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The Xbox One Just Got Way Worse, And It's Our Fault

Microsoft just announced that its much-maligned DRM policies won't look at all like they originally had originally been described. They're going to more relaxed, sort of like the PS3's. Good news, you say? No. Bad news. The Xbox One just got worse. (Xbox One)

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Dwalls1171  +   839d ago | Well said
Actually it just got better....now maybe the preorders will grow
But its still 100 bucks more then ps4

Hmm do I see a price cut coming?
nick309  +   839d ago | Well said
The ps3 was expensive at launch. That didnt stop people from buying it.
OpenGL  +   839d ago | Well said
The difference was the PS3 offered more to consumers than the Xbox 360 did, or at least it did in theory thanks to Blu-ray, built in WiFi, standard HDD, etc.
Winter47th   839d ago | Trolling | show
Dee_91  +   839d ago | Well said
and now the damage control articles for all of the people that were pro- xbox one policies.

These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

That SUCKS."

Aww shucks now I have to put the game in the disc tray and I have to take the disc to my friends house to play it :(
get over yourself dude

I mean this just shows the type of people that supported that crap.Like how selfish can you be.You would rather have people in miss on a console because of its restrictions just so you can share a game digitally?
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Bzone24  +   839d ago
Lol. People are so paranoid. I'm looking at you Winder47th.
HammadTheBeast  +   839d ago
Actually it kind of did. And the PS3 rode a massive wave from PS2 era.
SuperLupe  +   839d ago
Hey by the way how do you guys jusrify Sony making you pay to play online now ?

The XOne has no DRM, no 24h check in, no none of that crap.

Explain to me now how is it great that Sony is forcing us to pay to play online?
InTheLab  +   839d ago
It's the Playstation. 15 years of dominance....remember that actually happened. Fans went out and bought the system.

MS, on the other hand, does not have a PS2 type following.
Gaming101  +   839d ago
LOL "It would've been a better console had Microsoft not listened to all the haters"

This is the problem with the dumbass author's thinking. Anyone who disagrees with him is labelled a "hater". This is why said author is not a businessman, an executive, nor will he ever amount to anything in life. You don't grow a business by ignoring your customers. When the people speak, and in this case it was an uproar beyond anything anyone could have foreseen, you BETTER listen. The internet has allowed the voiceless to have a voice, and companies with any brain whatsoever will listen to their audience, their fanbases, as they are the only reason business people get a paycheck every month.
2pacalypsenow  +   839d ago | Well said
Xbox 1 still has live that you still have to pay to watch netflix and play online

Ps1 you only need to pay to play online plus you get all the huge benefits and games from PS+
Ezz2013  +   839d ago
ps3 is more powerful than xbox360 that's why it was more expensive
and it did beat xbox360 this gen because the games it offer
just look at TLOU a GOTG contender already

now ps4 is cheaper and more powerfull

not the same story here
MS still need to lower the price by 100$ or even more
Sideras  +   839d ago
It had a painfully slow start though.
blackbeld  +   839d ago
Exactly now the X1 can play used games too I do hope PLUS will be free again.

Otherwise I will maybe buy the X1 instead of PS4 for only $100 difference who cares.

Hope Sony will let Plus free online gaming again, then I definitely buy the PS4.
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ExPresident  +   839d ago | Well said

You do realize you still need XBox Live Gold to play online and access Netflix and Hulu right?

PS+ is by far the better deal. Just pointing that out.
webeblazing  +   839d ago
now we need to join together and get ps4 with free mp
die_fiend  +   839d ago
Lol of course it stopped people buying it. What a moronic statement
EVILDEAD360  +   839d ago
MS just saved XBOX ONE.

They were about to launch and get DESTOYED by every press outlet in the world.

They ate crow and gamers won.

The plot has not only thickened it just completely turned into a new movie.

All eyes are now on Xbox one and it's actually not for the silly policies for once.

Polysix  +   838d ago
When I bought a PS3 for that 'high price', a 3D capable bluray player AND a reliable system were very much part of why. It was a dual purpose system and filled two needed roles (for me). I can't hardly say kinect fills any gaping hole in my life?

Also my 360 died - and was no way I was buying another, so made the move to PS3.. the reliability was also a factor. I'm still on my fat ps3 from early days and have a slim too, both are still working fine. Xbox 360 barely lasted a year before it went in the bin with ANA chip and GPU probs (before MS admitted it was their fault so no free fix for me!)

XB1 is LESS powerful but is higher priced because of Kinect, the price it self doesn't bother me, i'd pay that if the system was head and shoulders above the PS4 but it's not, it's actually worse, much much worse. It should be less than the PS4 based on spec (and make kinect optional) THEN they might be on to something.
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TheGrimReaper0011  +   838d ago
It was because of the Blue ray player, most blue ray players costed like 1000 dollars. The bluetooth technology was also expensive and it was backwards compatible, so yea was understandable it was 600 dollars
However i do agree with ya, 600 dollars is too much for a console
The_Con-Sept  +   838d ago
All I can say for now is this: This console war is going to be a very interesting one. Fanboys will start killing each other over much more petty facts than you have ever seen before.

@Superlupe: PlayStation Plus currently gives us on average 4.2 games for free per month. Wether or not you have interest in them doesn't matter. You will still download something if it is free. You will still play the game at least once. Your temptation of missing out on something free will eat you alive.

The new feature of posting up your gameplay tips and tricks is something I always wanted myself. When you post them on YouTube today the companies who produce said game can still file a copyright claim against you if they see it fit.

Cross game chat requires servers and it is something that xbots love to rave about. But is cross game chat free on Xbox currently? (NO!)

The PS4 is 100 dollars less, doesn't require a camera to be "always plugged in" to turn on a system, and supports indie game devs on a much better playing field.

What you will see on the PS4 is a carnival, not a circus. (Microsoft's weird circus show from that E3 not too long ago.) A carnival filled with all kinds of rides and prizes. Not a bunch of cheap sit and watch tricks with trained animals.

Development teams migrate from console to console. And to them.... The only thing different is the flag that dangles on that stupid post. They choose who they want to be with after each contract is over. It is the same as any sport today. Players switch teams a lot because they want to win.

So to end this now I will say this: This console war is going to be a very interesting one. You will see fanboys fight over the most petty bs anyone has ever seen.
Syntax-Error  +   838d ago
Sony fanboys say that the PS3 at launch had more to offer than the $399 360 at launch because of what it had. Well the same goes for the Xbox One and PS4. The pricing is based on the packed in Kinect. Kinect is not peripheral, but more of an integral part of the functionality of the console. It's not like adding a PS Eye to PS4 to offset the price considering PS Eye has nothing to do wih the functions of the console. Kinect is the reason you are able to use voice and motion commands. Half the new feature work off Kinect and it's not just used for gaming like it was first announced.
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D-riders  +   838d ago
your talkng about playstation 150 + million ps2 sold. you know the company that is actually a game company. not just a corporation trying to rip us off
insomnium2  +   838d ago
@ syntax error

You comparing voice controls to Wi-Fi+BD-playback+an advanced processor(CELL obviously) is pure comedy. Keep up the good work. Laughing my ass off as I'm writing this.
awi5951  +   838d ago
That's rose colored glasses for you the first 2 years of the PS3 game/price wise was crappy. Microsoft front loaded its console with hit after hit Million copy sellers on multiple games. Exclusives too boot some were timed some wasnt but people didnt know that at the time.

And just like metal gear and GTa when it comes out a year later who cares the HYPE is all gone and most wont play it at that time.

