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Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM & Allows Used Games – What Now?

With the recent announcement that Microsoft is dropping their 24 hour check-in and block of used games on Xbox One, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss what this means for the industry as we move forward. (E3, Microsoft, PS4, Xbox One)

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doctorstrange  +   888d ago | Well said
To me, they already made it clear what they think of consumers.
TrendyGamers  +   888d ago
That they're number one?
Foolsjoker  +   888d ago
I see what you did there....
SuperLupe   888d ago | Off topic | show
NameRemoved0017  +   888d ago

Dedicated servers are expensive if you want them for free switch to PC.
Winter47th   888d ago | Trolling | show
LaChance   888d ago | Off topic | show
onyoursistersback  +   888d ago
@ SuperLupe
"Either way Sony making a stand is the only reason Microsoft back peddled so hard. You can thank them for no fees and no DRM whether you like it or not!!!"
BitbyDeath  +   888d ago
I don't agree with it either SuperLupe but your comments could use a bit more maturity.
xHeavYx  +   888d ago
How about M$ forcing Xbox gold to use Netflix?
Games that came out in 2006? Saints Row, Deux Ex and UC3 came out in 2011, what do you want for next month? The Last of Us?
XabiDaChosenOne  +   888d ago
@Superlupe so you want Sony to not "shove" PSPlus down your throat but it's okay if micrsoft is doing because your not paying for it? Why don't you just stay off-line in general since you have no issue doing that on the Xbox one?
Foliage  +   888d ago
If the PS4 was "Xbox 360 #2" I guess that means the Xbone is now "Xbox 360 #1.5"
karl  +   888d ago
well guys... see this from the point of view of any 360 fans.. if they wanted an xbox one now they can buy it without those shitty restrictions that it had.. share and sell their games, play offline..

i will still buy a ps4 just cuz i like the games better and the first party support it has

i know it was awesome to think of all those kids buying sonys console instead of MS but well at least we have a choice again..

not only ps4..
Grave  +   888d ago
hench the ONE
fei-hung  +   888d ago

Didn't realise Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 3, Hitman Absolution, Saints Row the Third, Kingdoms of Amalur, Mass Effect 3, VF5, DoA5 and many more came out in 2006.

Some people just lack common sense and basic arithmetic skills, to the point where they cannot tally up free services, recognise dates in chronolical order and make logical comparisons.
I_am_Batman  +   888d ago
Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM & Allows Used Games – What Now?
EA introduces the online pass.
MysticStrummer  +   888d ago
@Lupe - "As for PS+ I dont give a damn about getting 5 free games per month that came out in 2006, that I wont play, and that I wouldnt have bought anyway if they were 50cents a pop. On top of that, most likely I have them already."

Whatever mix of chemicals made this seem reasonable is probably bad for you.

You won't play them, and wouldn't buy them for 50 cents, but you most likely already have them?

Besides being factually wrong, greatly exaggerating the age of PS+ titles, you made yourself sound like a moron.

Seek help, either for your drug and/or alcohol problem or your psychological issues.

We're all pulling for you. Ok that's not true but seek help anyway.
Kaneda  +   887d ago
@ hdshatter You can rent out server when you play BF3, so is your money to go Dice or $ony?

You pay Dice (EA) server and $ony PS+ to play online...
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hard joe  +   887d ago
What now?
now remove kinect and lower the price please
dedicatedtogamers  +   888d ago
Yeah I'm curious how many people will forgive and forget when many of the Xbox One negatives are still in place.

Not to mention the fact that Microsoft has already destroyed a lot of goodwill over the last 2 months. What, now because Microsoft decided to be LESS evil people are going to cave and buy an Xbox One?
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whoyouwit04  +   888d ago
What negatives are still in place? pleas... do tell.
MizTv  +   888d ago
I will not forget any time soon
Rrod anyone???
Kanzes  +   888d ago
They put DRM (which is good for some people, including me), everyone hates it
They cut DRM, everyone still hates it

Microsoft can't win
Crazay  +   888d ago
I already have 3 pre-ordered so it wasn't affecting my decision. I was looking forward to the no disc thing for multiple systems and the family sharing was really intriguing to me as well.
No_Limit  +   888d ago
Man, the system won't be released for another 5 months, it is in zero homes at the moment, so it is fixed now, what does that matter?

