Xbox One loses some disc-free play, family game-sharing plan with revised policies

Today's surprise announcement, a nearly complete reversal of a set of policies almost universally hated by gamers, comes with a price, said Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox Live, in an interview with Polygon today.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2008d ago

The full story... No one wanted our console with the restrictions so we changed them.

Prcko2008d ago

I can tell you that only power here is Money!

NatureOfLogic2008d ago

"While we are adding in the ability to use physical discs, we still believe in the power of a digital and cloud-powered future played out at launch and rolled out over time,"

Straight from MS. Don't be so quick to support them.

morganfell2008d ago

And the mythical cloud processing is gone in an afternoon...

Septic2008d ago

Man I actually feel a bit gutted. These features did show promise and I was eager to see how they worked.

I just can't shake the feeling that this is a step backwards. Ah oh well....the people have spoken. I can't do much about that.

Baka-akaB2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

A step backward ? they couldnt even name one benefit from those policies without looking like hustlers and jerks .

At least the fire is back on Sony's behind , with pressure to keep delivering games . Healthy competition , now that's a benefit

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Relientk772008d ago

Microsoft is the only one who wanted the restrictions

MariaHelFutura2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

As great as the of news of Microsofts no DRM is, Microsoft is NOT to be trusted. If the backlash wasn't so severe, Microsoft wouldn't have changed anything. They just attempted to pull the snakeist move in videogame history. Remember that.

Haules2008d ago

Seeing how fast they change some of their policy i bet M$ can change back to restriction and DRM in one year or two...

Never trust M$...

SuperLupe2008d ago

And Sony is to be trusted ?

They saw the perfect opportunity to make you pay for online multiplayer and they jumped on it. Knowing you guys are way more obssesed with MS than with Sony to even budge.

Also, dude, your warnings dont have any impact whatsoever on the gaming business. MS wont be selling one console less because of "MariaHelFutura" warnings on N4G.

Sony went from completely free online to making you pay for it out of nowhere but for some funny reason you are COMPLETELY ok with that. But MS dumping there DRM crap, and you still find a way to put a negative spin on it.

Redgehammer2008d ago

Letting me share my entire library with 10 family members was so snake like.

MariaHelFutura2008d ago

Are you actually comparing PS+ being required for PS4 mp to Xbox One's restrictions and online requirement?!?

psyxon2008d ago

@SuperLupe You know the difference between M$ personnel and Sony's? When M$ makes a mistake or does something the majority of gamers dislike, they say "well there are other options." When Sony does something gamers find discontent in, they apologize and try to help you cope and understand why this is a good thing for you and the community.

Yoshida on PS+ requirement:
"I apologize for the financial burden on our users, but on PS4 it’ll also provide early access to beta versions, free games and discounts like on PS3 and PS Vita. In addition to that PS Plus members will receive for free a special edition with slightly reduced functions of DriveClub."

How often do you see someone from M$ apologize for a business decision?

If in your head the 'perfect opportunity" to charge for online is a bad thing because they're trying to invest to improve their service, which several anti-Sony people had a problem with, then that's too bad for you. PS+ is a great service, and as Jack Tretton said at E3, "consumer satisfaction is at 95 percent" - Most people who play on PSN love the service and the content they get from it. It's well worth the money.Try harder, man.

mxrider21992008d ago

@superlupe sony has been trying to charge for online for a while and now their new services allow them to

SuperLupe2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Dont try to act dumb and avoid the subject.

Sony pulled a master move on your a$$, have to hand it to them.

I know you understood my point very clearly there is no way you justify it so ... well you just dont.

Oh well, at least now you'll have the pleasure of being robbed every month by Sony for something you're entitled to for free (that was you and your fellow soldiers were claiming loud and proud whenever you could right ? :)), just like the poor 360 owners by the great mean MS.