The last two years of the xbox was just as bad as the first 2 years of PS3 so it evens out. But when its the first two years and you have a install base to build it looks way worse. And plus the xbox was so overpriced the last 4 years microsoft could care less at this point. Profit wise microsft knows they won big time with the stupid 360 at the same price as the ps3 all these years without a major price drop.

I remember articles saying microsoft was making 50 dollars profit on each 360 sold 5 years ago so i have no idea what the profit margin is now. But it should have been at 130 dollars 4 years ago.
Rhomiel  +   838d ago
I paid 49$ during a ''Buy 50$ get 10$ back'' and it was also 3 months free so thats 39$ for 15 months so hmmm 2.60$ a month for all the stuff I get! Everyone should get that even if it wasn't for the online play... Even got Music unlimited for a year for 12$ during a sale because I was a Plus member!

All I hope is that we still get all the good stuff even though everyone will be members.
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kreate  +   838d ago
i dont know about the xbox one's voice control but the voice control on the xbox360 sucks.

i know cuz ive been using it. the voice control doesnt control a 100% of ur console. it just helps u navigate with voice on the menu and maybe few of the games. but u still need a controller to press 'ok' or 'back' or when u recieve messages on xbox live or when the system sends u a notification.

u can launch a app with it but after the app is launched, u gotta pick up ur controller or deal with the flimsy voice commands. and if ur gonna tell me to use kinect .... im just gonna laugh at u cuz kinect also has various issues trying to navigate around xbox live.

my conclusion is that nothing beats the controller. the other gimmicks are poorly implemented and its annoying.
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Kos-Mos  +   838d ago
You`re wrong and so are the WiiU haters. Both the PS3 and 360 did horrible at launch. Espesially the PS3. I`m sorry to state a fact.
Number-Nine  +   838d ago
actually, it stopped a lot of people from buying it.
Bobby Kotex  +   838d ago
Are you kidding me? The PS3 was a huge failure at first until they lowered the price by $200. Just shows the idiots at N4G will believe whatever distorted version of history they want.
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indysurfn  +   838d ago
if this super conniving story does not prove to people that Microsoft is trying to confuse you into giving up your fights. Your a WANTING sellout. Not just a regular sellout!
YNWA96  +   838d ago
@Superlupe, I think the response should be, 'stfu" sony rules and I would swllow gear stick if they said it was good for gamers' . Sony rules forever! Yeah!
Sideras  +   838d ago
Then again Sony didn't fuck up quite as much.
Gamer1982  +   838d ago
People wanted a Blu-ray for HD movies so it was worth the extra cash. Do people want Kinect?
BEASTIE-E  +   838d ago
thats because we are loyal fans of sony... we lost some ps gamers due to the fact that 360 came out a year earlier and $200 cheaper... so yes price is a factor
THamm  +   839d ago
I might keep my pre order now, just gotta get rid of kinect 2.0
BTW all this info this guy is talking about now, (i.e. publishers hub), how come no one spoke of this before the outlash. please...

"New games could then be cheaper. Why? Publishers KNOW that they will not make money on resold games, so they charge more to you, the first buyer. You are paying for others' rights to use your game in the future. If the old system had gone into place, you would likely have seen game prices drop."

For real, no truth to this and I find better deals the way things are now and I don't see XBL turning into Steam
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NameRemoved0017  +   839d ago
Kinect is Microsoft's pride to spam you with ads targeted at what you do while its watching and to let the NSA into your living room, they will never drop it.
caseh  +   839d ago

'Kinect is Microsoft's pride to spam you with ads targeted at what you do while its watching'

Wonder if it would recommend a dating website or porn site if you decided to start fapping...
nukeitall  +   839d ago
I was really looking forward to game sharing and playing my game from hard drive and instantly switch. Now I got a gimped console with last-gen features because of a bunch of moaners and haters.'

You already had a console that was still attached to physical discs, it was called a PS4, but you weren't happy and had to go and f'it up for everyone else.

Congratulations, you win putting us back in the stone age of consoles!!!

THamm  +   839d ago
Dude MS did this after the pre order numbers. You are the minority, so to them you're not worth it and the old MS views for the X1 domination didn't go as planned so they follow the leader, being PS4.
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DARK WITNESS   839d ago | Immature | show
davidj88  +   838d ago

It wasn't us that changed the policy, it was MS. They saw that it was going to cause them to lose out on sales because even 360 gamers were not interested in it. Nothing was stopping MS from delivering what they originally said they would except greed, this will cause more sales for the XboxOne and so they don't care if they upset a minority.

This is why i won't be buying the XboxOne, a company that defends something (DRM restrictions) to their last breath by stating it's good and needed, to then change it because they see it won't make them as much money.

They have no brand loyalty, already scrapped 2 key features of the XboxOne because they couldn't force people to accept restrictions and sign in once every 24 hours. Their biggest selling point for gamers was the cloud based system, but they're slowly whittling away the features until you'll be left with a 360.5....that's supposedly worth $500
insomnium2  +   838d ago
@ david

" a company that defends something (DRM restrictions) to their last breath by stating it's good and needed, to then change it because they see it won't make them as much money. "

That's the definition of MS. Remember how HDMI or 1080p wasn't needed? Remember how it was all about games until Wii skyrocketed? Then it was all about Kinect -_-.

MS has no backbone whatsoever and I will never support them until they grow themselves one. There is no guarantee if this no DRM will stick, no way to know will there be more core games after the first wave dies down. There's no way to know these things and since MS's track record clearly speaks volumes about this subject I have to question the x-brand fans' intelligence. It's like listening to a woman explain why she doesn't divorce her violent and abusive husband. Does everyone of them x-fans have kids with MS?
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davidj88  +   838d ago

Exactly, like i said they have no brand loyalty, they are only doing this to make money because they see Sony about to make a boat load of it. They don't care about gamers and developers, they want to choose the way we play and live without giving us an option.

What the numbers showed was that what gamers and consumers as a whole want is choice, this mainly refers to the 24 hour check in they had before now. Why they will no longer allow disc based games to be saved to and accessed from the cloud i really don't know but it seems like a slap in the face, they could have implemented it to give gamers a taste and from the reaction provide a full cloud system next gen by which it would have at least been something we were used to.

Either way MS have shot themselves in the foot, and as they try to stop the bleeding we don't know what lasting damage they could be left with.
finbars75  +   839d ago
It doesnt matter if they announced this.Im sorry but all the crap they pulled and all of a sudden they decide where going to backpedal like that tells me that they did this because preorders where terrible, but mark my words now they will have some stipulation down the road witht the xboxone.A company doesnt just fold there crads like that withought some reason that we dont know about.They where also saying that MS did this to boost preorders as well so another sign that MS isnt to be trusted.If you guys go back to MS after all the shit they pulled and said then your only asking to get burned in the end.Give it time you will see.
Cryptcuzz  +   839d ago
I agree with you on this and have express my concerns about it recently.

It is a little to late to be honest. The developers will see this as a sign of weakness and a lack of direction for the console.

Consumers such as you and I will see this and be very very cautious that something major in the future could be added or removed at a moments notice if they wanted to.

If they removed the online checks and such only a week after E3 and in front of millions worldwide, what makes us believe that they couldn't have easily added it in later on down the line if they THINK they have found a solution to the original problem?

