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It’s Time To Stop Forgiving Nintendo

Total Revue:

"Gamers love Nintendo. They provided us with some of the most joyous gaming experiences ever from the original Super Mario to the more obscure gems such as Red Steel 2, from the legendary Nintendo 64 to the simple, but revolutionary Wii.

However, after a disastrous Wii U release and recent E3, I cant help feel that it is time to stop forgiving Nintendo and start raising questions." (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   891d ago
Agreed, but only to a certain extent. I don't like when people needlessly bash Nintendo. Nintendo makes great games, but their strategy as of late has been pretty obscure.

What I also don't like is when people defend their lack of push for online connectivity. I made a post condemning Nintendo for the lack of online in Mario 3D World and I had several Nintendo fans chewing me out for it (not on N4G, mind you).
ChickeyCantor  +   891d ago
Their strategy hasn't really changed though. Their motto is basically "We tell you what you like, and you're gonna like it" And then pretend they don't understand why people get disappointed.

"We think this is fun, don't you?"

And unfortunately i'm stuck with this 90's mentality company because im a major Zelda/Metroid/F-zero fan. It's either miss out or suck it up. I would love to smack all of them in the face.
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mamotte  +   890d ago
Weird thing is: People doesnt get dissapointed, not in the real world. All their games are pretty damn good sellers, they always get high reviews by professionals and small reviewers, and the price by old Nintendo games just go higher and higher with time.

If you see this situation, as a company, why would them bother? Here, in N4G, people can hate, and small young, ejem, "mature" bloggers can hate, but reviews and sells cant lie. Not at the same time.
_QQ_  +   890d ago
"We tell you what you like and you're going to like" Because an overabundance of first and third person shooters gives us so many options.Nintendo actually offers variety in their games ,just look whats coming out this year,a 2D platformer,a HacknSlash action game,a3D platformer,An RTS game,And an Action adventure/puzzle game.

I agree that 3D land should have online but i personally see it as a minuscule detail. Nintendo didn't just make whatever they wanted, they made what sells, or have you forgotten they have a console to sell.
guitarded77  +   890d ago
Wow, I'm not completely alone on this site. I bought a Wii U day one, and have been critical of Nintendo since the original Wii. I think all gamers want Nintendo to succeed, but their current "We tell you what you like, and you're gonna like it" attitude as stated by sidar is egotistic, just like their spokespeople.

Nintendo has to drop the price of the Wii U, they have to have a steady stream of 1st party exclusives, they have to add more social features like direct screenshot sharing to Facebook and Twitter, without having to go through Miiverse, Nintendo needs to add a trophy/achievement system, as they increase platform attachment rate, Nintendo needs to drop the price of their 1st party games 6 months after launch (seriously, why the hell does a game stay at $60 for 5 years when there are millions of copies out there?).

The Wii U can sell big numbers as an alternate platform for core gamers, but not with Nintendo's current attitude. Also, the casuals aren't going to buy until the price drops, and they see more software from Nintendo. It amazes me how some people are so brainwashed by Nintendo and fail to be critical of a company that is doing minimum for their potential consumers. They don't understand that if Nintendo changes up for the better, it means more games, and more investment.
LOL_WUT  +   891d ago
Na i'm harsh on them because they can't seem to deliver on their promises and supposedly the console is easy to develop for. ;)

The Wii U is pretty neat and I suggest everyone to give it try but how can they? When most of their known franchises (the ones mostly everyone's waiting for) won't release till another year

@ Pops how can I prove to you that I bought one when you blocked me lol ;)
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PopRocks359   891d ago | Personal attack | show
miyamoto  +   890d ago
Spot on and well said, Sonic.
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MasterCornholio  +   890d ago

What he said is true though that when Nintendo unveiled the Wii U they made a ton of promises and they havent completed the majority of them. This is very similar to what Sony did in the beginning with the PS3. But Nintendo can turn themselves around by making good on those promises. All they have to do is deliver the games and earn more 3rd party support for the system and they are set to go.

