Microsoft’s reversal of the Xbox One’s online policies may just be a sad, empty victory

Perhaps we were too upset with new ideas. Perhaps we jumped the gun too quickly. Sure, the Xbox One wasn’t perfect the way it was announced, but it had some cool ideas, even if they required us to change our lives just a little bit.

But no, everything’s staying the same.

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Terrordactyl991765d ago

Cant believe this, its good, but they've already damaged their reputation.

LOGICWINS1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Is that what you said about Sony in 2006? If Sony can bounce back, then Microsoft can. Theres redemption for anyone who seeks it. EA just proved that recently at E3.


"Theres redemption for anyone who seeks it...except for non-Sony related consoles"

Is that better N4Gers?

#wishjacktrettonwasheretomake mebreakfast

B1663r1765d ago

This is the big ~why~ EA dropped online pass. I would expect all EA games to have online pass here on out...

dennett3161765d ago

Sony had to do a LOT of work to recover from their initial screw up....I'm not sure Microsoft are capable of doing what's necessary after this and Windows 8. Their decision making is far from great.

Gaming1011765d ago

So what that you don't get checks anymore? You still can't borrow games from friends without them being on your friend's list for 30 days, you still can't borrow a game more than once, you still can't sell games privately as they are tied to your account, it's ridiculous.

creatchee1765d ago

Have you checked your Facebook or Twitter feeds? Mine are breaking out with people celebrating and saying they're buying a One now.

Honest_gamer1765d ago

i can safely say only 2 people are on mine, me and a friend, 2 people out of almost 700......somehow i expect u are just bs'ing us all right now

LOGICWINS1765d ago

Creatchee, apparently seven people think your a liar lol.

creatchee1764d ago

Well it's 24 now. Oh well I guess?

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darthv721765d ago

maybe in the eyes of people who frequent sites like this but the majority of consumers arent aware of these things.

So to them, if the argument is over before it began then it will be more about the marketing and convincing them why one is more beneficial than the other.

people are not smart in a general sense. a person can be smart and decide for themselves but for that to happen they need to be educated on the pros and cons of their purchase. this is where the marketing teams of sony and ms must do their best to present their product in the most appealing way.

HammadTheBeast1765d ago

$399 > $499 for pretty much every average consumer.

Grimhammer001765d ago

It's our duty as consumers that actually care to inform. And never forget.

I_am_Batman1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

This is great news. Welcome back to common sense MS. This proves that we as consumers have the power to affect companies when we unite and let our voices be heard. It makes all those fanboys that defended these policies look even more dumb. Here is how you do it next time:

1. A company (let's call it Microsoft) announces policies to screw you.
2. You realize that you don't want to get screwed by the company mentioned above.

And here comes the important part:

3. You tell them to gtfo instead of bending over and begging for more.

Ray1861765d ago

Why do I think that this is just a reaction to Sony bricking a bunch of PS3's and MS trying to capitalize.

BitbyDeath1765d ago

Still a huge win for gamers everywhere.

Ray1861765d ago

Why do I think that this all came around due to The navy taking a dump on them.

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Bitsnark1765d ago

Yep, they have a lot of work to do still. The next year should be interesting!

ceedubya91765d ago

Make a Kinect-less sku for 349-399; pack in a year of Live Gold for Day One Consoles with Kinect still packed in.

MizTv1765d ago

Is it safe to say I told you so????

SpinalRemains1765d ago


We don't know who you are, let alone what you supposedly predicted.

We come here for news, not keyboard Nostradamus.

SpinalRemains1765d ago

you predicted nothing!

You just want credit for it because you're empty.

GameCents1765d ago

SpinalRemains!!! What the hell dude!! I almost woke my wife bursting out in laughter.

Thank you though, your reply was so well paced and written. Well Said.

Hicken1764d ago

I think I'm gonna give you both bubbles for being funny, even if you didn't mean it that way.

That aside, I can't see this an anything but good news. This was, by far, the biggest obstacle to people wanting an Xbox One. Now, there can actually be a competition between the consoles.

I can deal with the Kinect being mandatory. It being included somewhat justifies the higher price of the console, so that's not really a concern.

Now I just need a few more games...

MizTv1764d ago

Thanks dude!
Bubble for you also

GamersRulz1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I want to see the apologists who defended this disaster!

MizTv1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

After the rrod I never trust them with hardware
Still a pass for me
Sorry M$

testerg351764d ago

MizTv, then why do you bother to read and respond in MS articles?

MizTv1764d ago

I find it interesting
Is that ok?

DjKiba1765d ago

I was like yeah i'm buying PS4 but now i'm like shit... Xbone looking good again.