The whole thing is on shaky foundation from the get go, I'd rather invest in a much more stable foundation when it comes to my gaming needs on the PS4.
Statix  +   839d ago
I have to agree, Microsoft may just pull the rug from underneath all their gamers, and re-implement all those restrictve used-game policies 1-2 years later. Nothing stops them from doing so, and the infrastucture for all these crappy policies is still there. They've invested way too much into this anti-used games scheme to just give up on it, 100% wholesale.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   839d ago
magnam trojan, the trojan horse.
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n to the b  +   839d ago
I still won't trust MS. They can just do what they did with 360 and change the gameplan mid-cycle. 'Oh, you thought we'd continue to cater to the core gamer and invest in first party like (you thought) we did that first year after 360's launch? sorry, we suggest you use this lube that came back with SOMEONE ELSE'S refurbished console and assume a bent over position...'
hellvaguy  +   839d ago
No drm sucks to me. I don't have a crappy 3rd world interwebz and I only buy new games.

I was looking forward to not having to change discs around every time and share games with family and friends.
marchinggamer  +   839d ago
Backpedal you mean like Sony and the cell it was "the most advanced technology yet" no itwas a piece of shit and a waste of time and now they are finally knowing
Urusernamesucks  +   839d ago
Farr from late budy the gen hasnt even started, and this gen is projected to last 16 years. Some will choose to remember others will froget.
Heartnet  +   838d ago
People just can never be happy... Spend all week moaning about XboxOne and when it changes all of a sudden its a bad thing lol

Who cared why it changed! The fact you have no solid numbers on ps4 preorders aside from the fact from Amazon number system which could be fixed lol.

But no lets still bash MS for doing what the consumer wanted your a troll dude and a guy who blames people for supporting MS when you can't get your head out of Sonys ass
T2  +   838d ago
@marchinggamer - yeah a console with bluray, Bluetooth , wifi , and bc was a piece of shit .... Riiiight ... The only shit from that situation was that dumbasses were too cheap to buy it so they dumbed it down .... Now xbone thinks ppl will pay100 more for weaker specs and a 40 dollar webcam
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JsonHenry  +   839d ago
The thing is MS failed to give the consumer ANY reason to be happy with the DRM policy. With the way they explained it it sounded only restrictions in nature and nothing of benefit.

Had they done something like announce that with the DRM in place you could maybe rent xbox1 games from Gamefly digitally without having to wait for a disc and the serial number is then removed from you account once you "check in" the game for another rental from gamefly or something along those lines then people might have been inclined to go with it.

But all they did was basically say "hey! you don't own this game and you can't re-sell or let a friend borrow it and you have to check in online or your console bricks itself and we won't give you and good reason for this other than we say so!".
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SilentGuard  +   839d ago
yeh, their communications and marketing were awefull. How long did it take them to mention the family sharing plan? The online games hub and cheaper prices...never mentioned. They could still do all that though but only apply it to digital downloads. MS mistake was trying to apply the DRM to physical disks and have them function as downloads. They should have seperated digital games and physical games into two seperate markets with seperate features: keep disks old school and apply all the new ideas to digital downloads. Present the choice, give the customer options, and let the best method win.
hellvaguy  +   839d ago
" ANY reason to be happy with the DRM policy"

I was happy with the full game on my hard drive and sharing with family and friends. That's 2 reason why it was better for me.
MoveTheGlow  +   838d ago
Absolutely, I agree, Json. Also, check out the first comment on that article. There's a huge discussion between Jason Schreier (Joystiq) and the author, which winds up with a lot of awesome comments after, including one from CassiusLonginus which talks about other nations than the US, and how that would have affected them.

Along with Mexico, in that discussion, I'm pretty sure that Poland, home of The Witcher, was a little miffed that the Xbone, which banked a lot on Witcher III at the press conference, wasn't going to have a working Xbone at launch. That changes now.
MoveTheGlow  +   838d ago
And then the author gives this backhanded agreement on it -

"We do tend to focus almost entirely on the US. Being the US Gizmodo site, I don't think that's entirely unreasonable (also, we just don't have the context of living abroad in those areas), but yes, we should address that at least some."

Yeah, okay, it's not like the US is the lead nation in tech design and marketing or anything, and affects every other nation when Apple sneezes or whatnot.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   838d ago
Reply to Syntax down below = Games could still look better between the consoles! Especially with ps4 being much more powerful than Xbox 1, if ps4 is the lead console... Xbox 1 could see s#!t ports of games like ps3 did this gen... Like Skyrim for instance felt so broken! But I'm willing to put money on the fact that ps4s exclusives will trounce Xbox ones easily next gen. Like ps3s looked way better than Xbox 360s exclusives this gen!
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mushroomwig  +   839d ago
A price cut before the console even launches? Not in a million years, sorry.
angelsx  +   839d ago
The price is ok.You give every year 400-500 for smart phone why not ones for console with 10 years life.
Biggest  +   839d ago
Not if there is a better, less expensive smartphone to be purchased. Only fanboys pay more for less.
DARK WITNESS  +   839d ago
it's not a smart phone though and it does not have 10 different competitors... it only has one and that single one is more powerful and cheaper. Plus the selling points they have been bigging up they have just removed !!
Syntax-Error  +   838d ago
Their are less expensive cellphones to be purchased by Apple fanboys BUY Apple. It has nothing to with if there's a better one with a cheaper price tag. You buy what you want. The PS3 was more powerful than the 360 and we see how that turned out. The PS4 is more powerful than the X1 and we will see how that turns out. Raw power means shit when the games still look the damn same. If you think the graphic differences are going to be that much different then you're a fool. The X1 is $100 more because of Kinect, period. The PS4 is just a console with no pack in. I can't walk in a room and tell my PS4 to turn on and then go to cable or game. That's a feature I pay for when I buy an X1
-EvoAnubis-  +   838d ago
@Syntax-Error: The PS3 was both more powerful and more expensive than the 360. The PS4 is more powerful than the XB1, but LESS expensive. Being able to control your console with voice is cool, but it isn't $100 extra cool.
MysticStrummer  +   839d ago
Yeah I fail to see how the One got worse with the change. This guy saying games would have been cheaper with DRM is a joke. I'm happy for our MS gamer cousins today.

Peace and good gaming to all
Heartnet  +   838d ago
Tbh it makes sense. If its no CoD I can see them lowering the price once a certain profit margin has been met which would happen quicker without the used game markets
MysticStrummer  +   838d ago
Oh I'm not saying it doesn't make sense.

I'm saying it won't happen.
titletownrelo  +   839d ago
how could they make a price cut NOW after so many people have already payed the 500 dollars for the pre-order?
bcrazy18  +   839d ago
As far as I know, they don't have to pay the full amount if pre-ordered. More like a down payment like how gamestop does for the pre-ordering of games. I heard it's like $100 or so. If they plan on cutting the price some then then your pay off amount will be lower. Simple as that and if someone did pay in full, I'm sure a refund will be given or store credit towards other accessories and games.
CommonSense  +   839d ago
This is why N4G is such a joke now. You people spout the dumbest stuff without researching anything. Xbox one is number 1 in video games on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/be...

That aside, it's NOT better. We just lost the "family library" feature, AND you now need the disc to be in the drive to play it. The idea that I could install my games and not have to worry about swapping discs was fantastic...something you'd think the Sony fans would appreciate since they constantly said that's what made blu ray better...but then again Sony fans are nothing if not hypocrites.

And this business of the 100 dollars cheaper is a joke, if you ask me. Sure, it's 100 dollars cheaper but it has no good launch titles. the new infamous and killzone look just a bunch more of the same...nothing new...nothing improved but graphics.

