What Does Microsoft's Massive Xbox One-Eighty Mean for PS4?

Push expected Microsoft to stick with its digital rights management policies after the mauling that it faced from consumers and the media at E3 2013 last week, but even we’re a little stunned by the swiftness and scale of its turnaround.

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Dwalls11711979d ago

This makes sony look even better.... now MS appears weak ... the pressure of the internet made them change a major buisness decision. ..lmao

This is baddd

NYC_Gamer1979d ago

It's not bad it shows that when consumers speak loud huge companies will listen

Dwalls11711979d ago

No....its Horrible MS is one of the largest corporations in the world....I'm sure they planed and strategized this idea for months.... now they change so quick because of the internet....that smells of weakness

xHeavYx1979d ago

I called it first lol
I do think their pre-orders will go back up, I don't know how much though, you are still paying an extra $100 for an inferior video gaming console

TKCMuzzer1979d ago

It had nothing to do with consumers speaking. This was a business decision, they had a month to listen to consumers and did nothing, it's only when Sony spoke and pre order numbers started coming in did they react.
There is listening to customers and listening to money going in another direction. They had a great chance to react before E3 if their customers mattered. It's business at the end of the day and they have done what they have done in order to compete, it's as simple as that.

Blankolf1979d ago

@NYC_Gamer I would believe you, but there's a difference at doing this Pre-E3 and afterwards, we were vouching for this war for months...

Yet only when they see the sales is that they "hear the consumers" what I see from this move is, we only hear consumers when we are in the verge of collapsing, and that's not a good thing.

Lannister1979d ago

They only 'listened' because they were going to lose a lot of money. Not doing DRM could have potentially hurt Sony if that was the direction the industry was heading, and they still chose not to do it.

MikeMyers1979d ago

What does it mean? Not much. You really think those who screamed loudest will ever be happy about the Xbox? Doubtful. They'll just move on to something else like why does it need Kinect, Microsoft has no true exclusives and the system is too expensive.

Utalkin2me1979d ago

I'm sorry, i would never buy a product from someone who is not sure what and where they want to take the product. Just smells of total weakness and is kind of embarrassing if you ask me.

Why o why1979d ago

Thats how it goes mike. Not everybody is a pacifier. Many 360 guys were pissed. You on the other hand had no issue with anything. Each of the things you listed are different on their importance. The biggest, most important one for gamers has been dealt with. The others aren't no way near as imposing on the future of gaming. Its a good day for consumers

MikeMyers1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

@Why o why,

Prove me wrong. Let's see how positive you are about the system, it's online services (including multiplayer and dedicated servers) and the games moving forward. When people leave their baggage behind and stop the console fanboyism I'll start to take people more seriously.

The only issue I had was to do with loaning games, it was never really explained properly. Why would anyone give someone a game, get nothing in return and that new owner not be able to sell it? The system was going to have used games, just authorized dealers, and the online check-ins don't have any impact on me.

As for the impact on the PS4 (which is what this topic is about) will be based a lot on price which Sony has the edge on. However Xbox One owners will get a very good Kinect device (with no choice not to have one). I still think the Xbox One will have a better launch of games and the services will be better from the beginning. The PS4 will have a rocky start because Sony doesn't have the infrastructure Live does to take on that type of demand and Gaikai won't be rolling out until next year. Multiplayer is now behind a paywall on both systems.

So what we have are comparable hardware (Kinect bumps the price by $100), and no year head-start. Europe will be the battle ground.

Foliage1979d ago


"It's not bad it shows that when consumers speak loud huge companies will listen"

Wrong! It shows that they will ignore their customers; until it impacts their wallet directly. PS4 is slaughtering them in the pre-order department; that was the real driving force behind this change. Don't kid yourself.

If you all cried (well, not xbox fanboys; you guys side with microsoft blindly) about the policies; but they were actually beating the PS4 on pre-orders... NOTHING would change. 100% guaranteed.

titletownrelo1979d ago

I agree, its good that Microsoft changed their strategies (a bit). But to be honest, this doesn't change much.

You are still paying a 100 dollars more for a weaker blockier console that has less exclusive publishers.

webeblazing1979d ago

i wonder why the consumers not asking for our free mp back or again... whatever i want free mp

SDS Gamerfiend1979d ago

Well said! Bubble my friend.

