Dell Marks End of Format War with $880 Blu-ray-Equipped Inspiron 1525

Dell is commemorating Blu-ray's victory by offering a Blu-ray playback (not read-write) drive in its cheap, many colored, 15.4" laptop, the Inspiron 1525, and for a decent price. Starting at $880, you can watch BD movies on its screen (at 720p resolution) or send the video to HDTVs via HDMI.

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decapitator3709d ago

$880 is prett darn good for a laptop equipped with BD drive. My question is, will it run starcraft 2 however ? If yes, then I might consider this.

Charlie26883709d ago

Ive been looking at the specs while the processor and RAM are pretty good the video card is pretty crappy, basically a low end DX10 integrated card

so depending on the final sys requirements of SC2 its a maybe on low settings (or at least low res and shadows)

Brian52473709d ago

That is an amazing price for a laptop with Blu-Ray

crck3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I bought a HP DV9700t 2 weeks ago because your Inspiron line DIDN'T have a HDMI option. But at least you guys are catching up. BTW get rid of the silver and go back to black. All silver TVs and laptops are so 3 years ago.

mikeslemonade3709d ago

I'm in a market for one after i spilled lemonade and eggs on my last one. My budget is only $500...