GameStop Stock Price Raises Almost 6% In the Wake of Microsoft Backpedaling on DRM

By now everyone knows that Microsoft backpedaled on its draconian DRM policies, and while that can definitely be defined as a victory for the gamers, there’s someone else that’s probably rubbing his hands in satisfaction right now. That someone sits in GameStop’s offices.

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redcar1211733d ago

a great day for gamers yes sir

Abriael1733d ago

For gamers and for gameRstop :D

jmc88881733d ago

IF D-Day was supposedly a good day. That's today.

VE-Day/VJ-Day were good days. That's the day they remove a mandatory spying Kinect.

zeal0us1733d ago

GameStop CEO: Boys now that MS repeal their policies, we can keep ripping off customers. Who am I kidding, we was going to keep ripping them off regardless what MS imposed on us.

Other board members: Yep, business as usual.

NihonjinChick1733d ago

I hate GameStop with a passion. I pre-ordered a game and wasn't able to pick it up the same day. I got my game a few days later and found scratches on the disk and finger prints on the book.

BuffMordecai1733d ago

Yeah, GameStop is garbage. I just buy through Amazon and have 2 day shipping with their Prime service.

nosferatuzodd1733d ago

game stop better stop being bias against Sony like they was last gen cuz if it wasn't for Sony they would have gone the way of the do do bird

Geezus1733d ago

Lol i hate gamestop so much i stopped buying and selling my games there in middle school

Grap1733d ago

i hope publisher get a small cut from every used game gamestop sells.

Abriael1733d ago

Not going to happen, ever. I guarantee that.

Saksoy1733d ago

If that happened GS want exsist.

ltachiUchiha1733d ago

You want to prevent this then, create quality games & ppl will buy it. I feel there are alot of halfazzed games out there just thrown out there for quick cash but when you make quality games, ppl will buy it & show their interest early on.

baodeus1733d ago

well people didn't buy game like valkyrie chronicals, lost odyssey, ICO/SOTC, Panza Dragoon Orta, Beyond Good and Evil, Psychonaunt, and especially phantom dust. Award winning indie developer like Journey go bankrupt because of long development too because of what?

where as games like COD, Angry Bird, etc...sells a tone with little to no effort. Who are responsible for buying these instead of other good games out there? Who should we blamed?

I don't think consumer ever like to blame on themselves though do they and i though many of you guys agree that majority of consumers aren't very smart.

create quality games is like art (it may or may not make you money, and mostly likely that it doesn't).

True_Samurai1733d ago

Last of us is a quality game but yet I see 13 used copies at gamestop

rainslacker1733d ago

Maybe when you buy a used game you can send some cash to the developers if you're so concerned about it.

Grap1733d ago

BTW i don't buy used games or sell any of my games. if we want this industry without DRM or micro transaction we need to give the publisher some money from the used game we bought cause gamestop don't care about gamers they are in this industry for money just like any publisher or company

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