The Xbox One Just Got Way Worse, And It's Our Fault

Microsoft just announced that its much-maligned DRM policies won't look at all like they originally had originally been described. They're going to more relaxed, sort of like the PS3's. Good news, you say? No. Bad news. The Xbox One just got worse.

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Dwalls11711952d ago

Actually it just got maybe the preorders will grow
But its still 100 bucks more then ps4

Hmm do I see a price cut coming?

nick3091952d ago

The ps3 was expensive at launch. That didnt stop people from buying it.

OpenGL1952d ago

The difference was the PS3 offered more to consumers than the Xbox 360 did, or at least it did in theory thanks to Blu-ray, built in WiFi, standard HDD, etc.

Winter47th1952d ago Show
Dee_911952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

and now the damage control articles for all of the people that were pro- xbox one policies.

These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

That SUCKS."

Aww shucks now I have to put the game in the disc tray and I have to take the disc to my friends house to play it :(
get over yourself dude

I mean this just shows the type of people that supported that crap.Like how selfish can you be.You would rather have people in miss on a console because of its restrictions just so you can share a game digitally?

Bzone241952d ago

Lol. People are so paranoid. I'm looking at you Winder47th.

HammadTheBeast1952d ago

Actually it kind of did. And the PS3 rode a massive wave from PS2 era.

SuperLupe1952d ago

Hey by the way how do you guys jusrify Sony making you pay to play online now ?

The XOne has no DRM, no 24h check in, no none of that crap.

Explain to me now how is it great that Sony is forcing us to pay to play online?

InTheLab1952d ago

It's the Playstation. 15 years of dominance....remember that actually happened. Fans went out and bought the system.

MS, on the other hand, does not have a PS2 type following.

Gaming1011952d ago

LOL "It would've been a better console had Microsoft not listened to all the haters"

This is the problem with the dumbass author's thinking. Anyone who disagrees with him is labelled a "hater". This is why said author is not a businessman, an executive, nor will he ever amount to anything in life. You don't grow a business by ignoring your customers. When the people speak, and in this case it was an uproar beyond anything anyone could have foreseen, you BETTER listen. The internet has allowed the voiceless to have a voice, and companies with any brain whatsoever will listen to their audience, their fanbases, as they are the only reason business people get a paycheck every month.

2pacalypsenow1952d ago

Xbox 1 still has live that you still have to pay to watch netflix and play online

Ps1 you only need to pay to play online plus you get all the huge benefits and games from PS+

Ezz20131952d ago

ps3 is more powerful than xbox360 that's why it was more expensive
and it did beat xbox360 this gen because the games it offer
just look at TLOU a GOTG contender already

now ps4 is cheaper and more powerfull

not the same story here
MS still need to lower the price by 100$ or even more

Sideras1952d ago

It had a painfully slow start though.

blackbeld1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Exactly now the X1 can play used games too I do hope PLUS will be free again.

Otherwise I will maybe buy the X1 instead of PS4 for only $100 difference who cares.

Hope Sony will let Plus free online gaming again, then I definitely buy the PS4.

ExPresident1952d ago


You do realize you still need XBox Live Gold to play online and access Netflix and Hulu right?

PS+ is by far the better deal. Just pointing that out.

webeblazing1952d ago

now we need to join together and get ps4 with free mp

die_fiend1951d ago

Lol of course it stopped people buying it. What a moronic statement

EVILDEAD3601951d ago

MS just saved XBOX ONE.

They were about to launch and get DESTOYED by every press outlet in the world.

They ate crow and gamers won.

The plot has not only thickened it just completely turned into a new movie.

All eyes are now on Xbox one and it's actually not for the silly policies for once.


Polysix1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

When I bought a PS3 for that 'high price', a 3D capable bluray player AND a reliable system were very much part of why. It was a dual purpose system and filled two needed roles (for me). I can't hardly say kinect fills any gaping hole in my life?

Also my 360 died - and was no way I was buying another, so made the move to PS3.. the reliability was also a factor. I'm still on my fat ps3 from early days and have a slim too, both are still working fine. Xbox 360 barely lasted a year before it went in the bin with ANA chip and GPU probs (before MS admitted it was their fault so no free fix for me!)

XB1 is LESS powerful but is higher priced because of Kinect, the price it self doesn't bother me, i'd pay that if the system was head and shoulders above the PS4 but it's not, it's actually worse, much much worse. It should be less than the PS4 based on spec (and make kinect optional) THEN they might be on to something.