Are you saying if Sony would announce that they are dropping the PS+ requirement for online play today, you will not forgive them because they already destroyed the trust of those gamers that arn't happy with the plan when it was announced?

MS can of course never win on N4G, there are always something to whine about even if they clearly stated that this decision was based on feedback from the community.
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Bhai  +   888d ago

Well, all the negatives they had before the e3:
-'intentionally' leaving high-end gfx capabilities to focus on TV
-have low powered ram with more stuck in OS operations
-Forced kinect integration
-The appeal of the console: a shitty name and crappy dev-kit design
after e3:
-100$ more than PS4 with less power
-every tiny to big game shown, not much left for other conventions
-crappy to no indie support
TrendyGamers  +   888d ago
They'll just have to spend more on advertisement money educating consumers that it doesn't require the check-in, etc.
Foliage  +   888d ago
Required Kinect plugged in for the system not to be a brick. That is still the prime reason I didn't like the console.

Microsoft has proven with the NSA scandal; that they definitely cannot be trusted with this information.
MikeMyers  +   888d ago
"What negatives are still in place? pleas... do tell."

There's always negatives about the Xbox but not the Playstation. Didn't you read the fine print when joining?
GameCents  +   888d ago
Sony arrogantly told me to get a second job and buy a ps3 because it was a playstation at 599!
I eventually forgot and forgave.

Microsoft tried to screw me and I told them to sod off! They retracted their intent to screw me even before releasing the console so of course I'm going to forgive.

I'll say it very proudly that I have every intention to forgive and move on! I have no qualms forgetting about this.

No way I'm missing out on Forza 5 just because once upon a time they wanted to restrict me.

Also, what are these negatives? Whatever they are, Forza 5 > remaining negatives.

I can't believe after we've won people wanna hold on for the sake of spite. I wanna game and now Quantum Break, TitanFall(yes aware it is online only), Halo Next and Forza 5 are back on the table where 3 hours ago they were not.

I'm freaking PUMPED!!!

Did I mention Forza 5?
MysticStrummer  +   888d ago
@whoyouwit04 - Everyone has their own wishes for a new console. Just because you can't think of any negatives about the One doesn't mean someone else can't have a list of perfectly legit negatives. Same goes for PS4.

My negatives for One:
$100 more, yet with lower grade hardware overall, because of Kinect
Slower RAM, with less available because of the OS
Never have liked the MS controller
MS doesn't appear to be supporting indies as much as I'd like
Though I like MS exclusives better than Nintendo's, that's not saying a lot

My negatives for PS4:
Paying to play online (I know both do this now but it's still new to me)
I can't have my PS4 and Planetside 2 right ****ing now

Anyway for what it's worth I'm happy for my MS gaming cousins.

Peace and good gaming to all
Sev  +   888d ago
I think damage has been done, but they caught this soon enough not to let Sony run away with the prize like it seemed they would.

That said, if these policies were built into the system from the very beginning, it may force MS to delay the Xbox One's launch. And it might be the reason why GameStop suddenly shut off pre-orders as of today.
Crazay  +   888d ago
I have a sneaking suspicion that they were balls deep into investigating the legitimacy and cost of turning it off even last week and they likely weren't ready to say 100% one way or the other.

I'm happy about it but there were some things I was interested in with some aspects of the policies. Looks like we can all stop complaining about it now and let the games begin. Business as usual people.
CRAIG667  +   888d ago
People are forgetting, launch for these systems is MONTHS away,plenty of time for spin and hype,people may not forget but could still be easily wowed.

I myself had no issues with the xbox one, I couldn't care less if selling games was a faff or 24hr check was required,for me personally the benefits seemed to far outweigh any perceived negatives...
torchic  +   888d ago
well apparently all it needs is a patch.

and Microsoft will never delay a console. they'd rather sell you a self-destructing console than delay.
Foliage  +   888d ago
Plain and simple:
PS4 slaughtered them in pre-orders (it looks to have been at least a 4-to-1 ratio; some locations were confirmed to be 8-to-1).