Anyways pops you have been extremely rude to LOLWUT and i think he deserves an apology from you. Next time be more respectful of other peoples opinions.
exfatal  +   890d ago
You are a tool, You are always flip flopping, just trying to get ps4 and xbone fans to start flooding the comments with senseless comments like yours. You are just the typical troll trying to get fans riled up with empty comments about what Nintendo should or shouldnt do, only the fools take you seriously ;)

instead of waiting for these alleged games to come out for people to try it. wouldn't it be easier for people to try the games that came out now. And see if its fun and different. I've went to best buy and tried 3d land (wanted to try dk as well but wait was terribly long and I was short on time) Even though i was sad they didn't release a galaxy type game. i'd be lying through my teeth if i said the game wasn't great fun and still a refreshing take from the sea of first and third person shooters.
Triforce079  +   890d ago
Iwata said they underestimated HD development but are on to it now and its only the 5 games wonderful101,Super mario 3D world,Pikimin3,Donkey kong,Windwaker,the 2014 games were always shooting for that times frame,and Iwata says after E3 lots of exclusive 3rd party games being developed now so lets wait for the holidays and see.
Shnazzyone  +   890d ago
It does suck, I just wish i could let nintendo know I'd pay for comprehensive cross game online. Luckily the quality of the games they release makes me feel a bit better. They contribute considerably to gaming. I give em a pass for their considerable innovation record and the fact they will do it again.

I will refuse to hate Nintendo. They just do their own thing and that's just nintendo for every bad decision they'll make 3 awesome ones.
lizard81288  +   890d ago
Agree PopRocks
I do like Nintendo games for their gameplay, since I like platformers the most, But there are many things they can do better. It is like they are living in the year 2005. Nintendo can do so much better, but they don't.

It doesn't help iwata is the head of NoA. Japan and America have different play styles. If I had a huge ass video game company with consoles and big wigs and things, BEFORE I would release a new consoles, I would check in with the head at my NA,EU and JPN Branches to see how to best accommodate all styles/localization issues the best I can. for example (from what I have heard) JPN gamers do more local play while the the US does online. There are other differences too.

Point being, with Iwata leading the charge, he will most likely cater to his region, rather than all....if that makes any sense.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   890d ago
.....voltaro, is that you?
ZodTheRipper  +   891d ago
They just a need a new IP ...we have seen enough of Mario.
ChickeyCantor  +   891d ago
It's not a new IP that's the issue. They have made new IPs but get overshadowed by their key franchise.

What they need to do is make use of their system and add NEW features to their franchise. Why don't they have a Mario game with a level editor? Or online Multiplayer for Mario 3D World?
exfatal  +   890d ago
I know people are complaining about the online multiplier, but i feel like it was meant to stay local. (this is just me taking a guess here) but i feel like 3d world level design take for example the level when riding on the yoshi. certain players need to steer in one direction while the others another. Im going to assume the levels that focus on multiplayer has alot of vocal communication going on, working together and what not. yea i know you can turn on the mic but some people, me for one don't like playing with the mic (normally cause i got music blaring in background while i play or just don't feel like it) so i keep it off, and while online there might always be that guy who runs through finds all the secrets you didn't know were there, or someone just being a lazy dick. either way i think mario game like this fits more for the local player aspect so not that agree with their decision i do believe for quality and over all sake of easy fun. local multiplayer is best (can u imaging lag when trying to platform during some levels? rage inducing...)

And give nintendo some credit.. this is first 4 player mario game where u can use peach.. and are in a 3d enviroment even if its takes the style of 3d world from the 3ds. nothing wrong with that, 3ds mario world was an amazing game why not use some of the things that made it? great.
ChickeyCantor  +   890d ago

" but i feel like it was meant to stay local"

Nonsense, how is online multiplayer affecting local multiplayer?