Leio1979d ago

When a billion corporation shows that they cant make decisions and business strategies for one of their biggest product in the eyes of shareholders and those who involved its a monumental WEAKNESS.

1979d ago
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LOGICWINS1979d ago

MS won't appear weak at all. Most of the people who buy these consoles over the next 6-7 years won't even know any of this happened.

GamersRulz1979d ago

True, but I think they will think 100000 times before committing any anti-consumer decision in the future.

Thank god they changed that because there is some people who already bend over and were ready to accept anything MS offers.

cpayne931979d ago

If anything they saved themselves. They killed the controversy before the mainstream casual consumers even knew about it.

HammadTheBeast1979d ago

Sony: "get a second job to buy a PS3".

People always remember.

Utalkin2me1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Really? Killed it before casual consumers? Thats funny my dad is 62 years old and has never been a gamer. But he actually asked me about it cause he over heard his friends son talking about it. Word of mouth is much louder to the casual consumer.

adorie1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

MS are the weak ones here. They didn't stick to their guns, because they knew it was bad, they knew they were screwing people over and expected them to take it. That's why they are weak. They have the infamous warchest full of money for exclusives like DLC before anyone else and stuff like Titanfall.

That is why MS is weak. Most of us thought MS would see this to launch, even they didn't see it as feasible to go through with.

Gamers voices through social media, gaming media, and PS4 is what changed their minds. I guess they couldn't money hat their way out of the murk created by their own policies and they even realized it.

I'm glad for those who are intent on purchasing an Xbone, though. That is who I am happy for.

Just sold my Xbox 360, games and PS3 games to fund a DS4 and 8 PS4 games.

At the end of the day, I suppose we should all rejoice. Still, the winner of today isn't MS or Sony, it's Gamestop. LOL.

JAMurida1979d ago

Insane that people would disagree with this comment. What this guy said is very much the case. I would even add that people were going to get the system anyways. Even going off of the pre-orders, people were still lining up to get a Xbox One, (which backs up this guys comment).

With this gone now, I wouldn't be surprised if MS went even further as to announce a $399 SKU without the Kinect or just drop the price to match Sony. If that happens, I could see it outselling PS4.

BattleTorn1979d ago

I fully agree. But they appear weak to me, considering I was onboard for what they were doing

miyamoto1979d ago


We will see about that.

Like I said before it was foolish of M$ to under estimate the intelligence and voice of the thinking gamers.

We are legion
We do not forget

We will kick out this bully gate crasher out of the party!

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whoyouwit041979d ago

Only a sony fan boy would see this has a weakness, when if fact they did the same thing sony did... listen to their fans.

wenaldy1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

So, implementing DRM on console in the first place is also called " listen to their fans"?

AutoCad1979d ago

LOL so true, wasnt they just saying they would never buy one bc of the restrictions but now that MS changes thing they come up will some bs excuse lol

this is funny
DAMAGE CONTROL at its finest

Haules1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

"listen to their fans." lmao!!!

MS did not listen to their fans, (If they had listened they would have done this before E3) they were losing customers because of their dirty policy now they remove some of it thinking its gonna be better. Well guess what after all the lies and the s&&& talk most of gamers will not have faith in MS..because M$ does NOT care about their fans nor about gamers in general....

Not buying MS bull**** products not in a million years...

TKCMuzzer1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

aaaaaah, they did not listen to their fans at all. They only reacted when Sony announced their policies and the pre order numbers started coming in. If they had listened they would have done this before E3, it a business decision, why are people so blind to this. They are in competition, they have to compete with that competition, they can't let that competition get a head start, it's simple business.
bloody hell, no wonder Microsoft managed to have customers who bought 3 or 4 360's, people see what they want to.
It's a good thing for the industry but don't think they had your concerns at heart, they have proven many times over the last few weeks that this not the case, it's about losing money.

HammadTheBeast1979d ago

Yeah "the fans".

That or the plummeting pre-orders lol.

kayoss1979d ago

Damage control??? You should talk to Microsoft, they are an expert at that. The facts are in front of you. Read the article and it will tell you what damage control looks like. Also see all the Xbox fans trying to spin a negative into a positive with the DRM, Kinect always connected, and 24 hour check in. Xbox fans and Microsoft are the best at coming up with excuses so that they dont look like fools. What is this new excuse now from the Microsoft, "... Xbox one will win in the long run..."? A very different tone from current gen wouldnt you say?