Microsoft pulled a 180. Now they claim they cared about listening to the fans... eat on that; sheep. Sure, the pre-order slaughter had nothing to do with it.

You attack Microsoft where it hurts; their wallet.

"The Xbox 180"
MysticStrummer  +   888d ago
Yeah they might have to change a few things with this decision. The first thing that came to my mind was that originally the whole game wasn't going to be on the disc. You'd have to download the rest. Now I'm guessing that can't be true.

Hard to say, but it wouldn't surprise me if this does cause some delay. Still, I'm glad for those who will be buying a One.

lol @ torchic - Good point about the delay.
Relientk77  +   888d ago

Microsoft's favorite thing is money
Kanzes  +   888d ago
Like Sony doesn't love money, and why they finally put charges $60 to play multiplayer like MS?
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lastofgen  +   888d ago
ms is a company, sony is a company, Nintendo is a company. they're all businesses and if you don't think that money is the first thing on their minds and investors, then you're kidding yourself.
steamygoreng  +   888d ago

First thing: It's $50 for a full year subscription. (if you register now, you get additional 60 days free) And for that price you get free games, auto-updates, huge discounts and more.
Ultraplayerxp  +   888d ago
Sometimes the quest for money can lead you to do different things.

One is by trying to screw with your customer by forcing them to do stuff your way, promising them that your way is the best.

The other is by actually trying to satisfy your consumers by giving them the most value for their money.

Both these methods eventually lead to money, but which philosophy you take says a lot about you as a business.
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dbjj12088  +   888d ago
C'mon, can't we all just play some games now?
Imalwaysright  +   888d ago
Im up for that.
RedHawkX  +   888d ago
and the dumb people who were still gonna get the xbox one even with all those restrictions should be ashamed of themselves and learn a lesson from this. i dont care if its your brother or sister or even micrsoft but when someone pulls crap like this you fight back and stuff changes to what it should be. i cant believe some of you morons almost let them get away with all this drm crap and such. its freaking pathetic. you were like one of those retarded dudes in one of those movies who instead of doing whats right to save the world you turn on the main character and almost stop him from saving the world.

what in the world was wrong with you people?
creatchee  +   888d ago
I was getting one regardless of restrictions because I liked the games that were shown and the ones soon to be shown. I was really looking forward to family groups and knowing that games could be developed with the assumption of a steady internet connection. That is all gone now, just so I can pass a disc to somebody else who may never give it back or sell it for a tenth of what I paid for it. Hooray freedom.
jmc8888  +   888d ago
Drop mandatory Kinect 2.
MariaHelFutura  +   888d ago
All anyone should say is thank you Sony and thank you to the gamers who made this possible. Microsoft just tried to snake the industry and failed astronomically because of the 2 parties mentioned earlier.
psyxon  +   888d ago
this is how i feel too. just a week ago don mattrick was saying "well there's always the 360!" - and then now he's saying "we heard you"? come on now. you weren't hearing me a week ago. imo,t hey just realized they were going to be missing out on money, so they figured "eh, we can change it". but it's good for gamers. so it's whatever.
NYC_Gamer  +   888d ago
I'll be rolling with Sony and Microsoft next gen just like current gen
aviator189  +   888d ago
I agree.
My bro is full-on getting a ps4, and I'm now, more than ever, dead-set on getting an x1. And it doesn't hurt that we exchange systems once in a while. :)
NYC_Gamer  +   888d ago
That's the best way not to miss anything when it comes to next gen exclusives
Foolsjoker  +   888d ago
Well that was quick, good to know you don't care about what MS thinks of fans.
aviator189  +   888d ago

come again?
Foolsjoker  +   888d ago
Just saying that with MS dropping everything about the DRM/Used games, we are still yet to see what this means for the console itself. Not to mention the fact that they tried to shove this onto gamers already.
NameRemoved0017  +   888d ago