TheGrimReaper00111951d ago

It was because of the Blue ray player, most blue ray players costed like 1000 dollars. The bluetooth technology was also expensive and it was backwards compatible, so yea was understandable it was 600 dollars
However i do agree with ya, 600 dollars is too much for a console

The_Con-Sept1951d ago

All I can say for now is this: This console war is going to be a very interesting one. Fanboys will start killing each other over much more petty facts than you have ever seen before.

@Superlupe: PlayStation Plus currently gives us on average 4.2 games for free per month. Wether or not you have interest in them doesn't matter. You will still download something if it is free. You will still play the game at least once. Your temptation of missing out on something free will eat you alive.

The new feature of posting up your gameplay tips and tricks is something I always wanted myself. When you post them on YouTube today the companies who produce said game can still file a copyright claim against you if they see it fit.

Cross game chat requires servers and it is something that xbots love to rave about. But is cross game chat free on Xbox currently? (NO!)

The PS4 is 100 dollars less, doesn't require a camera to be "always plugged in" to turn on a system, and supports indie game devs on a much better playing field.

What you will see on the PS4 is a carnival, not a circus. (Microsoft's weird circus show from that E3 not too long ago.) A carnival filled with all kinds of rides and prizes. Not a bunch of cheap sit and watch tricks with trained animals.

Development teams migrate from console to console. And to them.... The only thing different is the flag that dangles on that stupid post. They choose who they want to be with after each contract is over. It is the same as any sport today. Players switch teams a lot because they want to win.

So to end this now I will say this: This console war is going to be a very interesting one. You will see fanboys fight over the most petty bs anyone has ever seen.

Syntax-Error1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Sony fanboys say that the PS3 at launch had more to offer than the $399 360 at launch because of what it had. Well the same goes for the Xbox One and PS4. The pricing is based on the packed in Kinect. Kinect is not peripheral, but more of an integral part of the functionality of the console. It's not like adding a PS Eye to PS4 to offset the price considering PS Eye has nothing to do wih the functions of the console. Kinect is the reason you are able to use voice and motion commands. Half the new feature work off Kinect and it's not just used for gaming like it was first announced.

D-riders1951d ago

your talkng about playstation 150 + million ps2 sold. you know the company that is actually a game company. not just a corporation trying to rip us off

insomnium21951d ago

@ syntax error

You comparing voice controls to Wi-Fi+BD-playback+an advanced processor(CELL obviously) is pure comedy. Keep up the good work. Laughing my ass off as I'm writing this.

awi59511951d ago

That's rose colored glasses for you the first 2 years of the PS3 game/price wise was crappy. Microsoft front loaded its console with hit after hit Million copy sellers on multiple games. Exclusives too boot some were timed some wasnt but people didnt know that at the time.

And just like metal gear and GTa when it comes out a year later who cares the HYPE is all gone and most wont play it at that time.

The last two years of the xbox was just as bad as the first 2 years of PS3 so it evens out. But when its the first two years and you have a install base to build it looks way worse. And plus the xbox was so overpriced the last 4 years microsoft could care less at this point. Profit wise microsft knows they won big time with the stupid 360 at the same price as the ps3 all these years without a major price drop.

I remember articles saying microsoft was making 50 dollars profit on each 360 sold 5 years ago so i have no idea what the profit margin is now. But it should have been at 130 dollars 4 years ago.

Rhomiel1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I paid 49$ during a ''Buy 50$ get 10$ back'' and it was also 3 months free so thats 39$ for 15 months so hmmm 2.60$ a month for all the stuff I get! Everyone should get that even if it wasn't for the online play... Even got Music unlimited for a year for 12$ during a sale because I was a Plus member!

All I hope is that we still get all the good stuff even though everyone will be members.

kreate1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

i dont know about the xbox one's voice control but the voice control on the xbox360 sucks.

i know cuz ive been using it. the voice control doesnt control a 100% of ur console. it just helps u navigate with voice on the menu and maybe few of the games. but u still need a controller to press 'ok' or 'back' or when u recieve messages on xbox live or when the system sends u a notification.

u can launch a app with it but after the app is launched, u gotta pick up ur controller or deal with the flimsy voice commands. and if ur gonna tell me to use kinect .... im just gonna laugh at u cuz kinect also has various issues trying to navigate around xbox live.

my conclusion is that nothing beats the controller. the other gimmicks are poorly implemented and its annoying.

Kos-Mos1951d ago

You`re wrong and so are the WiiU haters. Both the PS3 and 360 did horrible at launch. Espesially the PS3. I`m sorry to state a fact.