Back to the subject of the article. Its great that Microsoft finally listened and reverse their decision on this 24 hour check in BS.

adorie1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

MS listened after they saw Xbone trashed in media and gamers opinions. It took a lot to get MS to do this, probably numbers.

For MS to even have considered this is still a strike against them, imo.

After 360, and hopefully the rise of gaming on linux can remove their stronghold on PC,so I can break free of this paled imitation of Apple.

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Ilovetheps41979d ago

I don't think it's weak. I think it's them listening to their consumers which is good. Should we have been in this situation to begin with? No. But at least they listened to their consumers when they bit back.

BlackTar1871979d ago

how do you figure they listened to the consumer? They listened to the wallet int he consumers back pocket and in turn the money in their back pocket. Consumers had little to do with this in any fashion but buying ps4 pre orders in droves.

If ms was more competitive int he pre order front this would never happen and all the consumers thye now all the sudden listen after months of not listening to them

its so insane to think about how bad and blind we as Americans are. This was all about the bottom line MS doesn't and still son't care about what consumers voices are they only care about their money and it was getting in the red for xbox one.

Ilovetheps41979d ago


Of course that is what companies listen to. That's what a business is there for. To make money. You think I believe that Sony took the stance they did just to be nice? No, they knew that it would be the better stance because it would sell more. Listening to consumers is basically the same thing as listening to their wallet. Their consumers are who line their wallets.

Utalkin2me1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Really? You say listen to consumers? Well i say, it was because they A)Pre orders was low B)Cause they knew it wasn't going to sell well.

MS is all about stockholders and money. They could care less about consumer. Thats listening to your wallet not consumer

monkey nuts1979d ago

They had the chance to listen to consumers when everyone was up in arms when the rumours of drm were flying about. This decision was solely implemented due to the sheer volume of preordered ps4s vs x1s. The writing was on the wall, if they didn't change they knew they were handing this gen to Sony and Nintendo.

BlackTar1871979d ago

I love the ps4,

I understand what your saying but Consumers leading the way with their Voice is not true so they never actualy LISTENED to the consumer. Their is a differnce from Listening to a consumer based on what they are saying and forcing a change becasue you were losing money hand over fist.

Like i said in another thread had the xbox pre orders been a little bit closer to sony or had sony done the exact same stance as MS they would never have even thought about changing it. So there in itself should prove this had nothing to do with our voice and was 100% profit driven(i know the distinction is small in consumer voice/wallet but there is a difference)

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RM-TatoTiburon1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

like sony in 2006? they said that rumble it's not next gen and eventually they added this feature?

GameCents1979d ago

This is bad? Fanboyism can spin ANYTHING.

torchic1979d ago

what this does is keep Sony honest and provide them with decent competition.

we don't want Sony to slack off again.

komp1979d ago

My thoughts on this go so far as this:

Xbox One "does not target high-end graphics" said a Microsoft developer.

So they were aiming for the family? It looks like the family sharing is now over with the reversal.

So who are they going for now.... back to the old faithful stuff??

Elwenil1979d ago

Personally I think it's rather interesting in many ways. First it shows the power that we as consumers still have over the people that make our products. Not only can we vote with our money, but it seems some good, old fashioned hell raising works pretty well too.

I think this is a good business decision for Microsoft and should save a lot of face with gamers who loved their Xbox 360. I'm sure some people will still be concerned about the Kinect camera and mic as well as the half truths and contradictory information that has come out of Microsoft the past month or two but I think that this will cut down on a lot of the Xbox gamers who were jumping ship to the PS4. I still think the PS4 looks like an incredible console, but as much as I loved my Ps3 and want a PS4, I'm sure the same holds true for people who loved their 360. No one likes to be stabbed in the back by their favorite brand or have the rug pulled out from under them when they are comfortable with the way things were, but this change should calm down most of the hate for the XB1.