"yea i know you can turn on the mic but some people, me for one don't like playing with the mic"

So we should completely obliterate online multiplayer? Why should I conform to your needs?

Why can't Nintendo give the best of both worlds? They don't even have to change their game mechanics. They simply just needed to add an online component, but instead didn't.

I love local multiplayer, but you're clearly masking the problem Nintendo doesn't seem to get. Hell I've been with them since the original NES ( Sure I was only born in 1987 but my point still stands ). And with every new console release I'm left with a bitter feeling towards them. Because they utterly undermine the full potential of their games.
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exfatal  +   890d ago
" i think mario game like this fits more for the local player aspect so not that agree with their decision i do believe for quality and over all sake of easy fun."

I said i didn't agree with the decision but here your saying i'm trying to make u conform to my needs? tone it down man.. im just trying to see both sides here.

I Might be speaking for the people unable to voice their opinion, the casual crowd/ the one time players whoever. Why burn extra cost with servers when a majority of their fans MIGHT not care for online and such. And to make it clear again I do not agree with it but i can see why they might not have added it.

"yea i know you can turn on the mic but some people, me for one don't like playing with the mic"

"So we should completely obliterate online multiplayer? Why should I conform to your needs?"

I'll say it again tone it down a notch.. makes it hard for people to take you seriously and have an actually discussion hell maybe even a debate..
Gr81  +   890d ago
I'm With
Sidar. No online multiplayer was bad back in 2009 for NSMB Wii and DKC, but not having online multiplayer in 2013 is not only baffling but embarrassing.

I was pist they didn't have that for NSMBU, I've no desire to play 3D world, but not having online mp for that game is an archaic decision. I'm safe in assuming DKC for Wii U will be with out an online mode. What the hell is this? And some of you guys are DEFENDING such practices?

F* that. I'm no drone, I'm a consumer with expectations. And in 2013 my expectation is to be able to play online mp of some kind with video games.

Nintendo is really lost. And really backwards. I assumed a console successor is supposed to fix the limitations or issues plaguing their predecessor. Wii U feels like a giant step backwards.

No online mp...in 2013 LOL! What a joke.
ChickeyCantor  +   890d ago
"I'll say it again tone it down a notch.. makes it hard for people to take you seriously and have an actually discussion hell maybe even a debate.."

You are acting out just like Nintendo is. You are eliminating the needs of others. Instead of saying "yeah an online OPTION should be implemented" you say "Well I prefer local multiplayer, so I'm glad there is no online option". Even Though an online option would NOT affect your offline play.

I didn't turn up a notch, I just find it mind boggling that you agree with an irrational decision.

" Why burn extra cost with servers when a majority of their fans MIGHT not care for online and such."

To provide a service, what is it to you if they put money in running a server? In fact they already have servers running. And they aren't making use of them.

There will always be people who don't care for online. This does not mean you should eliminate the other people who do care. Ironically Nintendo has been so subpar with their online features that their audience don't seem to care. Nintendo should give you a reason to care. And they simply are not. If Nintendo implemented a feature rich online component the fans would definitely care about online play.

I guess you can't miss what you never had.
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Triforce079  +   890d ago
Yes but their ultra quality ive seen enough fifa and COD but they are successful so that's that just don't buy.
Gr81  +   891d ago
Is lost right now. They are basically making games to entertain themselves as opposed to the gaming masses. They are shoehorning gimmicky ideas and leveraging those gimmicks with their established series. Mainly because on their own, these gimmicks can't stand on their merits.

MK8 looks like an F-Zero wannabe; Why not make a great MK game and then make a great F-Zero game?

In any case, Nintendo is only interested in new gameplay ideas, not fresh content or creating new worlds. I think they need an infusion of new blood, and a president who is more adept in business practices. And not so close to game development as to allow other game devs to do what they want as opposed to what is in the best interest of the company and thus gamers.
Donnieboi  +   891d ago
I'm now worried about Nintendo again. I stopped judging negatively to see what they would show at E3. Their show was par, but not mindblowing.

