Preview: Super Mario 3D World finally adds multiplayer to a three-dimensional Mario title - Canada

With Super Mario 3D World, gamers will finally get a true 3D Mario title with multiplayer.

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pat_11_51981d ago

I'm pumped for this game. I think Nintendo had a decent E3 showing.

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thomasmiller1980d ago I agree with these great reviews and look at this! game informer gave mario 3d best wii u exclusive, and best over all platformer, even over Rayman legends!!! I cannot wait for this game!! gonna be great!

mcstorm1980d ago

I agree I can't wait for this game. I know the Wiiu gets a lot of stick on this site but I was impressed with what they have shown at e3 that I have decided not to get a ps4 or Xbox one for 12 months and enjoy the games I want on the Wiiu as for me I could not get into the Wii but the Wiiu I have enjoyed so far and having bashed fps games for 7 years it nice to have games like this and dk to play instead.

On a side not anyone know id this game can be played online with other players as this would be even better than local multi player.

thezeldadoth1980d ago

wanted to play this for 3ds, now a better version for wii u is coming out, awesome. I like the look of this approach to mario.

Venox20081979d ago

not just a better version, but entirely new game with different levels and features.. better get both if u can

exfatal1980d ago

excited for this game. cant wait to play