Anne Diamond slams games in Daily Mail

MCV: You're a national newspaper editor. You need a serious think piece in the wake of the Byron Review's largely sensible recommendations, but no-one in the office quite cuts the mustard.

Who you gonna call...? That's right. Anne Diamond.

In perhaps the finest piece of national games-focused journalism of the year, The Daily Mail has roped in mumsy former TV presenter and student heroine Diamond to give her 'chilling verdict' on some of our industry's greatest recent products.

You must recognise her. From Anne and Nick. About 15 years ago.

And the paper isn't lying. Her startlingly insightful analysis is truly 'chilling'. Indeed, it's so upsetting, commentators have already suggested Diamond may need her very own Dr. Byron-approved age classification system.

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paul_war3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

You have to hate the Daily Mail, according to them all the ills in the UK can be blamed on immigrants and video games. Just read their interpretation of Res Evil 4 "This game shouldn't be allowed to be sold". This is another interpretation of Dr Byron's report, from

When it comes to the longstanding debate as to whether video games encourage violent behaviour, as some tabloid newspapers will have you believe, the report states there is little evidence for this. It does suggest there “is some evidence of short term aggression from playing violent video games” but no evidence for any long term effects. There is also no evidence that playing violent video games actually causes aggressive behaviour.

Commando473619d ago

its actually comparable to all the supermarket tabloids that you see in the States.

Im talking about the ones with headlines like "Woman Gives Birth to Yeti"

the Daily Mail is considered as one of the crudrags in the British Press and truth be told thats saying alot.

KyonoRocks3619d ago

I like the Daily Mail despite it being a wolf (Tabloid) in sheeps clothing

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23619d ago

She was on 'Resistance:Fall of Man' last night! Her name is 'KillerDiamondQueen2008'! ;-D

Revvin3619d ago

The Mail is generally one of the more newsworthy papers, the lefties don't like it because its critical of the Labour party but anyway onto the story itself...Anne Diamond is a dried up old harridan. She's fast becomming the Mary Whitehouse of this era and the usual 'talking head' rolled out whenever the media feel the need to point fingers at gaming for all the worlds ill's.