NOW, with Xbone reversing it's evil policies, it puts the Wii U in a strange predicament. It seemed like Wii U would kinda have a leg up on Xbone, but now it seems like PS4 and Xbox One are prepaired for total war.

And where does that leave Wii u?

I'm NOT going to ever bash them again. But I don't feel like defending Nintendo anymore. I'm just gonna sit and watch. But I have a bad feeling that if Nintendo doesn't change some things (*ahem* Iwata) then it will continue the way it is. Whether u think that is a good thing or not is up to you guys.

Amazing what a single day could do. Suddenly the (rather positive) Xbox news puts the Wii u in a strange place. Still never want to own an Xbone, but if 3rd parties focus only on the more advanced technologies (better graphics, substantially larger RAM, and cloud computing/blending) at a time when Wii U is also NOT getting 3rd party love--then what evidence is there for me to think things will get better?

Isn't there anyone else at Nintendo who's helped run the company during the NES, SNES, and N64 years, that can do a better job than Iwata? or at the very least stand up and help him out? Even Aounuma (current head developer of the Zelda series) has expressed concern...

Why can't we have an intelligent discussion about this without assuming the other is trolling when they dislike the current trend Nintendo is going in?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   890d ago
I neither agree nor disagree with your post.
But I did give you a "Well Said" for expressing your views.

I am not worried about Nintendo's existence, but I wonder about their popularity this Gen.
Will they keep any of there Wii gains- will they gain any "cORE" players?

They are having problems with HD-transitions and the WiiU seems to be having an identity crisis.
Stating that they wanted the WiiU to lure the "cORE" and then not having a plan in place to insure that this takes place, with or without 3rd Parties; was odd.

The execution of the plan to win back the "cORE" seems busted.
(Not all at their hands, lies about Engines and out and out industry dismissal played a hand too.)

I definitely know that DK and Mario sell more games than most FPSs or OpenWorld and that DK outsold Metroid-
-But the game that sells Nintendo systems are usually not seen as "cORE" titles.

I don't want to get rid of Iwata- but like you, I am watching to see how all of this turns-out.

What will the WiiU be know for in 2020? Failure or Success?

I am happy with E3, SSB, and "X.”
Also, the other games and ports that I haven't played and that I know are coming.
I MUST play SSB, Zelda WiiU, SMT X FE, and Xenoblade2 in 2014.
And I also get to play Watch_Dogs and BatMan:AO (probably because of ex-Retro Employees).
Donnieboi  +   890d ago
You make some strong points too. And yeah I know he was my favorite celebrity.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   890d ago
PS love your avatar too.

_LarZen_  +   890d ago
It's time to sell the Wii U.
exfatal  +   890d ago
really sell the wii u b4 ps4 and xbone are even released? months away from a slew of new release? i'd say its a bad time to sell the Wii u, but still not the best time to own it
_LarZen_  +   890d ago
At this moment before the new consoles comes out one can get quite allot from Gamestop for a Wii U and the games for it.

I checked and if I deliver it it almost pays for the PS4.

And as I do not use it anymore as there are no game out or in the works that interest me...why not.
tristanwerbe  +   890d ago
Sonic Lost World that is all
Bob Dole  +   890d ago
When they release a Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid, or Earthbound Wii U game; Bob Dole will get one.
mcstorm  +   890d ago
I was quite impressed with the WiiU line up and had a lot of games I have now pre ordered or will pre order near the time they are out. I missed the wii last gen because I got a 360 and ps3 but I think the last 7 years of playing sports and shooters for that long I have got bored and playing games like MarioU and Lego City has been a nice change for me. I really like the Wiiu controller but the Pro controller is also very good to.

I will still be looking to get a xbox one but die to saving up for other things I will be getting it in 13 months time and getting the games I want on the WiiU for now.