With all that said, and yes most of you know that I am a staunch supporter of the Playstation brand, I still call this a win for all gamers, regardless of your chosen console. Hopefully this will keep the competition tight and we can all benefit from awesome exclusives and share pretty much equal footing with 3rd party games. Xbox fans can have a console they can be proud of and Playstation fans can have a console that we are proud of. Call it balance if nothing else. The only unfortunate thing tight competition will bring is even more fanboys and console war skirmishes. ;D

Just my .02

BlackTar1871979d ago

i don't think this had anythign to do with hell raising or our voicesa t all this is 100% wallet driven. So this MS listens to fans and people buying it is so sad.

im sorry people but please stick up for yourselves more.

rela82me1979d ago

People will never stop complaining, I can guarantee that. Whats next on the list for PS4 fanboys:

1) Their hair will be messed up by their "always -on" tinfoil hats because of fear of the kinect.

Even though multiple reports have stated functionality of the kinect can be turned off. And the kinect is now not just for gimmicky games, it is actually used for various features of functionality. They still will send all video game rants to Obama to tell him your a future terrorist because you got mad at a kid and said you would bomb his house. "Xbox My Mom's a Terrorist Arrest her"

Lets not forget that the xbox isn't catering 100% of it's system to the games that don't utilize and never will utilize 100% of the hardware. We can easily assume that the xbox one will have no chance with their "inferior graphics" because it just will okay guys. Trust in the Sony fanboys they KNOW the graphics will be 50% worse than the 'xbone' because they just do; despite the game demos on stage.

I don't want to handle multiple tasks at a faster rate! I am a Gamerz!11! And I do NOTHING but game. I never use my console for videos, internet, music, social media, interacting with friends, and or having drunk chats with minors!

Oh boy lets get on those EVIL microsoft execs for using a stable platform for their product so they didn't look worse from their already PR nightmares. We all know that Sony's devkit worked flawlessly... How dare them not show a completed product at a show meant to preview hardware 5 months away.

How dare they make changes based on consumer response. We dont WANT to like the console GEEZ! It makes the justification of me buying a PS4 easy!

Gee Willikers guys, this has less stuffz on the inside and cost more! Despite the network and software advantages that MS has held for the past 10 year; hardware is the ONLY factor in price now'a'days. We all the software in the world is NOTHING without decent software.

We all know that this 2 free games a month thing isn't going to last forever. This means that now that sony and ms both charge for online we can justify the similar pricing for online service with free games. Despite the various functionality features that are more stable and secure on MS they still don't give free games away. Even if they do, we have had it for longer so ;P

Eh we don't want you "Titanfall" or your stupid "Quantum Break." We have sent out prayers to Naughty Dog and they will save this console all by themselves! One uncharted game totally defeats any and all games that xbox has ever and will ever produce DUH!!

I'm sure there are more things but as we can all see Microsoft is the next Doom-Box 180. We should all start a charity for the grace the Sony has bestowed upon us.

Imalwaysright1978d ago

Those wallets that you speak off belong to consumers. Consumers made their choice and MS had to bendover. We control this industry. Hell we control every industry.

rela82me1979d ago

The amount of articles on N4G stating what MS needs to do to get gamers back on their wago all wanted it. NOW that they got it, boy they are the devils for not making your decision a no-brainer towards the ps4. Ahh well it shows brand loyalty was behind this entire thing. If Sony introduced this with ms no one would have cared.

Zeusprototype1979d ago

@ dwalls your a fool, so if a company gives its customers what they want they are weak but if they ignore them they are corrupt. damned if they do damned if they don't.

The biggest problem with gaming is not the company's or the dev's its the gamers themselves.

Hell these people crying about microsoft are probably the same people who cryed when 8bit died

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Nyxus1979d ago

Not much I think. The PS4 still has the same policy (and before Microsoft had it), it's more powerful, and it's cheaper.

Blackdeath_6631979d ago

i they played it safe with regards to the games they announced at E3 (apart from the indie devs part which was amazing) sony should make a scene at gamescom

SweatyFlorida1979d ago

I actually think the same, in fact I think they WERE gonna show more games but held back due to MS's Price point and not changing DRM during their conference. They realized they didn't need the secret games to win E3 so changed their plans.

Because they said they had 20 games to be released before the end of this year on Ps4, and yet they only showed under 10.

NBT911979d ago

Exactly, the DRM is only ONE (no pun intended) thing I didn't like about XOne. There's still the price and Kinect etc.
I do appreciate MS removing DRM and I can now happily say I will buy one, but still not on release.