Number-Nine1951d ago

actually, it stopped a lot of people from buying it.

Bobby Kotex1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Are you kidding me? The PS3 was a huge failure at first until they lowered the price by $200. Just shows the idiots at N4G will believe whatever distorted version of history they want.

indysurfn1951d ago

if this super conniving story does not prove to people that Microsoft is trying to confuse you into giving up your fights. Your a WANTING sellout. Not just a regular sellout!

YNWA961951d ago

@Superlupe, I think the response should be, 'stfu" sony rules and I would swllow gear stick if they said it was good for gamers' . Sony rules forever! Yeah!

Sideras1951d ago

Then again Sony didn't fuck up quite as much.

Gamer19821951d ago

People wanted a Blu-ray for HD movies so it was worth the extra cash. Do people want Kinect?

BEASTIE-E1951d ago

thats because we are loyal fans of sony... we lost some ps gamers due to the fact that 360 came out a year earlier and $200 cheaper... so yes price is a factor

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THamm1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

I might keep my pre order now, just gotta get rid of kinect 2.0
BTW all this info this guy is talking about now, (i.e. publishers hub), how come no one spoke of this before the outlash. please...

"New games could then be cheaper. Why? Publishers KNOW that they will not make money on resold games, so they charge more to you, the first buyer. You are paying for others' rights to use your game in the future. If the old system had gone into place, you would likely have seen game prices drop."

For real, no truth to this and I find better deals the way things are now and I don't see XBL turning into Steam

NameRemoved00171952d ago

Kinect is Microsoft's pride to spam you with ads targeted at what you do while its watching and to let the NSA into your living room, they will never drop it.

caseh1952d ago


'Kinect is Microsoft's pride to spam you with ads targeted at what you do while its watching'

Wonder if it would recommend a dating website or porn site if you decided to start fapping...

nukeitall1952d ago

I was really looking forward to game sharing and playing my game from hard drive and instantly switch. Now I got a gimped console with last-gen features because of a bunch of moaners and haters.'

You already had a console that was still attached to physical discs, it was called a PS4, but you weren't happy and had to go and f'it up for everyone else.

Congratulations, you win putting us back in the stone age of consoles!!!


THamm1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Dude MS did this after the pre order numbers. You are the minority, so to them you're not worth it and the old MS views for the X1 domination didn't go as planned so they follow the leader, being PS4.

davidj881951d ago


It wasn't us that changed the policy, it was MS. They saw that it was going to cause them to lose out on sales because even 360 gamers were not interested in it. Nothing was stopping MS from delivering what they originally said they would except greed, this will cause more sales for the XboxOne and so they don't care if they upset a minority.

This is why i won't be buying the XboxOne, a company that defends something (DRM restrictions) to their last breath by stating it's good and needed, to then change it because they see it won't make them as much money.

They have no brand loyalty, already scrapped 2 key features of the XboxOne because they couldn't force people to accept restrictions and sign in once every 24 hours. Their biggest selling point for gamers was the cloud based system, but they're slowly whittling away the features until you'll be left with a 360.5....that's supposedly worth $500

insomnium21951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

@ david

" a company that defends something (DRM restrictions) to their last breath by stating it's good and needed, to then change it because they see it won't make them as much money. "

That's the definition of MS. Remember how HDMI or 1080p wasn't needed? Remember how it was all about games until Wii skyrocketed? Then it was all about Kinect -_-.

MS has no backbone whatsoever and I will never support them until they grow themselves one. There is no guarantee if this no DRM will stick, no way to know will there be more core games after the first wave dies down. There's no way to know these things and since MS's track record clearly speaks volumes about this subject I have to question the x-brand fans' intelligence. It's like listening to a woman explain why she doesn't divorce her violent and abusive husband. Does everyone of them x-fans have kids with MS?

davidj881951d ago


Exactly, like i said they have no brand loyalty, they are only doing this to make money because they see Sony about to make a boat load of it. They don't care about gamers and developers, they want to choose the way we play and live without giving us an option.

What the numbers showed was that what gamers and consumers as a whole want is choice, this mainly refers to the 24 hour check in they had before now. Why they will no longer allow disc based games to be saved to and accessed from the cloud i really don't know but it seems like a slap in the face, they could have implemented it to give gamers a taste and from the reaction provide a full cloud system next gen by which it would have at least been something we were used to.

Either way MS have shot themselves in the foot, and as they try to stop the bleeding we don't know what lasting damage they could be left with.