PS4 and PC for me, xbox ones exclusives are crap so far and do not in the least bit appeal to me.
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xJumpManx  +   887d ago
Yea thats how I feel about sony exclusives they are usually crap.
Saksoy  +   888d ago
You will never see me hold that crap xbox controller, no real gamer will suffer that humiliation.
xJumpManx  +   887d ago
You mean the one that is generally considered the best controller of this generation. I forgot you still use a controller built for 2d games with the duel shock controller.
CRAIG667  +   888d ago
Me too NYC
maniacmayhem  +   888d ago
Same here NYC, but I'll be adding Nintendo to that list.
Montrealien  +   888d ago
same here bud :)
Wedge19  +   888d ago
It shows weakness and instability and the inability to stand behind what they believe in. I have no respect for someone that can talk so vehemently about what they believe in and then pull an Xbox 180.
ftwrthtx  +   888d ago
I was thinking the exact same thing. Totally agree with you.
lastofgen  +   888d ago
As usual, there's no pleasing everyone.

There will always be people who complain no matter what.
Foolsjoker  +   888d ago
That is why you need to stand up for what you believe in and not back away from it. Although, I do think that MS was smart in changing the DRM stuff, but they shouldn't have done it in the first place.
Imalwaysright  +   888d ago
I already stood up for what i wanted and I got what I wanted. It would hypocritical of me, to say the least, to talk crap about MS when they did what I wanted them to do. I'm happy that they changed their policies as should be any gamer that stood for what he/she wanted.
#3.2.2 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
RedHawkX  +   888d ago
then there are people like you will always grab a bunch of ky jelly get on there knees and be oppressed. you can learn a lot about the character of a person and how weak they are by the decisions they make and if you were gonna even for a second buy an xbox one with the policies they had before. my god its people like that who let the nazis take over, let slavery continue in the past ect. its so pathetic. people need to do the right thing wether its for consumer rights or rights and freedoms in general at all times. no exceptions for hobbies and crap.
garos82  +   888d ago
it takes balls to admit your wrong ill give microsoft that.

im still going with sony this gen as they havent dissapointed me game wise in 3 generations of gaming with them. i dont see how that will change with ps4.
GameCents  +   888d ago
Do you people take a class to spin anything negatively if MS is involved?

"Hey look, this path we've taken is leading us to total destruction and doom, but let's stick to it so that we earn the industry's respect for sticking to our guns.
Oh and we'll make Wedge19, some random internet dweeb proud of us too. Yay"

- Nobody ever
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Wedge19  +   888d ago
Based on internet chatter, it's not just me, the "random internet dweeb" who doesn't respect them anymore.

Take this into consideration: Microsoft VEHEMENTLY backed their always on and no used games policies, making some very biting comments regarding not having these things. Then suddenly they switch to a stance that they have been telling us for a month that they absolutely do not believe in. THAT is why I, and many others, have no respect for Microsoft. Yes, they "listened to consumers" but honestly, the original path wasn't "total destruction and doom". They would have done just fine.

Lots of companies make moves that don't seem to be that great at first and get a lot of backlash (Adobe and Apple come to mind immediately). The difference is that Adobe and Apple stuck to their guns, ended up changing their industries, and earned my (and many others) respect for standing behind what they believe in.
quenomamen  +   888d ago
Exactly, they should have stuck to their guns. Now they have shown weakness and loss of integrity. The people who had flipped to PS4 dont like them and now the people who bought into their DRM are like WTF ? Can anybody beleive anything they say from niw on ? If you do, I got some swampland to sell you.
Wedge19  +   888d ago
This. I have a good friend that bought into the DRM and was all for it, game sharing and software registered to your profile. He's considering making the switch to Sony because he feels that Microsoft has no stability with standing behind what they say they will do.
cyguration  +   888d ago
It means gaming media can stop sucking on Microsoft's banana and promoting DRM like it was the second coming.
Foxgod  +   888d ago
While another bulk of media can stop demonizing it like the anti Christ :D
RiPPn  +   888d ago
It pretty much was.
RiPPn  +   888d ago
Yeah it's going to be funny to see all the hypocrites backpedal quicker than Microsoft did.
komp  +   888d ago
lol second coming and the anti christ.