Also, for the people saying the ps4 is more powerful: Correct if you're offline. But if you're utilizing the cloud, your Xbone suddenly becomes much more powerful. Sony's cloud is for storage, MS's cloud is for actually improving the games. Not only that, but MS is providing UNLIMITED cloud storage and friends.

I'll be getting both systems at launch, but this idiot idea that Sony has the better system is a joke...and typical of the N4G community.
cyguration  +   839d ago
DUde please. Just use common sense.

You don't want to use your disc? Good, they have day-1 digital download for people too lazy to disc swap.

You want to share your games with your family but don't want to give them your disc? Gift it to your friend or family, it's still an option.

People saying the XB1 is worse off for being consumer friendly are some of the most deluded individuals I've ever come across. I can't believe people are saying the Xbone was better when it was anti-consumer...that's the most ridiculous, ludicrous thing anyone could ever say.

Wow...just wow.
Toon_Link  +   839d ago
It might be number one on amazon but there's been many reports stating ps4 reservations are 2:1 over Xbox (anyways there's like 5 different ps4 skus to 1 Xbox sku). That's pretty huge considering they went up for sale the same day.

Also the power of the cloud is a bunch of crap, there's no way ms can know what speed Internet you have or how reliable your Internet is. You're telling me that games sold at retail that can't be returned after opening have a chance of not working because you can't access the cloud to its full potential. Or how about all the games in development for years now that where counting on this miracle cloud computing, what are they to do now? Guess we'll never know cause we're all irrational crybaby fanboys.

The whole disc swapping argument is irrelevant, people made fun of ms for having to switch discs mid game like you were playing ffvii back on ps1. I've never heard anyone say they could play any game without disc swapping.

Just enjoy your damn Xbox and quit crying about what other people think.
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DogtagDuke1992  +   839d ago
Well stated, good sir. I come to this sight to read up on all the gaming news, and I swear every time I read the comments, I start to think that the world is out to put an end to Microsoft...but then I realize it is just a plethora of Sony fanbots. I really liked the blueprints for the original version of the console. The games on the HDD was awesome...the cloud (although still utilized) will not be as involved as it has the potential to be...and the family sharing idea was genius. Games, just like on Steam, would be presented to the consumer through an online store and could potentially reach a very respectable price. Microsoft had a great plan for the future in place, and nobody wanted to listen to them. They had plans for reselling used games digitally...they had plans for the cloud like no other...they had amazing ideas for sharing games and making their all in one entertainment device incredibly user friendly.... while most of the features like swapping between games will still be available...it will only be available between the game in the disc drive and a digital game you may have downloaded. I hope I still reserve the option to download new games via the online store so that i can have them all on my HDD just like I was initially told. All in all, the changes they made with this console are going to make it more profitable and more successful, however, this primitive and "last gen design" that it now possesses is going to leave innovation in the dust. All I hope is that they slowly find ways to re-implement some of these features, while still giving gamers the freedom to decide whether they want them or not.
Aceman18  +   838d ago
You do know that people can game share on ps3, I do it with my brother and friends now. Let's not make this feature out to be something new and revolutionary.
Syntax-Error  +   838d ago
@Toon Link
5 different PS4 sku's? Link?
Aceman18  +   838d ago
I want people to answer me honestly on this question.

How exactly does game sharing benefit the developers when all one has to do is just coordinate with 10 friends on their purchases?

10 friends don't have to buy the same game and that would mean 9 less games sold for a particular franchise with game sharing.

Sony realized this and dropped the limit from 5 to 2 on PS3.
shadow2797  +   838d ago
He meant there are 5 different product pages on Amazon, versus the 1 One page. And there are:

1. http://www.amazon.com/PlayS...

2. http://www.amazon.com/PlayS...

3. http://www.amazon.com/PlayS...

4. http://www.amazon.com/PlayS...

5. http://www.amazon.com/PlayS...

And if anyone still thinks the Xbox One is outselling the PS4, Best Sellers of 2013:

And unlike the regular list, that list includes all the different PS4 bundles under one listing.

So it's pretty obvious why Microsoft changed their policies. Now that they have, you'll see those pre-orders rise and there will be a lot more parity between the PS4 and Xbox One. Smart business decision by MS. #dealwithit
#1.10.7 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
insomnium2  +   838d ago
@ aceman

MS would never ever let 10 people share a game. There is a fine print in there that prevents it or publishers will force MS to change it. No way in hell would a 10 people gameshare fly.
Aceman18  +   838d ago

That's what I want to know because that feature sounds like it does more harm than good for the developers. How would these people complaining about losing it feel that there cheating devs out of hard earned earnings if they just buy one copy and share it with 9 others?
#1.10.9 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
djsandman  +   838d ago
Actually, they stated this 100 times, Sony fanbots clearly didn't listened. You can give 10 Live accounts under yours to anyone you want, you can always play your games, of all the accounts under you, only 1 person can play each game at a time. So I have 10 games, 10 accounts, if everyone wants to use my games we all can play DIFFERENT games at the same time; like sharing except for instantly anywhere. This is why Sony fans are morons, This was completely better for the consumer, and the developers because people could try and game and if they want full access all the time they buy it themselves, Microsoft didnt make money off used games, the developers did. It was a much better system, fuck all the Sony morons for ruining our system because they preferred the current archaic ones.

And yes, the cloud will aid games, half the developers announced their online multiplayer will use the cloud to improve the experience when gaming online.
#1.10.10 Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
tee_bag242  +   839d ago
Great so DRM. You realize its still aways on Data mining how many people in your room and what your saying.
DRM is just half the battle here folks.
DARK WITNESS  +   839d ago
agreed but winning half the better is a step closer to winning the full battle.
JohnS1313  +   839d ago
There's a lot of bigger problems. Like weak RAM. The spying Microsoft will do since Kinect will always be on. Things that really can't be changed.
ChrisW  +   839d ago
Our fault? No, it's the fault of those who weren't going to buy it in the first place!!! They were the ones pissing and moaning about it the most, just because they were getting a kick out of trolling over it!
chuckyj1  +   838d ago
The Price is $100 more because Kinect comes bundled 1:1 w/ the system. Playstation Eye and the controllers you need to play it don't come bundled with every system SKU.

That is why there will not be a price drop...
BallsEye  +   838d ago
also 1 year xbox live gold subscription is included.
chuckyj1  +   838d ago

I didn't even realize 1 year gold sub. was included... That's an awesome deal. Kinect 2.0 plus an additional yr. of gold...for an extra $100? Well worth it...
shadow2797  +   838d ago
Pretty sure Live is not included. It's not listed on the Amazon page. Link?
BallsEye  +   838d ago


2nd slide.

IT HAS XBOX LIVE FOR ONE YEAR INCLUDED. check your info first. It was announced.
avengers1978  +   838d ago
Since there cutting some of the features it makes me wonder if it were ever capable of doing them at all.
So no 10 family share of games, cloud based games will suffer, and it still requires kinect and still needs one time connection to Internet, so still people with no Internet will suffer or not even be able to get 1
chuckyj1  +   838d ago
People with no access to internet...So they can afford a $500 system, but not enough for 1 month of DSL or knowing someone who has access to the internet? Give me a break...

Of course it was able to do the features they are cutting...They cut them, because of their changing DRM policy. I was more in favor of what they had then what they are changing it too.

Except for the region lock. That is the only thing I am glad they dropped. But, I will have day one system...

well not quite day one I am stationed overseas...But I will have my day one console.