I also think once the PS4 and Xbox one come out sales will pick up for the WiiU as it will have its big name games out as well as a price that looks good up against the next gen consoles as at this moment it costs more than the PS3 and 360.

I don't think the WiiU will hit the height of sales the Wii did but I do think in the long run it will sell well over the next gen.

They do need to get the image right though as the WiiU seems to have the same image issue the 3DS had at the start but I have faith in the big N to turn things around like they did with the 3DS.
GenericNameHere  +   890d ago
Nintendo's many problems with the Wii U and Nintendo (which some applying to the Vita)
•Costs $300 for basic model (8GB, are you kidding me??!!), $350 for Deluxe Model (32GB?? Nintendo, you still living in the past?)
•8GB and 32GB?? Nintendo, you offer full games on your store. Some games take over 10GB to install. You people need to stop living in the past
•Weakest console again, but this time, the gimmick is not good enough to attract non-gamers, and almost costing almost the same as the PS4
•Just recently discovered HD for the very first time, 8 years a little too late
•Just recently discovered this thing called "Teh Interwebz"
•$50-$100 less than the PS4
•Said they don't care about events regarding PS4 and Xbone
•Ditched the casual market for the hardcore market
-said "hardcore" market left Nintendo a billion years ago. PS4 and Xbone is where it's at now
•Nintendo still has family friendly image
•$50-100 too expensive
•Everyone still thinks Wii U is an add-on for the Wii
dboyman  +   890d ago
Forgot online purchases tied to hardware instead of online account. What happens if old equipment dies or get stolen? Buy it again? That has to change, plus have more uniform eshop...
leemass24  +   890d ago
personally im happy with all 3 consoles, you have ps4 for raw power, xboxone for multimedia gaming if your into those features, wii u its not as weak as evrybody makes out it is a powerful machine in its own rite and will have some fantastic looking games and you can bet will have some fantastic games and you dont have to stop playing if your misses/family wants the t.v, for me thats ideal as my misses watches alot of t.v. so i dnt have to stop playing, ill be getting either an xbox or ps4 aswell as a wiiu so for me its a win win i love games and i will always support gaming companys its not all about power of a console, if you are a true gamer you just want to play games i will try anything once even if i dont like the look of it ill still give it a go as shud any gamer.
Blacklash93  +   890d ago
First they need a price cut, a $50-$100 advantage over the PS4 is nothing compared to value you get for the spec difference, especially when we're talking about a difference of HDD that is literally hundreds of GB's. Then they need to redesign that controller to be more slender and comfortable rather than bulky and heavy. They need to get those games out, but it looks like we're gonna have to wait till 2014 for that.

Nintendo clearly isn't winning in the power department (though given the 1080p games on display and stuff like X and Bayo2 it can still put out some nice visuals), and they need to lower the price to compensate. Lo and behold Sony and Microsoft are doing connectivity with tablets (also Vita), as they always copy Nintendo so it's not as much of a selling point anymore. They also need to do something about their slow OS.

They really need to pull a 3DS with this. By all means the Vita should be curbstomping it, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Nintendo looks like is has a pretty solid line-up so far for next year, so in the meantime they need to work on improving their system and making it a better deal.
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Picnic  +   890d ago
Nintendo are like the hula hoop (n.b. not the crisp type). New people still buy them like they're the latest thing , they look quite fun to those who are older, you might have a little go and then you leave it in the cupboard because nothing's really changed.
kirbyu  +   890d ago
How is it Nintendo's fault people are too stupid to understand what the console is?
GenericNameHere  +   890d ago
It's ALL of Nintendo's fault. The average consumer is HIGHLY MISINFORMED and don't follow gaming news. It is up to Nintendo to clarify what the Wii U really is. So far, even Nintendo themselves have admitted they haven't done well enough to "educate" consumers about the Wii U.