Fluke_Skywalker2008d ago

@superlupe I'd just like to say that as a PS fanboy, the fact that we now have to pay for multiplayer really pisses me off. It's one thing I used to use against xbots in arguments and now I am being made to eat humble pie. I really don't want to pay for online gaming out of principal! I already have PS+ but its just that fact that I now have no option.
I'd only be fooling myself if I said I was not gonna buy a PS4 but know that paying for online gaming is not going down lightly in my book, and especially how they stealth mentioned it!
I have a fairly awesome PC already and multiplayer is of course free, I did at first say "fuck Sony I'll just play on PC from now on" but I know that's not gonna happen, so I've just got to suck it up like everyone else :(

Mr_Nuts2008d ago


If you call that a master move then what the hell do you call everything MS has done since the reveal of their console.

Point is with PS Plus your getting your moneys worth, with Gold you don't. I mean you can still go on the internet and Youtube without PS Plus, can you do that without Gold...nope

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guitarded772008d ago

I think it was that and, GameStop pulling XBOX One pre-orders. The public backlash is a PR nightmare, and GameStop taking XBOX One pre-orders down could have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's good that the policies have been changes, but gamers shouldn't just smile and forget what they tried to do. I have no trust or respect for MS. I may buy an XBOX One when the price drops, and there are Gears and Halo games out, but I have no intention of paying $500 after what they tried to do.

darthv722008d ago

meaning that as a retailer, they would tend to get news of any changes coming so to properly prepare themselves.

MS could have been working out the details and at the request of MS, GS stopped taking preorders. No doubt after todays announcement the preorders will start rolling in again.

that is just one possible scenario.

guitarded772008d ago

Yeah, could be. It's all speculation, and they wouldn't tell us common folk either way.

x5exotic2008d ago

Thank you Sony.
Without you, this would never have happened. Microsoft kneels and bends the knee as it was forced to do so.

shinrock2007d ago

That's right PS fans thank for supporting GameStop. GameStop would have been in trouble this gen but thanks to you, we can continue to fill our landfills with plastics disc.

Great day for GameStop
Bad day for the devs and pubs.

FamilyGuy2008d ago

This story is huge!

Now we have a more even playing field for this gens "console war" but with Sony still being $100 cheaper we'll see how this really turns out.

One big thing no one seems to be mentioning is the fact that at any given time they can reverse their stance again. They might wait till 10 million consoles have sold then change it back to what they wanted initially and there's nothing anyone who already bought the console could do about it.

This also makes them claiming that they won't change anything based on Sonys plans/fan reaction complete bs.

Either way this, in itself, is good news for all gamers.

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NovusTerminus2008d ago

They couldn't tell our reaction when this DRM was just rumored? We are fairly outspoken with our opninions...

torchic2008d ago

the only people seeing a "full story" here were the guys at Microsoft when their market analysts and accountants showed them the dismal projected numbers on an Excel spreadsheet yesterday morning...

Godmars2902008d ago

And in the meantime they staunchly defended it. To the point they seemed like complete idiots.

There is neither a face nor a palm big enough...

AD7052008d ago

I agree! I'm glad MS reversed the policies but they still aren't clear on the mandatory kinect thing (we all know they said it can be turned off but how about it being plugged in just to work?). There's the harddrive issue of not being able to change it. Especially when it's said that all games have to be installed on it's harddrive.

I'm also laughing at all the xbox fanboys that supported the DRM tactics thinking that it was going to be a good thing that would lead to no hackers online and cheaper games. Now they say that it's good that MS is removing them. Even though they were defending MS for it saying that it was a good thing.

shinrock2007d ago

You can use an external HDD on the one.just like you can on 360,ps3,ps4.

maniacmayhem2008d ago

They did defend it but the public rejected it.
What else could they do?

Godmars2902008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Point is they're trying to act as if it had been in debate during E3.

Not a choice which was made for them last night on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Hell, for that matter MS is nothing but cowed. A choice which they never should have made, or as staunch and rigid as they made it, has likely forever put them in a role behind Sony.

Qrphe2008d ago

What's even worse was the fanboys actually defending MS's policies, and now that MS backpedaled, they'll probably say how MS planned this to begin with as some ridiculous PR stunt

xJumpManx2008d ago

This sux I loved the idea of not having to have the disc in the machine to play the game.

Software_Lover2008d ago

You can still digitally download the titles, but if they are gonna be the same price, you might as well go get the disc. That is if you are a day one buyer. Steam is big because of the sales they have. If everything was full price, it wouldn't be as successful.

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