Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM & Allows Used Games – What Now?

With the recent announcement that Microsoft is dropping their 24 hour check-in and block of used games on Xbox One, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss what this means for the industry as we move forward.

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doctorstrange1519d ago

To me, they already made it clear what they think of consumers.

Foolsjoker1519d ago

I see what you did there....

SuperLupe1519d ago Show
NameRemoved00171519d ago


Dedicated servers are expensive if you want them for free switch to PC.

Winter47th1519d ago Show
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LackTrue4K1519d ago

"Either way Sony making a stand is the only reason Microsoft back peddled so hard. You can thank them for no fees and no DRM whether you like it or not!!!"

BitbyDeath1519d ago

I don't agree with it either SuperLupe but your comments could use a bit more maturity.

xHeavYx1519d ago

How about M$ forcing Xbox gold to use Netflix?
Games that came out in 2006? Saints Row, Deux Ex and UC3 came out in 2011, what do you want for next month? The Last of Us?

XabiDaChosenOne1519d ago

@Superlupe so you want Sony to not "shove" PSPlus down your throat but it's okay if micrsoft is doing because your not paying for it? Why don't you just stay off-line in general since you have no issue doing that on the Xbox one?

Foliage1519d ago

If the PS4 was "Xbox 360 #2" I guess that means the Xbone is now "Xbox 360 #1.5"

karl1519d ago

well guys... see this from the point of view of any 360 fans.. if they wanted an xbox one now they can buy it without those shitty restrictions that it had.. share and sell their games, play offline..

i will still buy a ps4 just cuz i like the games better and the first party support it has

i know it was awesome to think of all those kids buying sonys console instead of MS but well at least we have a choice again..

not only ps4..

fei-hung1519d ago


Didn't realise Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 3, Hitman Absolution, Saints Row the Third, Kingdoms of Amalur, Mass Effect 3, VF5, DoA5 and many more came out in 2006.

Some people just lack common sense and basic arithmetic skills, to the point where they cannot tally up free services, recognise dates in chronolical order and make logical comparisons.

I_am_Batman1519d ago

Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM & Allows Used Games – What Now?
EA introduces the online pass.

MysticStrummer1519d ago

@Lupe - "As for PS+ I dont give a damn about getting 5 free games per month that came out in 2006, that I wont play, and that I wouldnt have bought anyway if they were 50cents a pop. On top of that, most likely I have them already."

Whatever mix of chemicals made this seem reasonable is probably bad for you.

You won't play them, and wouldn't buy them for 50 cents, but you most likely already have them?

Besides being factually wrong, greatly exaggerating the age of PS+ titles, you made yourself sound like a moron.

Seek help, either for your drug and/or alcohol problem or your psychological issues.

We're all pulling for you. Ok that's not true but seek help anyway.

Kaneda1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

@ hdshatter You can rent out server when you play BF3, so is your money to go Dice or $ony?

You pay Dice (EA) server and $ony PS+ to play online...

hard joe1518d ago

What now?
now remove kinect and lower the price please

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dedicatedtogamers1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Yeah I'm curious how many people will forgive and forget when many of the Xbox One negatives are still in place.

Not to mention the fact that Microsoft has already destroyed a lot of goodwill over the last 2 months. What, now because Microsoft decided to be LESS evil people are going to cave and buy an Xbox One?

whoyouwit041519d ago

What negatives are still in place? pleas... do tell.

MizTv1519d ago

I will not forget any time soon
Rrod anyone???

Kanzes1519d ago

They put DRM (which is good for some people, including me), everyone hates it
They cut DRM, everyone still hates it

Microsoft can't win

Crazay1519d ago

I already have 3 pre-ordered so it wasn't affecting my decision. I was looking forward to the no disc thing for multiple systems and the family sharing was really intriguing to me as well.

No_Limit1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Man, the system won't be released for another 5 months, it is in zero homes at the moment, so it is fixed now, what does that matter?

Are you saying if Sony would announce that they are dropping the PS+ requirement for online play today, you will not forgive them because they already destroyed the trust of those gamers that arn't happy with the plan when it was announced?

MS can of course never win on N4G, there are always something to whine about even if they clearly stated that this decision was based on feedback from the community.