google arrius piso ;)
TrendyGamers  +   888d ago
I wouldn't suggest that. The banana would have to be pretty ripe to match the green Xbox color.
Foolsjoker  +   888d ago
None of the bigger sites have stated ANYTHING positive about DRM, not sure where you get your info.
doctorstrange  +   888d ago
Yup, it's been pretty universal condemnation, which is good as it helped lead to this
cyguration  +   888d ago
Did you just see that Gizmodo article plastered on the very top of N4G? Yeah...I rest my case.
Foxgod  +   888d ago
Now we game, already had my preorder.
But now i did the full payment to make sure i get my day1 edition.
WeAreLegion  +   888d ago
I hate you, sometimes.
Foxgod  +   888d ago
How come you hate me this time?
Feldman9000  +   888d ago
What now? They still have a required camera.
True_Samurai  +   888d ago
What about it? You cant say they're watching now. no internet connection required
thehitman  +   888d ago
Ya its not required but if you are online your still connected online that doesnt change. Kinect seems to must be connected at all times still which still is a huge -. If they are smart they will make another SKU without Kinect at 399 to match Sony or it will be still tough for them year 1 to compete with Sony at 399.
Foxgod  +   888d ago
If it turns out they do monitor, we simply protest protest.

Then everybody can put a picture of an hairy asshole in front of the cam, until they stop spying.

But i am pretty sure they dont spy, cause with EU laws they take a big risk.
And do take note i do not consider data mining to be spying, because everybody would be a spy then, and has been since the 90ies.
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koolaid251  +   888d ago
jmc8888  +   888d ago

You want to bet people don't use webcams to spy?

Do I really need to lay out all the ways Microsoft has been selling its customers down the river to gov't and other corporations for DECADES!
Feldman9000  +   888d ago
Oh EU laws? Tell me how America cares about those?
blackpanther25  +   887d ago
Haha have u heard of Fisa or your too busy on N4G to see what's happening in the US??
#6.2.4 (Edited 887d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
lastofgen  +   888d ago
so what?

smartphones have cameras, laptops have cams, and we don't see a ton of people complaining about those things.
jmc8888  +   888d ago
You not looking, doesn't mean they aren't happening.

blackpanther25  +   887d ago
Smh people must have said something like that about British colonies before some people stood up for their independence.
cyberninja  +   888d ago
I think that is pretty stupid to have that camera turned on all the time, really ms?
doctorstrange  +   888d ago
How else do you expect them to record everything you're doing? Yeesh
RiPPn  +   888d ago
Xbox One-Eighty!! Yeah they still tarnished their brand, it's still $100 more, and still has mandatory Kinect. But I may end up with one eventually, which there was no way I was buying one before.
#7 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
JoeReno  +   888d ago
Maken me look like a crazy laughing out loud so hard at work +1 for the funny.

Xbox One-Eighty.. Hahaha I love it
GusBricker  +   888d ago
When's GamesCom?
TrendyGamers  +   888d ago
August I think.
doctorstrange  +   888d ago
August I know.
sashimi  +   888d ago
I guess they won't be educating us on the value of their Xbox One...Now about their kinect requirement and $100 differences.
Supermax  +   888d ago
I think the next thing is they announce Xbox live gold free for a year with a preorder.
whoyouwit04  +   888d ago
didn't they already do that.
mydyingparadiselost  +   888d ago
I don't know why your getting disagrees, it's completely true youe get Live for a year if you day one buy it if I remember correctly.
USA007  +   888d ago
Xbox 180, only half the 360. I like where this is going
demonicale666  +   888d ago
It shows they are brave enough to admit that they got it "wrong" and have over-turned it .. whats wrong with you people, you never seem happy at anything lol.
jmc8888  +   888d ago
Because there were many important things they need to 'overturn'....

The biggest one is Kinect 2.

They have yet to overturn it.
Montrealien  +   888d ago
If you think Kinect was the biggest issue here, you are way off.

