XBLA rejected Ketsui and Dodonpachi

In a recent issue of Japan's Famitsu Xbox magazine was an interview with Masaki Sakari of 5pb - who are currently porting over two very popular Cave top down shooters Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label X and Ketsui X to the Xbox 360 as a retail product. In the interview Sakari has a short vent about why they went for a retail product:

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Zhuk2981d ago

this is disgraceful behaviour, considering that these two games are of such amazing quality

IQUITN4G2981d ago

They are good but i'm much rather we got Radiant

v1c1ous2981d ago

got microsoft spooked?

yaliaalice2981d ago SpamShow
Sanjuro2980d ago

Damn! I would have bought a 360 for these two games.
Might still import a Japanese 360 for them, but with the reliability problems, maybe not...