Analysis: What effect will the Xbox u-turn have?

Microsoft has dumped a raft of unpopular Xbox One policies. Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin looks at what it could mean for next-gen battleground

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KingKelloggTheWH1737d ago

Makes me think that their "vision" of the future was complete BS.

Cusmar3501737d ago

I guess the heat became too hot for them.

lawgone1737d ago

Makes me think they need to make some changes in their PR department because they did a poor job responding to often misinformed criticism.

jmc88881737d ago

Misinformed? Please

What feature do they have to remove because they removed the restrictions?


They still have the mandatory Kinect, which is even worse, so it's not over yet.

RonRico1737d ago

I know. Did they have to remove the cloud computing form games since not all machines will be connected 24/7? This is confusing.

LackTrue4K1737d ago

So, I think the question now is: If the console doesn't have to be connected online all the time, what happens to all that magical processing power that we were getting from the kingdom of the Cloud?

Gridloc1737d ago

The cloud along with Christmas are CANCELLED...

Geezus1737d ago

Its still there you just have to be online duh if your online obviously you won't be able to access the cloud

RM-TatoTiburon1737d ago

the digital games, the cloud, all they have to push the digital world in another direction but leaving the disc based games untouch

YNWA961737d ago

Great day for gamers.... Ruin for developers and publishers.... You guys won the battle! Yayyyy

Conzul1737d ago

Devs and Pubs who make crappy games will be ruined.
Everyone else will flourish.

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lawgone1737d ago

I will miss not having to have the disc in the tray...I've always hated that. But, apparently people weren't ready to handle something new. Occasionally, the internet voices their opinion and gets it wrong. By occasionally I mean quite frequently ;)

MariaHelFutura1737d ago

Losing your rights as a consumer should not be considered "something new".

nhales801737d ago

You can still be all digital if you want. This way it just caters to both. If the digital future is truly inevitable it will find it's way. A lot of people just aren't ready yet. and those people still want to buy a console. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if we saw a "trayless" version of the XboxOne.

rextraordinaire1737d ago

Yep. That. You can still go all digital.

jmc88881737d ago

Except in this case, that wasn't the case.

There was nothing 'new' with the Xbox One. I haven't needed discs for my PC games for years, and Steam doesn't require my steam account to log in every 24 hours or I couldn't have access to my games.

Nor will I need to be connected because YOU might want to share your game.

If I make a testicle exploding device that can blow up every man's testicles, does that mean the only bad thing about it is that you aren't ready to handle something new?

If a monstrosity is created, it isn't progress. It's regression.

alb18991737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I was prepare for the feature but what can I say, I'm minority.
Good for the majority, is fine by me.
They show in the end that they care about customers.

awesomeperson1737d ago

"They show in the end that they care about customers."

They really don't. Of course they'll wrap up their new announcement in hugs and care, it makes them look good.

We know however what they wanted to do. We saw their arrogant comments. They do anything but care.

Like any company, they truly care about money. And it is obvious the preorder numbers and consumer backlash talked, and did a whole lot of convincing.

That being said, I will most likely now be picking up an XBOX One in a couple of years, hopefully after a price drop (and a slimmer model).

SEAN16171737d ago

Makes my head hurt! Why would i ever give you a bit of money if you want to do this in the future? After all the only reason you didn't get away with it was because your plan failed.

GamingAngelGabriel1737d ago

"Press2reset." They had no choice but to make this piece, haha.

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