Mind = blown; Sonic After The Sequel - fan-made 2D Sonic game - Is Now Available For Free

DSOGaming writes: "Sonic fans, waste no time and download this fan-made 2D Sonic game. Download it now while you still can. Download it now as SEGA has not sent a C&D letter as of yet. Download it now and mirror it, share it with everyone, let people know that some fans have created a brilliant new 2D Sonic game."

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john21884d ago

here is hoping that SEGA won't send a C&D letter to him

3-4-51884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Am I the only one who things this is possibly the best looking sonic game since Sonic 2 ?

besides the new one of course.

galgor1884d ago

Just watched 5 minutes of the playthrough.. there's a shocking lack of enemies.

Rebo001884d ago

Can't tell if that's sarcasm or not...

galgor1884d ago

Did you watch the video?!

Rebo001884d ago

From 2:53 - 3:54 I counted 19 enemies

SegaGamer1884d ago

You're well off, there are plenty of enemies.

hazelamy1884d ago

free, my very favouritest price.

it'll be a laugh if this is better than anything Sega have done with Sonic in years.

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