Zeusprototype1979d ago

Turn kinnect off and work harder...hey look i solved your problem for for you :p see you on live!

Virtual_Reality1979d ago

Why people disagree when someone say PS4 is more powerful and is cheaper?

Is not even a rumor or opinion.

TXIDarkAvenger1979d ago

It may be more powerful but its not a huge notable difference.

Zeusprototype1979d ago

exactly how much did the power help the ps3? consider most multi plats where better on the 360. Its not even about the raw power its about what the devs can do with it.

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PirateThom1979d ago

Still a more powerful machine and it's cheaper and rumours that Titanfall being exclusive hung on DRM on XBOne means Sony are still at the advantage here. It's Microsoft who are catching up.

GameCents1979d ago

PS4 had a weak exclusive line up at E3, that's just the honest truth and Microsoft said even before E3 that Gamescon would be chocful of even more games!

They delivered on their E3 games games games promise and made yet another for the next event.

Being more powerful don't mean squat if there aren't allot of games to show it.

Virtual_Reality1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

. http://www.futuregamingnews...

There are 30 exclusives in development for PS4. Which is a lot more than Xbox One library.

20 of them will be released in the first year on PS4.

New IPs:
1. The Order: 1886
2. DriveClub
3. Knack

Returning franchises
13. inFamous: Second Son
14. Killzone: Shadow Fall

You should make some research.

TXIDarkAvenger1979d ago

@Virtual Reality

Yeah but as you have listed, we don't know any of those exclusive IPs. GameCents is talking about the announcements at E3 2013, where MS had a stronger exclusive line up and presented that line up.

GameCents1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

@Virtual, I have seen that said before but just like with Microsoft, I won't believe it until I actually SEES it.

Xbox game showing at E3 impressed me, simple as that. PS4, not so much. DRM issues swayed me to PS4 at the end of the day.
Now that X1 won't have those issues, I am no longer leaning on the PS4 side.

@Ddude: Am I supposed to then buy a console that has fewer games now and miss out on cool exclusives in the hopes that 3 years down the line things will change again?

No thanx. I'll go with whichever console has the best games now and should that change down the line, I'll buy the other console as well.
Just as I did this gen.

Mr-Dude1979d ago

Are you serious (and for all Xbox fans) saying this again? It's like a big deja vu.. You said it in 2007 till 2009. Then roles got reversed... True, they had cool games. But we will see in the long run how that subject "games" goes with the X1...
Remember the Xbox and XBox360? Broke my heart..

-Mika-1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Sony in a tough spot. Now they do have the price advantage but MS has the games and better online services. Since Sony online gaming isn't free. They lost that advantage and with all the exclusives MS announced at their conference. Sony lost that advantage as well. With the PS3, Sony had the exclusives and free online gaming to get buyers to have their system but now they lost both in my opinion at least.

Snookies121979d ago

Sony will be using the money from PS+ to fund better online experiences. Though yes MS did have some great exclusives, we should know by now that Sony has a ton in the works as well. That's their big thing new and exclusive IPs. They're going to do fine, as is X1 now that they've turned things around.

NBT911979d ago

Yep. I can now enjoy exclusives on both consoles, Xbox One was not even a thing to me before but now there are no restrictions, well still not enough to get my pre-order yet but its a huge leap in the right direction.

-Mika-1979d ago

I know but MS online services are better right now while Sony is just playing catch up. I know Sony has amazing games lined up for the future but at launch and even a few month past launch. There not much going for it comepare to MS where they have a alot of great AAA exclusives coming at launch and spring of 2014. I wasn't trying to downplay sony but MS now has alot going for them and I think a few gamers are going to go back to MS.

@ Angel
The online services and games are better on the XB1 compared to the PS4. If you compare both consoles os features and exclusive games. You would see this as well.

@ Jo
I know they have an price advantage. I said that in my original post...

@ hdshatter
Im not being a fanboy. Im just speaking my opinion. If you read my comment history. You would see im not biased...

TheFallenAngel1979d ago

Better online and games? LMAO

NameRemoved00171979d ago

Anyone that thinks the xbox has better games belongs in a straight vest locked in a maximum security insane asylum.

Zeusprototype1979d ago

Anyone who thinks better games is fact and not personal opinion needs to give their head a wobble