GameStop says Xbox One DRM decision is 'great news'

A spokesperson for the retailer told Polygon, "GameStop welcomes today's announcement from Microsoft about changes in functionality for its next-generation console, the Xbox One. This is great news for gamers and we applaud Microsoft for understanding consumers and the importance of the pre-owned market."

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NYC_Gamer1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

The non X1 drm is also good for local mom and pop shops

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BlindGuardian1616d ago

MS could easily sell digital games cheaper than retail if they wanted to

LackTrue4K1616d ago

Either way Sony making a stand is the only reason Microsoft back peddled so hard. You can thank them for no fees and no DRM whether you like it or not!!!

FarEastOrient1616d ago

If they drop the mandatory camera and also sell at $399, I'll be back to a two console plus PC this generation.

gamertk4211616d ago

It would be hilarious if the Sony fanboys who railed so hard against the XB1 were the ones who made this happen, and in turn paved the way for MS to win this Gen. lol

GameCents1616d ago

Yes, Sony also made the sun rise this morning.

HammadTheBeast1616d ago


Don't worry there's plenty of BS left for the XB1.

And the bad publicity isn't going anywhere lol.

One more thing: The Last of Us. Never coming to Xbox.

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solar1616d ago

fuck GameStop, it's great for gamer's as a whole. because if the Xbox 1 did succeed with those horrible policies, who thinks Sony or Nintendo wouldn't follow suit? this gen or next gen?

UNGR1616d ago

The reason games get leaked and have endings ruined? I'm all for small businesses but I've never been to a single mom and pop shop that doesn't have employees breaking street dates, or the owners themselves.

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Foxgod1616d ago

Gamestop will no longer stop games, good news.

DxTrixterz1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Ok now 4 questions:
1. Are games still tied to our accounts?
2. Is Kinect still required?
3. Are you still forced to install games?
4. Does X1 have a similar feature like Share on PS4?
Looks like Microsoft is back on game.

NYC_Gamer1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

1)doubtful since drm is dead
2)doubtful since games can be played offline without checks
3)nope,since the console is now disc based
4}Yes,X1 does have social/share features.

HammadTheBeast1616d ago

Kinect is still required, the DRm had nothing to do with it.

Typical-Guy1616d ago

the said your disc-based games won't be registered...

Foxgod1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

1 - no
2 - yes, kinect is no online thing, its mandatory for usage, unless MS will state otherwise in the near future.
3 - no, as that would allow piracy without the online check, disc only now.
4 - yes, this can be seen in one of the killer instinct video's.

thehitman1616d ago

It was said the same policies that are on the 360 now will be on Xb1 so no change. The kinect requirement however still seems to be there. I have no clue about the share system or any of that but MS did showcase they are partnered with Twitch so uploading and streaming is there to what freedom and extent who knows.

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caseh1616d ago

Well they would do, allowing users to re-sell their used games is what keeps leeches like Gamestop afloat.

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