That's the biggest reason I'm glad they dropped the region lock, I have a few issues with Xbox Live content from time to time.
avengers1978  +   838d ago
It's not about the cost some people still have no access to high speed Internet or even dial up were they live... Even in the U.S.A a third of the population does not have high speed Internet... Nothing to do with the price.
greenlantern2814  +   838d ago
you say they cant afford one month of DSL what company do you know that offers a month to month service because most you have to agree to at least 6 months. and this also means now they have to pay even more to get the xb1.
ms is just cant push the launch date back so it is ready out of the box and they know it, even if you dont.
CerebralAssassin  +   838d ago
@ 2pacaylpsenow

does it really matter u have to pay to watch netflix on xbone? The console is $500. I doubt anyone in their right mind is buying it solely to use netflix. Or any other video stream. Not when tvs can stream it and ps3 which is cheaper. Hardly seems like a valid argument to me. It would be different if you could only view netflix on xbone but thats not the case. Just an added bonus for what u were paying for anyway if u got the xbone.
Anon1974  +   838d ago
Ridiculous article. New games could be cheaper because publishers would have been making money off used game sales?

First off, who said that's how it was going to work? Secondly, does that sound like something publishers would do? What la-la land does this author exist in that he actually believes that publishers, suddenly making money off used games, would have their hearts grow two sizes that day and suddenly pass along those savings to their loyal customers instead of pocketing the extra funds and making their shareholders happy.

And does this guy actually believe that by limiting competition by only allowing used games to be sold through authorized retailers would lead to better returns on used games? By taking away your rights to sell your game to who you want to...that was supposed to give you more for your used games?

Give me a break. This is the most ridiculous load of horse shit I've ever seen gizmodo try to force feed it's readers.
TAURUS-555  +   838d ago
RIP xbox1
Lvl_up_gamer  +   838d ago
Damn gamers and their feel of entitlement.

You all make me sick. There was NO issue with DRM and we got a great feature of lending games to our friends...but because of all the crying and bitching about DRM, we now lost one of the best features of the console.

I seriously hate you dumbasses. Gamers in general are the worst kinds of ppl in the world.

Thanks a lot MS...now I'm going to pirate the sh1t out of the XB1 and the PS4.

No DRM...Yay everybody wins...oh wait, not the developers!!!!!
#1.19 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
djsandman   838d ago | Spam
syanara  +   838d ago
from the research Ive done, Used game sales seem to turn more of a profit than DRM so as a business decision I think this is great for Microsoft.

My real issue with the xbox one wasn't really their DRM but rather that they never really showed me a true benefit to requiring an internet connection. I still plan on buying one however it will be after a price cut
3-4-5  +   838d ago
I've always been a Nintendo + xbox gamer. I bought a PSP about 6 months ago and it's my first taste of Playstation games and I can say I've been missing out on a ton of great games for playstation over the years.

I don't regret owning any xbox or Nintendo console at all, 360 is still my fave controller and Nintendo is still my favorite gaming company, but as I get older I gain wisdom and realize that picking sides just only restricts the amount of good games I can play.

I couldn't stand Dual shock controller but I'd get used to the new one if need be.

I like a lot of the games shown by all 3 companies and am still not sure which way I'm going.

I'm not buying next gen until x-mas or most likely 2014 so I have time to see how things unfold.

This is the first time I'd ever considered Playstation as an option but it's an option I'd be proud to own, now that I know of Sony's greatness.

We as gamers literally can't lose this gen in terms of how many good games are about to be released in the next 1-3 years.
redwin  +   838d ago
I just want the original xboxone with the family sharing and all. I ordered two xboxones just after the E3 presentation. I liked it except for the inability to playing offline.
SaxScrotumz  +   838d ago
According to this ms employee, the family sharing was more of a try before you buy ploy giving you x amout of time before prompting you to buy...


Edit: so-called MS employee...
#1.22.1 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
djsandman   838d ago | Spam
lilbrat23  +   838d ago
@ SuperLupe

Not all games will entitle you to use Plus to play online nor does netflix, Amazon Videos you also get way more with plus than you do with live.
Orionsangel  +   838d ago
Internetz, It's so predictable. Haha
#1.25 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bligmerk  +   838d ago
Hard to get worse than worst already. The hardware is very outdated already, the RAM is 33% slower, the GPU may be 50% slower, multiple other deficiencies, and it costs more.

There really has been no change to how much the XBone is a piece of junk compared to the PS4. Some people keep clinging to some strange hope but the clues started earlier this year when MS didn't really attend CES, they didn't attend Game Developers Conference, they barely attended E3 and now Gamescom is coming up. All they have left for Gamescom is Kinex2.

Oh, it can get worse...much, much worse, for XBone that is. The PS4 is the one that is going to launch into the cloud.
admiralvic  +   838d ago
People like you seem to forget that the Xbox is a bundled console, so while it might not be as powerful as the PS4, it still costs more money. To put it another way, it will cost me $460 + Tax to get the PlayStation Eye and PS4, so that is where the price difference comes from. M$ might be able to drop policies people dislike, but I doubt they would be willing to take that hit. Remember, just to match the PS4 the XB1 needs to take a 20% discount, which I just can't see happening.
Blankolf  +   839d ago
The so called power of the cloud, we have yet to see, and devs have said to be eager to see how they solve the latency problem, required DRM, to be Always Online..

This way it will be a 50% less powerfull gaming machine against the PS4, with more announced games, but less 1st party studios.

I hope for their success, as much as Wii, but for the SONY and their stand from the begining, they deserve to win said war.
#2 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Lovable  +   839d ago
Th3 pOWa Of th3 clOUd
NameRemoved0017  +   839d ago
The power of the clouds = server side stuff like Sim City, the game still runs off your hardware it just does random calculations on the server so they can force you to use online
wenaldy  +   839d ago
You see, M$ is a liar.
#2.2 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
testerg35  +   839d ago
I'm guessing Sony has never lied.
wenaldy  +   839d ago

So? At least Sony's lesser than two evils. I called them liar in term of PR BS. Tell me what happened with "the power of the cloud" post MS backpedalling policies?
#2.2.2 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(7) | Report
testerg35  +   839d ago
CommonSense  +   839d ago
The expression is "the lesser of two evils."

THIS is the intelligence level of the average Sony drone.

Do some research on previous sony scandals, btw. Like how they had fake reviewers in the music industry making their new releases look more popular. Or paying off DJs to play their singles more. You think they would do that in the music space, but not the games space?

MS and Sony are both large corporations who's only goal is to make profits (MS just happens to be better at it). Stop pretending Sony is your buddy. They aren't.

Also, they aren't lying about how the cloud works. It's simple. Physics and animations are handled on your hardware, while non-latency dependent things can be handled cloud-side. It's just up to the developer on how much thy want to utilize that functionality...my guess is A LOT...especially in the next few years.

@BlankOlf: You can have all the "announced" games in the world, it means absolutely NOTHING without actually showing the game. Every one of those announced games was CGI. Do I really need to remind you of The Last Guardian? Sony loves to pad their conferences with games that may or may not actually exist. *Cough* Agent *cough*
#2.2.4 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(19) | Report
hellvaguy  +   839d ago
Last I checked, the lesser of 2 evils is still evil. That's why consoles are run by businesses not moral authorities leaders.
#2.2.5 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
AlphaJunk  +   839d ago
You have no idea about what you're talking about.
djsandman  +   838d ago
Moron half the developers announced their use of the cloud. I know it sound futuristic to someone living in the stone ages trading disks.
Godmars290  +   839d ago
No. Still Microsoft's.
ltachiUchiha  +   839d ago
Its good to see everything back to normal now. Lol i really have nutting to complain about besides hoping microsoft has another sku without kinect for $399. Thats all i want them to do now but even if they dont, ill just wait untill they drop the price then buy one.
#3.1 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Godmars290  +   839d ago
Yeah, nothing's really changed for anyone who buys a XBO and doesn't have internet. If anything not that this DRM "resolution" has been announced some people are going to walk into the mess more blind than before.