24hr online check in
No used games/trading

If these two things where not on the Xbox One, the last few weeks would have been a whole lot different.
mydyingparadiselost  +   888d ago
Yea, I'm still holding off until there's more info about Kinect and privacy legislation and such but these changes at least open me up to the idea of owning a One, before it was just a flat NO.
DarkBlood  +   888d ago
thats good, but theres still too much bad blood with them for me to consider ever getting it, i will stick to the original plan as usual for a long time

Microsoft is going to have alot of work covincing others beside me to even get an x1
Geezus  +   888d ago
I hated the xbox restrictions but didnt like the ps4 exclusives i was thinking of getting the ps4 either way but now that this happened xbox ftw yeahhhhhhhh

Edit: why all the dislikes ps4 fanboys still hating?
#14 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
insertnamehurr  +   888d ago
Xboxone HDD isnt removable so still not a win over the ps4. And, some of you actually believe they did this for us costumers? They only did this cause most of the ppl were pre ordering the ps4.
#15 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
whoyouwit04  +   888d ago
you people keep hollering the hardrive isn't removable, so what when you can add in external HDD. you sony fans will find any thing to complain about.
Gratisfaction  +   888d ago
People are still seeming to buy the PS4 day one than the Xbox One (God I still think the name is stupid). But the main reason gamers should look forward to in the next gen console NOW are the games.

Who has the best launch titles?

To me, the PS4 does, due to the fact that they'll release Knack, Killzone, Driveclub, Warframe, Blacklight, Diablo 3 at launch.

And those were just exclusives...

What does the Xbox One have at launch??? Ryse? Quantum Break?
insertnamehurr  +   888d ago
I dont think quantum break and a bunch of other exclusives will be launch titles, they only showed a few exclusive games and only 2 showed real gameplay, quantum break was GGI for sure but still xboxone fans will suck in to that like kids.
Geezus  +   888d ago
Ryse,Dr3, Forza, and Kinect Sports.. I thing theres other game sthey havent announce so maybe that will grow. And quantam break was running jn game not cgi
eclectified  +   888d ago
Microsoft will have to earn my trust back, but as far as exclusives go, Titanfall and Forza are also on that list of notable exclusives.
Haules  +   888d ago
Titanfall is not exclusives...
Montrealien  +   888d ago
Dude, they are both good, now how about you concentrate on talking positive about the console you like, instead of hating on the one you don't. With this whole DRM issue behind us, you can.

play the games you want, on the consoles you have. :)
GameCents  +   888d ago
Diablo 3? lol.

Forza 5

*drops mic*
dbjj12088  +   888d ago
Hahaha, Xbox 180 is too perfect.
GameCents  +   888d ago
180 > . . . you know
iliimaster  +   888d ago
but what happend to the future? lmao its a START thats all i can say but after all them trying to make all these restricitions clear now they allow it ? people need to be fired for this whole concept to begin with... DRM = FAIL
Clarence  +   888d ago
Great, but all this shows is M$ lied about their policies. They've also proved just how untrustworthy they are.
GameCents  +   888d ago
How did they lie? The check in was to restrict people from installing games and then trading them. Where was the lie there?

Bottom line is you're just upset that Xbox One doesn't have this hanging over it anymore.

Cloud features still stand since there are games that will require a constant connection and will be better for it. The rest of the games have now become freed up. What's the problem?
Clarence  +   888d ago
Please I could care less if they had the policies or not. The lie was that they said that always online was needed for better gamplay. They said that developers would be able to create a better experience.

Not one time did I hear a M$ employee say that the 24hr check in was to restrict gamers from trading games.

It was the gamers that said this. It was M$ who tried to cover it up by saying that there is so much more advantages to always online. Then they want to charge a extra $100 for a inferior product that looks like a Betamax.

We all knew that was BS.
That's the problem. They tried to pull the wool over the gamers eyes, but it didn't work.

You really think M$ was listening to the consumers?
Petitions went out all over the net, the people said they didn't like what M$ was doing. Yet at e3 nothing changed. All M$ did was defend the DRM.

It wasnt until after E3 that the PS4 started handing them major a$$ kicking in pre orders that M$ changed its policies. Money talks.