I predict the Wii U will become the next GameCube and N64. Lots of fantastic first-party games, with only the hardcore Nintendo fans buying it, making it the third in console sales again. The Wii U just doesn't have the gimmick that the Wii had.
kirbyu  +   890d ago
From the commercials for it I've seen. I wouldn't say people have been misinformed. I'd just say they're not being informed enough.
GenericNameHere  +   890d ago
I guess so. If it isn't the misinformed consumers, then it's probably the price and the PS4 and Xbone. The Wii U is Nintendo's most expensive console yet, at $300 and $350. That's pretty expensive, considering there's no attractive gimmicks this time.

Then the PS4 and Xbone. Nintendo said last year that the Wii U was gonna be about the hardcore games. The "hardcore" have their eyes on the new generation of consoles, not the Wii U.
kirbyu  +   890d ago
I know what you're thinking but I doubt it's the price. It's the cheapest console of the three that are big right now.

It's gotta be the bad game library.
otter26  +   890d ago
Horrible article...already have read 10 like this.....nintendo can do what they want....cause they can. Wii u will sell fine. Give up.
bobacdigital  +   890d ago
PS4 400 + EYE TOY 60 + GAME 60 + Online 60 = 580 + tax
X1 500 + Game 60 + Internet 60 = 620 + tax
WiiU Deluxe 350 + Game 0 + Online 0 = 350 + Tax
(Added the eye toy for apples to apples comparison since WiiU comes standard with motion controls and sensor bar and an x1 has the kinect)

I do see Nintendo's point that the Wii U Deluxe does offer value because of the price point.. If they pack in another game for the holidays instead of Nintendoland like Zombie U or 3D World or NSMB U the value I think will be even better.

Obviously the price disparity can be narrowed because of the hard drive and performance.. But if you talk about the PS4 (Or Xbox) as a whole package the competitor technically costs 130-270 dollars MORE to buy vs the Wii U which comes with a tablet (unless we think there is no perceptive value to the consumer by saying it comes with a tablet).

I agree with everyone a 3DS type price drop of 50 to 70 dollars would position them better for the Holidays and future sales... but if you look at the startup costs as a consumer they are still significantly higher.. Even if you take 60 off for existing consumers who have live or psn you are still paying a lot out the gate... I support a price drop and believe it is necessary but if you look at the math you can see where Nintendo thinks they have value.
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LOL_WUT  +   890d ago
Why did you add games for the X1 and the PS4 but not the Wii U? We all know that if you purchase PS+ you're guaranteed a free game. Also was it necessary to add the eye toy when it's not a required peripheral? Talk about grasping at straws. ;)
bobacdigital  +   890d ago
I included PSN and LIVE because games arent backwards compatible on either system.. So how are you suppose to play the free 360 and ps3 games on your PS4 or X1?

Also the WII U Deluxe comes packed in with Nintendoland.. You need to purchase a game for both of the other consoles before you get home. Also for comparisons sake I didnt include the basic bundle because every single site and review is saying the Wii U is 50 less than the PS4 which is referencing the Deluxe Bundle (Basic bundle is being pulled from stores anyways).

Both the X1 and WII U have motion controls so for an APPLES to APPLES comparison you have to include the EYE Toy... I am not sure how you are suppose to use the Dual Shock 4s motion capabilities without the EYE Toy? So to compare EQUALLY you need to include the things I listed...

Free online, packed in game, backwards compatibility, multiple control schemes... these things have to count for something...
LOL_WUT  +   890d ago
Please try again ;)
In that case why didn't you put that the Wii U needs an external harddrive? If you're going to be comparing stuff at least do some research first.

Motion controls on the PS4 is not required like on the other consoles (kinnect and the Wii U's gamepad/sensor bar) which doesn't render the console useless if you don't have those peripherals lol.