And if MS hadn't been so arrogant, had tried to ease into their DDL future instead of strong arm from no real position, none of this would have happened.

Likely wont happen again because we're so divided.
vector415  +   839d ago
Yeah right. I would rather not pay 60 dollars for a game I can't even play just because my internet is out or I am somewhere without an internet connection.

Microsoft made the RIGHT decision.
CommonSense  +   839d ago
I'd rather coordinate with a few friends which games we're going to buy, then just download the games for free from each other's libraries. 60 dollars goes from being one game to being 3 or 4 games.

But, hey, that's just me. It's getting harder and harder to have common sense in this day n age.

"Is there no place for the man with a 105 IQ???"
FlunkinMonkey  +   839d ago
Get off your high horse you patronising bigot. There is definitely no place for people like you. The irony in your name is too much, you severely lack common sense.

You talk about Sony drones but listen to your waffle. wow. impressive. You talk about past Sony scandals but don't seem to care in the least about the constant flow of cancerous MS BS which has been invading the gaming society.

What are these exclusive's you're so excited to see on the Xbone? Is it Titanfall? Dead Rising 3? They will blatantly come to PS4.. What other gameplay from the MS park were you excited about??

While you rant like the apparent fanboy you hate, i'm going to be excited about exclusives from companies such as Naughty Dog and Santa Monica and Guerilla Games, some of whom have won multiple game of the year awards while the 360 had been left in the dirt.

Agent?! Pfft please.. You ignorant buffoon! rumours of the game have been shut down by Tretton himself. Stop grasping at straws, you talk like you are some sort of a higher being, but you're just an ignorant idiot, ready to bow down to MS's ridiculous policies.

You're only as good as your last scandal.
Zechs34  +   838d ago
That's even worse than used, that's just stealing. So you idiots will pay $60 for one game and "coordinate" to share it between all of you so the developers now only get the money for one copy that several people have enjoyed it?

GTFO wit that common sense trash. Not only do you lack it, but you also lack intelligence on an acceptable level based on your comments in this story.

OT: Sure it looks bad that MS backed out of their original policies, but things are just going to stay the same now. What's the problem? People lie all the time, but don't ignore that they are at least pretending to listen now (even though they did it to save their box from being outsold for the next gen)
joeorc  +   838d ago
100% Agreement, my sister for Example loves her xbox360, when the family gets together over @ her house for visiting , we power on the xbox360 and have fun playing some game's . but after she watched the reveal and E3 she said she was not getting the xboxone because her internet goes out many times because of the Area she's in youngstown, there is just no way she would be able to stay online for extended points in time due to where she is situated. Her only option was something like HughesNet but its way too expensive, now that the policy has changed she may change her mind now. which is good, because she loved the games on the xbox360.
#4.2 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   839d ago
Cry some more why dont u.
creatchee  +   839d ago
You cried enough for a thousand people. Isn't this what you wanted?
ElitaStorm  +   839d ago
Make up your mind already microsoft
Dlacy13g  +   839d ago
NO...make up your mind games media...first its a bold step, then after Sony's E3 the Xbox One policies are horrible ideas, now they reverse and its... "you all made the One worse by forcing them to reverse!".
MysticStrummer  +   839d ago
I doubt there's more than a small minority who say this news makes One worse.

One article does not represent "games media".

I'm happy for you guys.
#6.1.1 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
matgrowcott  +   839d ago

I think most people, myself included, loved things about the Xbox One and hated things about the Xbox One. Unfortunately, the things that were hated were annoyances and inconveniences and the things we loved were pretty cool, and now we've lost it all.

I think that's a good reason to say it got worse in some ways. No digital selling/trading, no family share... this is all stuff that would have changed the way we share, purchase and enjoy games. It would have cut costs, if only because you can split everything in two.

Nope. Not any more.
DARK WITNESS  +   839d ago
No... it was a horrible idea when it was just rumor.. it turned into a nightmare when it was made fact.

It should never have been an issue to start. After all the crap we have seen from games like Sim's city and how negatively DRM can affect a game, you want a whole console doing that with every game.

It was never a bold step, except to the MS sheep who believed the crap from MS execs


The only thing that was good about the xbone was it's controller. they have not changed that so it's all good.
#6.1.3 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
matgrowcott  +   838d ago

I've still yet to be told by a single person who has knocked Family Share why it wasn't awesome.

A lot of people have told me it wasn't. Not a single damn reason.
DARK WITNESS  +   838d ago
The idea in itself was not bad but if I am limited to only sharing with 10 people as opposed to sharing a disk with whoever I want plus the need for the 24hr checkin then I would rather not have it.

I still share my games just fine with my friends using a good old fashioned disc.

The only positive to family share was being able to share games with someone who is not close to you geographically... thats it.

but looking at all the negatives that come with having the drm which is needed with it and it turns into a massive no no!

Family share is not a bad idea, the drm etc that is needed to make it work is a very bad idea and not worth it.
Jakens  +   838d ago
People just want to be vocal on the side that they are not happy with.

Nothing has changed there.

You might think the same 100 people post every single day but that is not true my friend.

Again, people are vocal and will always be vocal and it will cover all ranges of opinion.
matgrowcott  +   838d ago

"with 10 people"

This was a little hazy, whether you could have 10 people total share all of your titles, whether you could set it for individual titles or whether you can add and delete people as and when you wanted.

It's very unlikely that very many people are sharing games across 10 different accounts. Unless you live in a communal house, maybe, or you're part of a very big family, or you have a lot of friends with whom you trust your things, 10 is more than enough.

The 24 hour check-in was more than fair considering the potential savings attached to it. I hate to pull a comparison, but Sony took measures to limit people from doing this stuff on PS3 and it was a feature of itself on Xbox One. There has to be a compromise somewhere there.
insomnium2  +   838d ago

"whether you could have 10 people total share all of your titles"

Not in a million years. The publishers wouldn't allow it.
matgrowcott  +   838d ago

People keep saying this, seemingly looking over the fact that that's exactly what Microsoft announced they dropped.

I understand a healthy amount of cynicism, but the shared game list was described in exactly that way. It seems people are justifying the service being dropped by saying "well, it would never have happened anyway."

From what we can tell, it WAS happening, and people campaigned against it. Don't blame publishers for that, blame "gamers" who don't understand a service.
hellvaguy  +   839d ago
Any smart business will change based on consumer wants. Business 101.
Foxgod  +   839d ago
ITs still the same for me, and i see a lot of people cheering, so i dont see how it got worse.
NameRemoved0017  +   839d ago
It will still lose to Sony because they are to ignorant to drop the kinect. Then if they did drop the kinect their is always the fact the Ps4 is better hardware.
Foxgod  +   839d ago
You dont lose by having almost 50% market share, if MS can do the same thing they did with the 360, its a victory from business perspective.

Making enough profit to warrant a continued existence is more important then having the biggest market share, because the last two gens where plenty of proof that market share can shift from one direction to the other.

