing feature.

rainslacker1852d ago

Eh, this same argument was made before they revealed the console when all this DRM/Connected stuff was just rumors. People said MS would come out at E3 and announce that none of it was true, all to thunderous applause. Ironically that is what Sony did, although they said it was never their intention to do this stuff anyways.

If this was MS plan from the start, it would have to be the dumbest marketing move in history. They've turned off so many perspective buyers, or at the least turned many into wait-and-sees. What would be the point when you had an army of potential buyers just waiting to gobble up pre-orders?

gamertk4211852d ago

Luckily the Prospective Buyers aren't part of your argument.

Sitdown1852d ago

I believe they were testing the waters...if the complaints were minimum they would have gone through it, but the outcry caused them not too. I do sort of hate losing access to my library and the family sharing. In stead of worrying about sharing/trading, split the game price up amongst 4 or more people, and you could care less about used games, cause you make off better in the end.

jmc88881852d ago

Nope, this was there plan.

There were loud outcries months before the reveal.

They should have ditched it, and told the public they did so in February...even sooner really.

There is still Kinect, so they are still right there in the same boat as before, just they threw some stuff overboard.

despair1852d ago

Nope it would be a dumb thing to do and to pull it off you would need to keep devs in the dark and that would not end well. Not to mention it makes them look like fools for even having it in the first place .

Godmars2901852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

More like they caved, and their fancamp are doing damage control.

"War. War never changes."

And by all current signs, its starting up again.

bicfitness1852d ago

The meltdowns have been glorious. Can't wait for the Digital Foundry comparisons. The asylums better have lots of free rooms padded and ready.

I still wouldn't touch an X1 at this point: weak hardware, high price and a spy cam. MS' business plan seems to consist of equal parts confusion and denial too. Not exactly confidence instilling.

finbars751852d ago

It doesnt matter if they announced this.Im sorry but all the crap they pulled and all of a sudden they decide where going to backpedal like that tells me that they did this because preorders where terrible, but mark my words now they will have some stipulation down the road witht the xboxone.A company doesnt just fold there crads like that withought some reason that we dont know about.They where also saying that MS did this to boost preorders as well so another sign that MS isnt to be trusted.If you guys go back to MS after all the shit they pulled and said then your only asking to get burned in the end.Give it time you will see.

jmc88881852d ago

People that 'trust ms' should remember that all of the recent past they've been talking about how they needed all these restrictions.

What's that? They were lying? What else could they be lying about?


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