Apple MacBook Air Hacked In 120 Seconds

Boston (dbTechno) - Security researchers have managed to team together to win $10,000. They won the prize after they hacked into the MacBook Air in just two minutes. It is believed that they hacked the MacBook Air using a vulnerability found in the Safari Web browser.

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decapitator3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Damn, thats a gotta be anew record in hacking computers..whoa!!!

Cryos3761d ago

why is everyone so amazed with the speed in which they hacked it? They obviously already had a program written and uploaded that would exploit the safari weakness before the competition began. It's not like they started from scratch.

Also, this isn't a problem inherent to the macbook air, but the safari browser. It's why I use Firefox. Now, if they hacked it through the Air's ability to connect to another computer to use it's DVD drive, that's something else......

Percy3760d ago

During the event you had to find a way to execute a code remotly in a way that has never been done before even if they had it written before hand how could they know that it would work. they had no clue going into it what versions of software or anti piracy the computer would be running.

Tempist3761d ago

What a blow to Safari... And potentially Macs and PCs running Safari.

Apocwhen3761d ago

It just means Apple will now patch the security hole in Safari. However it must have been somewhat embarrassing to Apple

Matsuiichi3761d ago

Why did this happen? Because Macs don't need to be as secure. It's not as widely used for hacking as Windows so it makes sense that there will be holes in security that people can exploit.

Still, 120 seconds...Holy crap, I want some of whatever they're smokin'. XD

Kholinar3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

If there's a hole, there's a hole.

Last year proves your theory wrong. Macs had a far smaller install base and still held out far longer as did linux.

The Lazy One3761d ago

Reword that. It makes no sense the way you said it.

zainkis3761d ago

lol... cr*p? is that good or bad.... i was planning to get one of those next month...

mighty_douche3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Well unless you hand it over to a team of haxors you should be alright. Either way, while its embarrassing for Apple this would of helped them to establish the "hole" in their security and stick a plaster over the sucker before the problem becomes more well known, in certain circles (or forums lol).

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The story is too old to be commented.