So all in all, survival is the top priority, and MS wont fail at that.
rela82me  +   839d ago
People will never stop complaining, I can guarantee that. Whats next on the list for PS4 fanboys:

1) Their hair will be messed up by their "always -on" tinfoil hats because of fear of the kinect.

Even though multiple reports have stated functionality of the kinect can be turned off. And the kinect is now not just for gimmicky games, it is actually used for various features of functionality. They still will send all video game rants to Obama to tell him your a future terrorist because you got mad at a kid and said you would bomb his house. "Xbox My Mom's a Terrorist Arrest her"

Lets not forget that the xbox isn't catering 100% of it's system to the games that don't utilize and never will utilize 100% of the hardware. We can easily assume that the xbox one will have no chance with their "inferior graphics" because it just will okay guys. Trust in the Sony fanboys they KNOW the graphics will be 50% worse than the 'xbone' because they just do; despite the game demos on stage.

I don't want to handle multiple tasks at a faster rate! I am a Gamerz!11! And I do NOTHING but game. I never use my console for videos, internet, music, social media, interacting with friends, and or having drunk chats with minors!

Oh boy lets get on those EVIL microsoft execs for using a stable platform for their product so they didn't look worse from their already PR nightmares. We all know that Sony's devkit worked flawlessly... How dare them not show a completed product at a show meant to preview hardware 5 months away.

How dare they make changes based on consumer response. We dont WANT to like the console GEEZ! It makes the justification of me buying a PS4 easy!

Gee Willikers guys, this has less stuffz on the inside and cost more! Despite the network and software advantages that MS has held for the past 10 year; hardware is the ONLY factor in price now'a'days. We all the software in the world is NOTHING without decent software.

We all know that this 2 free games a month thing isn't going to last forever. This means that now that sony and ms both charge for online we can justify the similar pricing for online service with free games. Despite the various functionality features that are more stable and secure on MS they still don't give free games away. Even if they do, we have had it for longer so ;P

Eh we don't want you "Titanfall" or your stupid "Quantum Break." We have sent out prayers to Naughty Dog and they will save this console all by themselves! One uncharted game totally defeats any and all games that xbox has ever and will ever produce DUH!!

I'm sure there are more things but as we can all see Microsoft is the next Doom-Box 180. We should all start a charity for the grace the Sony has bestowed upon us.
Dlacy13g  +   839d ago
^ now that was a funny rant.
Biggest  +   839d ago
He found a way to encapsulate his every fear, and attempted to make it humorous. Some people laugh through their pain. I applaud him for being so open about his feelings. Acceptance is a major step in the right direction.
Rivitur  +   839d ago
So that rant is sarcasm right?
MysticStrummer  +   839d ago
I agree with you, but I wonder how many people cheering now claimed to not have a problem with it before things changed?
FITgamer  +   839d ago
IanVanCheese  +   839d ago
Article has a point. The always online deserved to go, but the sharing system was actually really cool.
Dlacy13g  +   839d ago
but sharing was hinged on the 24 hour check in so once that went.... it all went.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   839d ago
So MS is evil for DRM, they listen and change it and they now say it is worse. What am I missing? Did people expect to keep those features without DRM? Either people want it all for free or no matter what MS does they are not happy. The people still complaining never planned on buying an Xbox.
#8.1.1 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report
Biggest  +   839d ago
Not true. The people complaining about it being "worse" are trying to validate their initial defense of the horrible policies. Guys like Foxgod spent a substantial amount of time defending the undefensible. Microsoft tried to backpedal. Those guys refuse to backpedal.

The sharing thing is rather lame and does not require an always-online connection. The PS3 does it just fine, with or without a constant connection. Microsoft COULD allow game sharing, but why would they? Their fans won't ask for it. Only Sony fanboys care about those things. . . According to you, GiantEnemyCrab.
Lannister  +   839d ago
I would love to hear from Cliff Blezinski. Wasn't he mouthing off about how Sony was playing everybody for some suckers and how DRM was the future.

And Microsoft, sorry but you're too late. I will never trust them for even daring this in the first place. They actually had the gall to try this.
MonChiChi  +   839d ago
Yep, sure hope someone is in contact with him on this. Would love to hear him now.
horndog  +   839d ago
For sure man and I bet you were planning all along to buy one at launch before they announced drm right, now it's too late right?? Dude just stfu. Worse kind of fanboys are the ones not happy with anything
hellvaguy  +   839d ago
Cliff went multiplatiform lovin like 1-2 years ago. Welcome to old news.
Zechs34  +   838d ago
Did he? What games did he personally direct or was heavily involved came out multiplatform? He quits Epic, now criticizes everyone and their mother stupid things, claims he never wanted to do more Gears sequels, pretended to endorse Bulletstorm, had no involvement with UT3...

He's a trash talking punk who loves to be flamboyant and dramatic. When he himself admits to his followers hat most of the crap he says is to get a rise out of people proves how very little he has to contribute.
0pie  +   839d ago
So they invested money in developing DRM, developing infrastructure that supports that DRM, took a ton of negative publicity for having DRM, fell way behind in preorders, and finally decided to stop the bleeding?
PockyKing  +   839d ago
It's been a week since they unveiled the console. Better they change it now than later.
Jakens  +   838d ago
^^Do you know how cool it would be for the people that bought a Xbox One with all the restrictions and the hate and THEN three months or so later removed the DRM stuff.

The case I describe is my opinion of a way cooler way to "Change it" or even "stop the bleeding"

Things were looking so good (to me) for Xbox One.

Screw you guys that rent games...
green  +   839d ago
I have read a few articles that have brought up a good defense on the whole Xbox One DRM stance. WHile they bring up very valid points, the problem is that they are all gestimates because Microsoft themselves never at anypoint in time explain to gamers their vision for the Xbox One and what benefits giving up some of the things we are used to could help benefit us in the future.

If they came out and said for example that due to DRM, all XBOX ONE 1st party games will be 20% cheaper. We might all take a back seat and say that it is actually quite good and getting confirmed cheaper games is something we can live with. But instead they did the exact opposite.
#11 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BitbyDeath  +   839d ago
Xbone just became relevant again.
This is not a bad thing.
It is awesome.
Honest_gamer  +   839d ago
this is good news for us gamers and proof when we unite we can get things changed for the better good, i fail to see how thye had to stop game sharing my ps3 does that?
Roper316  +   839d ago
NO! It's MS's fault for designing such a anti consumer monstrosity to begin with.
steve30x  +   839d ago
LMAO Somebody loves DRM then. It got way better.
urwifeminder  +   839d ago
One of the most amusing months in gaming history thankyou n4g I put cash down yesterday just woke up to this seems the campaign worked well either way I still get forza 5 and dedicated servers.
windblowsagain  +   839d ago
They did not listen, they saw the pre-order numbers and top people were in deep shit, that's why it's all been removed.

Good for people who were going to buy one though.

I'm just getting PS4, But to each his own.
rextraordinaire  +   839d ago
I understand that digital release cost less than physical ones, but they lack the charm of having a booklet (One of the best toilet readings), and the charm of having them all nicely sorted on a shelf.

If I have the choice, I'll always go for the physical version of a game.
Rivitur  +   839d ago
But booklets have gotten smaller and smaller so when you need TP always bring the game's official guide to finish the job.
Jakens  +   838d ago
You mean the half-page disclaimer that used to be called a manual...