Yeah I'm really mad. I'm very happy with the purchase that I will be making in the next few months.
#19.1.1 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
hkgamer  +   888d ago
I would have prefered the Xbone with all the DRM.

The thing that was interesting about the Xbone was able to install full game and not need the disk anymore.

Family sharing...

Now they took that away I probably won't buy the Xbone
PositiveEmotions  +   888d ago
Ok so from my comments it seems that ima sony/ps fanboy but the truth is ms took away the trust i had for them heck i use my 360 more than my ps3 way more my 360 is in my room while my ps3 is in the living room.

The thing is that ms said "we wont change anything" than out of the blue their doing the same thing as the ps4 (kinda) and allot of you thinking that their listening to you guys well imo it has nothing to do with you guys its because their losing big time to ps4.

On the jimmy fallon show the guy who showed off killer insting (however you spell it) said more stuff about tv.

I for one wont fall for their trap.

I defend the ps4 because they at least show that they listen to us fans.

We asked for no drm no always online, cross, chat, indie games and more and we got all that.

Not only that their working on ways to allow ps1, ps2, ps3 and psvita to work on ps4 throw gaikai cloud sadly it will be digital but hey at least their trying one way or another.

Sony are proving themselfs worthy.
Haules  +   888d ago
Exactly, I agree!
PositiveEmotions  +   888d ago
Thank you :) i hope people dont fall into their trap
CaEsAr-  +   888d ago
"Xbox One is built from the ground up to be online. It can't be changed with a flip of a switch." *Starts losing money* *Flips switch*

What happened to buy Xbox 360 if you don't have internet Mr.Matrick?
Lolrus  +   888d ago
Now they need to change the name of the console, drop the price by atleast 50 dollars and give it a spec bump and it will be competitive to ps4
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Saints94  +   888d ago
This man says it best.


Actually, I just wanted to post that :3
edonus   888d ago | Spam
Aces17  +   888d ago
After weeks of them talking up the an always-online system and saying they won't change because of the choices of other companies (Sony) they did this? They must really have been banking on Sony following what they were planning and/or gamers simply accepting it.

I just hope this isn't looked at as something to praise MS for doing, these things should have never been put in place. Sad thing is all the people who were probably planning on switching because of DRM and always online will likely run back to MS.
BillyCostigan  +   888d ago
I remember Phil Harrison (I think) saying 6 days ago that they won't be changing their policies anytime soon.

Now I want to hear what he and Major Nelson have to say.
Montrealien  +   888d ago
They will probably just say the same thing. Hope you are all happy now, this is what you all wanted. You're welcome.
killswitchmad  +   888d ago
I can't help but feel this is actually a step backwards for M$.

I saw what they were trying to do in the bigger picture of things and I ended up genuinely excited that for once a console wasn't going to simply be an upgrade but instead push the boundaries of this industry. The problem is that we as gamers are so ingrained input way of doing things that anything different (even if it is groundbreaking) just feels counter intuitive to us.

The thing is that it WILL happen eventually, all content us becoming digital and therefore will need DRM to protect against piracy, M$ were trying to help that transition, blurring the lines by making all copies of the games digital even if they came on a disc....

In some respects this has turned out bad for us as now I can see DRM being fazed in halfway through the generation (including both X1 and PS4) So we'll end up even angrier.

Frankly I applaud M$ for at least trying to push out the boat even if they did handle it completely wrong....
rawshack  +   888d ago
What now ? .time to party
doctorstrange  +   888d ago
I've got the bubbly
rawshack  +   888d ago
I got the woman
doctorstrange  +   888d ago
I got the Shuhei
Montrealien  +   888d ago
I did'nt care much about this direction, I thought it was interesting and if ever I would be affected by it, I would of always had my other platforms to fall back on. however I still want to be able to install my games and not need a disk, I didnt notice it in the press release but that is stil the case right?

however with that said, bravo MS this is a very good move.
mydyingparadiselost  +   888d ago
It's not the case, you need the disk now and the family share plan is gone from what I understand but you have to download a patch for all the changes to take affect so my question is if you don't download the patch can the system be used as originally intended. That's all I know, hope it's at least somewhat helpful.
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