EA extends deadline for Take-Two shareholder offer

EA has today announced that it is amending its tender offer for all the currently outstanding shares of common stock of Take-Two Interactive Software. These amendments come in light of the actions disclosed by Take-Two on March 26, 2008, including its adoption of a poison pill - a strategy used by corporations to discourage a hostile takeover by another company by making its stock less attractive to the acquirer.

Amendments to EA's tender offer include extending the deadline until 11:59 pm, New York City time on April 18, 2008, unless further extended. The offer was previously set to expire on April 11.

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zainkis3614d ago

lol... do i see EA losing confidence?

JadeTyrant3614d ago

Why does EA think they can just come in and take over a company? If Take-Two doesn't want to be bought out, no one can force them to do I missing something?

MrPink3614d ago

as long as major shareholders and random people are willing to sell at EAs "artificially" high bid, there is little the bord room can do about it, unleass they own 51 percent of the shares themselves, and agree not to sell.

LONEWOLF2313614d ago

Man its gonna suck major *** if EA buys Take Two!!!
They are gonna F#$% their games up!

InMyOpinion3614d ago

EA belongs that way ------->

3614d ago
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