True that I love to smell those new booklets (shut up, I do) and might even give it a read so a toast to that sir.
cheameup  +   839d ago
I wish they stuck to their guns. we didnt even know the whole story and the internet blows up. the sharing was going to be a great feature for those who actually dont care about being online cause they always are anyway . yeah I know many seem to care but many dont .I pay for stable internet. I hadnt decided which console to get yet but the sharing was def a MS point I was interested in finding more about

be great if you could choose to use the 24 hour checkins and still get the benfits
Jakens  +   838d ago
Imagine if Nintendo did a 180 back in 2006 with the Wii system. What if they changed their controller to match EVERY OTHER SYSTEM. They were brave and strong and cared not for any internet ranting. Not to mention that it sold like crazy after I claimed it would flat fail.

I have been wrong every time about Nintendo. I was giving MS a chance before today to be brave and strong...(More like the dicks at Apple :0)

Damn I will miss the good points that Xbox had going for it.
MaideninBlack  +   839d ago
Gotta love it when consumers speak with their wallets. Now if only we can do something about Monsanto...
FITgamer  +   839d ago
Burn them to the f**kin ground would be my first choice, but i just go with my second choice buying strictly organic.
KionicWarlord222  +   839d ago
It sucks that full game library travel is gone.

As well as family share.

green  +   839d ago
It really sucks. Now next gen just feels like current gen with a shinier coat of paint.
rextraordinaire  +   839d ago
... What's strange is that a console does not need to be always on for that. Their cloud isn't hosted withing YOUR internet connection. All you need is AN internet connection to access it. Your console could very well be buried 6 feet underground, smashed to pieces, you would still be able to access all the info you put in the cloud.

As I see it, they're just removing some good features because they won't admit defeat without trying one last blow. That's low.

And more, such features are nothing new. I can already upload and download all of my games save files and config files anywhere in the world, on a 5 years old PS3. Sure, I pay 50$ a year for that, but such features would not have been free on the Xbox One either.

@PockyKing : But what would it change if there's no connection check-up? I see this as just being useless, really. Check-in when you have to deal with online, why the need to check-in more than that?
#21.2 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PockyKing  +   839d ago
Having game saves versus having a full game anywhere readily avaialble to play is a lot different.

"What's strange is that a console does not need to be always on for that. Their cloud isn't hosted withing YOUR internet connection. All you need is AN internet connection to access it. Your console could very well be buried 6 feet underground, smashed to pieces, you would still be able to access all the info you put in the cloud."

Following that quote, what would be an issue having an online check in? 24 hours is a bit much, but people were angry having it at all.
angryraptor  +   839d ago
I for one am disappointed. I was down for the digital sharing model that was outlined in the previous policy. For me it was the best of all worlds -I got a physical copy, which under the previous policy would have been converted to a license in cloud and been reduced to more of a keepsake, which suited me fine as It was something to put on my shelf. The idea of having a digital license to share across the cloud with 10 designated family members was exciting and should not be overlooked as they move forward for those that shared their original vision. Too bad this option could not be allowed on a per gamer account basis :(
Jakens  +   838d ago
I really wanted a system for the rich that buy new games and don't rent. I wanted a system for the rich, the few, the non-scared. Even if said system charges $60+ for LIVE one day. I wanted a system for those with great paying, steady jobs, that have lots of paid vacations, with the best (but very expensive) steady internet connections that live in large cities away from all natural disasters (and places like "why would I live there?".

Not to mention, those with the system won't be doing illegal things at home with the Kinect on them. I wanted that XBOX. How great it could have been for me to know that people won't want to cheat and won't be pirating games, and clogging the multiplayer with trash and hate speech. It was going so good RIGHT THERE!!!

These owners of Xbox would be willing to be more honest in paying per person to watch any movies or to play anything on that Xbox. These few proud GAMER owners won't be leaving their home regions with that box without some strict limits.

These owners sadly do risk buying a second Kinect if the first one breaks (for any reason) Again, the rich, the few, and the non-scared. Boy that would have kept up the 200 comments threads for days here man. I kid...I kid...or do I? You decide.

This much is true...Damn I will miss the good points that Xbox had going for it...
#22.1 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BLAKHOODe  +   839d ago
The only problem with this guy's article is he ASSUMES games would eventually be cheaper, because publishers charge us more now to make up for used games sales. I'm calling B.S. on that.

Corporations like Microsoft, EA, Activision and even Sony are in the business to make money. The $60 price point WORKS. You don't see them cutting the price on digital downloads, despite all the cost of physical media, shipping and distributing has been eliminated. They're not going to pass their savings down to the consumer and cut into their potential profits, especially when game production cost are consistently getting higher.

I'll agree that it sucks we're losing out on the game sharing.. at least, based on what we knew of it, but that's where Microsoft dropped the ball and failed "educating" us. There is always next next-gen, though.
n to the b  +   839d ago
Agree. Why trust MS to have reasonable digital pricing when 360 digital download pricing has been far from reasonable?
wishingW3L  +   839d ago
Gizmodo, shut the hell up!
cyguration  +   839d ago

WTF do they think they're doing by stirring up people like this?

Clickbait ftw.

Microsoft patched the wound before it got out of hand, simple as that. Any idiot who defended their anti-consumer DRM is either on the take or just a pro-corporate shill. What kind of moron actually goes out of their way to defend a policy that takes away their rights?

That's like black people supporting segregation.
SuperSteve  +   839d ago
Sorry Microsoft. Too little, too late. My PS4 is already pre-ordered and paid for in full, and since 99% of the game libraries for both consoles will be identical this gen, I see no reason to spend $500 this Christmas to play Forza on my Xbox (but not really on my Xbox - "power of the cloud" don't cha know?) while you spy on my ass and then sell my info to third parties or send it straight to the government.
Swiggins  +   839d ago
I want some of what this guy is smoking....it's gotta be fan-freaking-tastic.
Lulz_Boat  +   839d ago
LOL, This is the BIGGEST U-TURN in videogames history. ahahahah what a fail

Microsoft’s Major Nelson said in an interview recently that Sony’s PS4 console isn’t going to make them change anything about their Xbox One system.
#27 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Good_news_every1   839d ago | Spam
rextraordinaire  +   839d ago
I hope one day people realize that the price of games never really got higher in the last 15 years of so of video games.

Given we all make more money than back then, they're always ever getting cheaper...
manageri   839d ago | Spam
manageri   839d ago | Spam
mydyingparadiselost  +   839d ago
So how do all of these things affect the cloud computing MS has made such a big deal over? If your not online there's no cloud so you can still play the game but itbwon't be as pretty or your game crashes when you bump into something or what? I say the reversal here is a great thing but I still have questions, hopefully there will be answers.
Oh, and by the way the One was way worse in the first place because of YOU, ranting authorman.
#30 (Edited 839d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dazzrazz  +   839d ago
This whole cloud shite was mostly PR bullshit excuse telling people how they need to be connected because Microsoft servers are computing whopdy fucking doo. Still its $100 on top of PS4 because the PRISM camera nobody wants and I still am sticking with PS4 ! I hate when somebody is trying to sell you garbage you don't want. I bet Xbox can work just fine without it, but its just what Microsoft wants ! They would love to have this thing in every household. For me device that is constantly listening and that can tell how many people are sitting in front of tv is a major privacy issue and I dont want it !
mydyingparadiselost  +   839d ago
The camera is now my biggest concern with One as well, I'll be waiting and watching to see how the situation with privacy legislation and how the camera winds up being used in general. I'm at least more open to the idea of of a One now but like I said there's still too many questions and not enough answers I can trust. PS4 is still looking like the future machine for me!
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