Bhai1519d ago


Well, all the negatives they had before the e3:
-'intentionally' leaving high-end gfx capabilities to focus on TV
-have low powered ram with more stuck in OS operations
-Forced kinect integration
-The appeal of the console: a shitty name and crappy dev-kit design
after e3:
-100$ more than PS4 with less power
-every tiny to big game shown, not much left for other conventions
-crappy to no indie support

TrendyGamers1519d ago

They'll just have to spend more on advertisement money educating consumers that it doesn't require the check-in, etc.

Foliage1519d ago

Required Kinect plugged in for the system not to be a brick. That is still the prime reason I didn't like the console.

Microsoft has proven with the NSA scandal; that they definitely cannot be trusted with this information.

MikeMyers1519d ago

"What negatives are still in place? pleas... do tell."

There's always negatives about the Xbox but not the Playstation. Didn't you read the fine print when joining?

GameCents1519d ago

Sony arrogantly told me to get a second job and buy a ps3 because it was a playstation at 599!
I eventually forgot and forgave.

Microsoft tried to screw me and I told them to sod off! They retracted their intent to screw me even before releasing the console so of course I'm going to forgive.

I'll say it very proudly that I have every intention to forgive and move on! I have no qualms forgetting about this.

No way I'm missing out on Forza 5 just because once upon a time they wanted to restrict me.

Also, what are these negatives? Whatever they are, Forza 5 > remaining negatives.

I can't believe after we've won people wanna hold on for the sake of spite. I wanna game and now Quantum Break, TitanFall(yes aware it is online only), Halo Next and Forza 5 are back on the table where 3 hours ago they were not.

I'm freaking PUMPED!!!

Did I mention Forza 5?

MysticStrummer1519d ago

@whoyouwit04 - Everyone has their own wishes for a new console. Just because you can't think of any negatives about the One doesn't mean someone else can't have a list of perfectly legit negatives. Same goes for PS4.

My negatives for One:
$100 more, yet with lower grade hardware overall, because of Kinect
Slower RAM, with less available because of the OS
Never have liked the MS controller
MS doesn't appear to be supporting indies as much as I'd like
Though I like MS exclusives better than Nintendo's, that's not saying a lot

My negatives for PS4:
Paying to play online (I know both do this now but it's still new to me)
I can't have my PS4 and Planetside 2 right ****ing now

Anyway for what it's worth I'm happy for my MS gaming cousins.

Peace and good gaming to all

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Sev1519d ago

I think damage has been done, but they caught this soon enough not to let Sony run away with the prize like it seemed they would.

That said, if these policies were built into the system from the very beginning, it may force MS to delay the Xbox One's launch. And it might be the reason why GameStop suddenly shut off pre-orders as of today.

Crazay1519d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion that they were balls deep into investigating the legitimacy and cost of turning it off even last week and they likely weren't ready to say 100% one way or the other.

I'm happy about it but there were some things I was interested in with some aspects of the policies. Looks like we can all stop complaining about it now and let the games begin. Business as usual people.

CRAIG6671519d ago

People are forgetting, launch for these systems is MONTHS away,plenty of time for spin and hype,people may not forget but could still be easily wowed.

I myself had no issues with the xbox one, I couldn't care less if selling games was a faff or 24hr check was required,for me personally the benefits seemed to far outweigh any perceived negatives...

torchic1519d ago

well apparently all it needs is a patch.

and Microsoft will never delay a console. they'd rather sell you a self-destructing console than delay.

Foliage1519d ago

Plain and simple:
PS4 slaughtered them in pre-orders (it looks to have been at least a 4-to-1 ratio; some locations were confirmed to be 8-to-1).

Microsoft pulled a 180. Now they claim they cared about listening to the fans... eat on that; sheep. Sure, the pre-order slaughter had nothing to do with it.

You attack Microsoft where it hurts; their wallet.

"The Xbox 180"

MysticStrummer1519d ago

Yeah they might have to change a few things with this decision. The first thing that came to my mind was that originally the whole game wasn't going to be on the disc. You'd have to download the rest. Now I'm guessing that can't be true.

Hard to say, but it wouldn't surprise me if this does cause some delay. Still, I'm glad for those who will be buying a One.

lol @ torchic - Good point about the delay.