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finbars751952d ago

It doesnt matter if they announced this.Im sorry but all the crap they pulled and all of a sudden they decide where going to backpedal like that tells me that they did this because preorders where terrible, but mark my words now they will have some stipulation down the road witht the xboxone.A company doesnt just fold there crads like that withought some reason that we dont know about.They where also saying that MS did this to boost preorders as well so another sign that MS isnt to be trusted.If you guys go back to MS after all the shit they pulled and said then your only asking to get burned in the end.Give it time you will see.

Cryptcuzz1952d ago

I agree with you on this and have express my concerns about it recently.

It is a little to late to be honest. The developers will see this as a sign of weakness and a lack of direction for the console.

Consumers such as you and I will see this and be very very cautious that something major in the future could be added or removed at a moments notice if they wanted to.

If they removed the online checks and such only a week after E3 and in front of millions worldwide, what makes us believe that they couldn't have easily added it in later on down the line if they THINK they have found a solution to the original problem?

The whole thing is on shaky foundation from the get go, I'd rather invest in a much more stable foundation when it comes to my gaming needs on the PS4.

Statix1952d ago

I have to agree, Microsoft may just pull the rug from underneath all their gamers, and re-implement all those restrictve used-game policies 1-2 years later. Nothing stops them from doing so, and the infrastucture for all these crappy policies is still there. They've invested way too much into this anti-used games scheme to just give up on it, 100% wholesale.

sAVAge_bEaST1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

magnam trojan, the trojan horse.

n to the b1952d ago

I still won't trust MS. They can just do what they did with 360 and change the gameplan mid-cycle. 'Oh, you thought we'd continue to cater to the core gamer and invest in first party like (you thought) we did that first year after 360's launch? sorry, we suggest you use this lube that came back with SOMEONE ELSE'S refurbished console and assume a bent over position...'

hellvaguy1952d ago

No drm sucks to me. I don't have a crappy 3rd world interwebz and I only buy new games.

I was looking forward to not having to change discs around every time and share games with family and friends.

marchinggamer1952d ago

Backpedal you mean like Sony and the cell it was "the most advanced technology yet" no itwas a piece of shit and a waste of time and now they are finally knowing

Urusernamesucks1951d ago

Farr from late budy the gen hasnt even started, and this gen is projected to last 16 years. Some will choose to remember others will froget.

Heartnet1951d ago

People just can never be happy... Spend all week moaning about XboxOne and when it changes all of a sudden its a bad thing lol

Who cared why it changed! The fact you have no solid numbers on ps4 preorders aside from the fact from Amazon number system which could be fixed lol.

But no lets still bash MS for doing what the consumer wanted your a troll dude and a guy who blames people for supporting MS when you can't get your head out of Sonys ass

T21951d ago

@marchinggamer - yeah a console with bluray, Bluetooth , wifi , and bc was a piece of shit .... Riiiight ... The only shit from that situation was that dumbasses were too cheap to buy it so they dumbed it down .... Now xbone thinks ppl will pay100 more for weaker specs and a 40 dollar webcam

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1952d ago Replies(7)
JsonHenry1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

The thing is MS failed to give the consumer ANY reason to be happy with the DRM policy. With the way they explained it it sounded only restrictions in nature and nothing of benefit.

Had they done something like announce that with the DRM in place you could maybe rent xbox1 games from Gamefly digitally without having to wait for a disc and the serial number is then removed from you account once you "check in" the game for another rental from gamefly or something along those lines then people might have been inclined to go with it.

But all they did was basically say "hey! you don't own this game and you can't re-sell or let a friend borrow it and you have to check in online or your console bricks itself and we won't give you and good reason for this other than we say so!".

SilentGuard1952d ago

yeh, their communications and marketing were awefull. How long did it take them to mention the family sharing plan? The online games hub and cheaper prices...never mentioned. They could still do all that though but only apply it to digital downloads. MS mistake was trying to apply the DRM to physical disks and have them function as downloads. They should have seperated digital games and physical games into two seperate markets with seperate features: keep disks old school and apply all the new ideas to digital downloads. Present the choice, give the customer options, and let the best method win.

hellvaguy1952d ago

" ANY reason to be happy with the DRM policy"

I was happy with the full game on my hard drive and sharing with family and friends. That's 2 reason why it was better for me.

MoveTheGlow1951d ago

Absolutely, I agree, Json. Also, check out the first comment on that article. There's a huge discussion between Jason Schreier (Joystiq) and the author, which winds up with a lot of awesome comments after, including one from CassiusLonginus which talks about other nations than the US, and how that would have affected them.