Like I said when you get PS+ you're guaranteed a free game Drive Club being one of them so you wouldn't have to worry about running out and buying a game right away. ;)
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bobacdigital  +   890d ago
The Wii U is not useless without the sensor bar.. It is actually optional and does not need to be plugged in unless you intend on using IR functionality of the wii remotes.. Pro controllers can be used for most all games as well in addition to the game pad. Also you can use your prior sensor bar if you wanted.

Also the ps plus version of drive club will give you some content but you have to PAY for additional cars and tracks... You arent getting a FULL game like you would with the Wii U.

Even if you add the cost of a harddrive which i might add is roughly 50 to 60 bux for a 500 gig the other consoles are still higher priced by 100+ dollars..

My original comment simply states that you are technically getting a decent value when you actually break down the costs and compare them side by side... At another 50 to 70 off for the holidays moving forward (which I agree with) you get even more value..

There are other minor things that need to be factored in as I stated .. backwards compatibility with Wii and prior consoles, FREE ONLINE, ability to use old peripherals and controllers.. MIIVERSE..

And for the record between me and my wife we currently own a 360,ps3,and Wii U... we also have a preorder for a PS4.
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skyrimer  +   890d ago
Iwata is going to destroy Nintendo. 3ds launch was a disaster that needed a $70 price cut, Wii U has been a disaster, with terrible line up from the get go and where it's best games won't be available until 2014. When your best game for the holidays is a Gamecube HD remake, you know you're in trouble. Nintendo didn't take advantage on their hugely successful Wii to prepare for the next gen, and the overpriced current gen hardware and tablet gimmick hoping to appeal to casuals has been a failure. Now the real next gen is going to utterly destroy them and become a niche console only appropiate for the hardcore.

There was a time when Nintendo was at the forefront of innovation and gaming. They created genres, platforming, RPGs, the first 3d platformer with mario 64, and so on. Yet now they cannot innovate anymore, there are going to be 6 2d platformers on the WiiU in the coming months, there's Mario everywhere, a new Donkey Kong yet again, Mario Kart 8 is the same thing with a shiny coat and a stupid gimmick (upside down driving, seriously?). It seems to me that Nintendo magic is wearing off by the day.
bobacdigital  +   890d ago
The other gaming companies are doing the exact thing and slapping on newer graphics... We are getting another Halo, COD, Battlefield... most everything shown is an existing franchise with better graphics... They flood the market with first person and third person shooters.

I understand that Nintendo tends to ride its first party assets hard.. but it isn't fair to not acknowledge that the other companies are doing the same. Before you jump on Mario Kart 8 which actually looks impressive take a look at COD.. It freaking added a DOG and FISH AI...

Enhancing graphics and talking about upgraded console specs dont make games fun... If that was the case everyone would own a PC and not a console.
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_QQ_  +   890d ago
No one is forcing you to buy their products and play their games.
thomasmiller  +   890d ago
sigh! the microsoft fans are really mad the the xbox one BOMBING AT THE E3 AREN'T THEY? hey go back to playing the pc!! Nintendo hit it out of the ball park.. look at the E3 videos, all the nintendo booths are PACKED!! don't see any disappointed faces, want to see those? go to the empty booths at microsoft!!
duducus  +   890d ago
And some need to apologize to them...
GotHDGame  +   890d ago
Okay, look. Nintendo has made some HUGE mistakes, but uh, not to the extent this article makes them out to have made. I could bash another consoles recent unveiling, but gee I don't have to. If consumers are confused about Wii U, I can not wait to see how they feel about the new ONE. As far as 3rd party, they seem to be on board with Nintendo, at least as far as Indie developers. Nintendo still to date has some of the BEST 1st party games out there, and Sony is right up there with them. ONE should worry, and not Nintendo.
D-riders  +   890d ago
im confused was nintendo spposed to sell a $500 console. that' snot nintendo
jakmckratos  +   890d ago
Indeed. Time to innovate bitches.
YoloSwag  +   890d ago
I just want games.
Bob Dole  +   886d ago
$20 says they drop it $100 a week or so before the new consoles release.

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