PlayStation 4: These are all of the PSN games announced so far.

Curtis writes: "...highlighting what’s been announced up to this point for PSN on the PlayStation 4."

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NameRemoved00172001d ago

Most of these are console exclusives because they are also on PC/being released on PC.

Donnieboi2001d ago

I don't care if it is or isn't an exclusive--I don't game on pc, so as far as consoles go--it might be a console exclusive.

NameRemoved00172001d ago

These are mainly 2d games though so any freaking PC can run it, your phone can probably run it too.

MWong2001d ago

I want to play Backlight: Retribution, PlanetSide 2, DCU Online, Secret Ponchos, Warframes and OddWorld.

MysticStrummer2001d ago

I've been obsessed with Planetside 2 gameplay videos lately. Can't wait to see that on my big screen.

Akuma2K2001d ago

That Outlast game sounds cool, gonna have to watch out for that one when it comes out.

yeahokchief2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

the only thing ill play for sure is oddworld, but some of them look interesting.

i'll probably give a few of them a shot once i see a bit more about each or when prices are announced. we'll see.

gonna be plenty busy with ps3, vita and wii u.

Whitey2k2001d ago

dont forget h hour 2 remake of socom?

MWong2000d ago

A remake of SOCOM? The original games? Not this new one right?