Along with Mexico, in that discussion, I'm pretty sure that Poland, home of The Witcher, was a little miffed that the Xbone, which banked a lot on Witcher III at the press conference, wasn't going to have a working Xbone at launch. That changes now.

MoveTheGlow1951d ago

And then the author gives this backhanded agreement on it -

"We do tend to focus almost entirely on the US. Being the US Gizmodo site, I don't think that's entirely unreasonable (also, we just don't have the context of living abroad in those areas), but yes, we should address that at least some."

Yeah, okay, it's not like the US is the lead nation in tech design and marketing or anything, and affects every other nation when Apple sneezes or whatnot.

IWentBrokeForGaming1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Reply to Syntax down below = Games could still look better between the consoles! Especially with ps4 being much more powerful than Xbox 1, if ps4 is the lead console... Xbox 1 could see s#!t ports of games like ps3 did this gen... Like Skyrim for instance felt so broken! But I'm willing to put money on the fact that ps4s exclusives will trounce Xbox ones easily next gen. Like ps3s looked way better than Xbox 360s exclusives this gen!

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mushroomwig1952d ago

A price cut before the console even launches? Not in a million years, sorry.

angelsx1952d ago

The price is ok.You give every year 400-500 for smart phone why not ones for console with 10 years life.

Biggest1952d ago

Not if there is a better, less expensive smartphone to be purchased. Only fanboys pay more for less.


it's not a smart phone though and it does not have 10 different competitors... it only has one and that single one is more powerful and cheaper. Plus the selling points they have been bigging up they have just removed !!

Syntax-Error1951d ago

Their are less expensive cellphones to be purchased by Apple fanboys BUY Apple. It has nothing to with if there's a better one with a cheaper price tag. You buy what you want. The PS3 was more powerful than the 360 and we see how that turned out. The PS4 is more powerful than the X1 and we will see how that turns out. Raw power means shit when the games still look the damn same. If you think the graphic differences are going to be that much different then you're a fool. The X1 is $100 more because of Kinect, period. The PS4 is just a console with no pack in. I can't walk in a room and tell my PS4 to turn on and then go to cable or game. That's a feature I pay for when I buy an X1

-EvoAnubis-1951d ago

@Syntax-Error: The PS3 was both more powerful and more expensive than the 360. The PS4 is more powerful than the XB1, but LESS expensive. Being able to control your console with voice is cool, but it isn't $100 extra cool.

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MysticStrummer1952d ago

Yeah I fail to see how the One got worse with the change. This guy saying games would have been cheaper with DRM is a joke. I'm happy for our MS gamer cousins today.

Peace and good gaming to all

Heartnet1951d ago

Tbh it makes sense. If its no CoD I can see them lowering the price once a certain profit margin has been met which would happen quicker without the used game markets

MysticStrummer1951d ago

Oh I'm not saying it doesn't make sense.

I'm saying it won't happen.

titletownrelo1952d ago

how could they make a price cut NOW after so many people have already payed the 500 dollars for the pre-order?

bcrazy181952d ago

As far as I know, they don't have to pay the full amount if pre-ordered. More like a down payment like how gamestop does for the pre-ordering of games. I heard it's like $100 or so. If they plan on cutting the price some then then your pay off amount will be lower. Simple as that and if someone did pay in full, I'm sure a refund will be given or store credit towards other accessories and games.

CommonSense1952d ago

This is why N4G is such a joke now. You people spout the dumbest stuff without researching anything. Xbox one is number 1 in video games on Amazon:

That aside, it's NOT better. We just lost the "family library" feature, AND you now need the disc to be in the drive to play it. The idea that I could install my games and not have to worry about swapping discs was fantastic...something you'd think the Sony fans would appreciate since they constantly said that's what made blu ray better...but then again Sony fans are nothing if not hypocrites.

And this business of the 100 dollars cheaper is a joke, if you ask me. Sure, it's 100 dollars cheaper but it has no good launch titles. the new infamous and killzone look just a bunch more of the same...nothing new...nothing improved but graphics.

Also, for the people saying the ps4 is more powerful: Correct if you're offline. But if you're utilizing the cloud, your Xbone suddenly becomes much more powerful. Sony's cloud is for storage, MS's cloud is for actually improving the games. Not only that, but MS is providing UNLIMITED cloud storage and friends.

I'll be getting both systems at launch, but this idiot idea that Sony has the better system is a joke...and typical of the N4G community.