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Submitted by excaliburps 961d ago | news

Xbox One : Microsoft drops "10-person Family Sharing" plan

Xbox One : Microsoft drops "10-person Family Sharing" plan (Microsoft, Xbox One)

maniacmayhem  +   961d ago
Not a problem.

Gamefly and Redbox saved!
NYC_Gamer  +   961d ago
I'd rather that feature be dropped since X1 no longer supports drm.
Cmk0121  +   961d ago
Yay now I can pay 20 a month to rent games instead of splitting costs with friends and utilizing steam like feature... This sucks
malokevi  +   961d ago
All because a bunch of vultures couldn't manage to shut up. fantastic.
FunAndGun  +   961d ago
You are welcome.

Someone has to tend to the sheep.
malokevi  +   961d ago
nobody asked you.
HammadTheBeast  +   961d ago
You do realize of those 10 only 2 could play at a time, one online? And don't worry, the always on Kinect and mic are still there to listen to your problems.
Winter47th  +   961d ago
"And don't worry, the always on Kinect and mic are still there to listen to your problems"

greenlantern2814  +   961d ago
no ms just realized and you should to that cutting out potentially 50% of your consumers is a bad business plan.
also their family share plan would have hurt game sales which would have made devs and publishers upset. me and ten friends could just go into a game sharing pool and instead of selling 10 games 10 times they sell 10 games period
Salooh  +   961d ago
Sorry , Hammadthebeast beat me :P .
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brish  +   961d ago
"All because a bunch of vultures couldn't manage to shut up. fantastic."
- malokevi

I have to assume you're talking about Microsoft and them trying to take away consumer's rights.

You can't seriously blame consumers for being vocal about having their rights taken away.
Mounce  +   961d ago

As Anonymous usually tell the casual-people....

"We're fighting everyones' battle while you're still sleeping - You're welcome"
Noami  +   961d ago
i wonder how much money they had lost by just droping the DRM system it self w the research and dev cost

even tho its there and they can deside to turn it on at any given time..but yea if they neve do turn it on again i wonder how much loss they had
bviperz  +   961d ago
Now there is no advantage to owning an Xbox.
whoyouwit04  +   961d ago
Dam whiners ruined everything, that was a fair trade for 24 hour check ins in my opinion. I hope they find another way to use it.
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SpinalRemains  +   961d ago
Its called Gamefly.

17 a month will save you thousands of dollars a year. No rules.
No restrictions
SixZeroFour  +   961d ago
restriction 1 - you need to live in the US
Heartnet  +   961d ago
restriction 2 cant play xbox one exlcusives
jimmywolf  +   961d ago
thousands of dollars a year renting a game ..... would edit that too say Hundreds
BABYLEG  +   961d ago
I agree wholeheartedly
SpinalRemains  +   961d ago
Who cares.

Anyone fooled by that was seriously brain damaged.
wenaldy  +   961d ago
and fooled by "teh power of teh cloudz".
Nyromith  +   961d ago
Rights > Convenience
Heartnet  +   961d ago
Loll rights..... nah id prefer the convienience
Dlacy13g  +   961d ago
the loss of sharing and no disc in drive needed does suck...but overall the good of this reversal out weighs the bad.
GusBricker  +   961d ago
Yeah, I was looking forward to instantly switching between games. That was going to be an awesome feature.
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BlindGuardian  +   961d ago
you can still do that if you buy all your games digitally
Dlacy13g  +   961d ago
@BlindGuardian... very true. Digital future via buying all games via download.
rainslacker  +   961d ago
So I'm a little unclear on this. Can't you still do that if you check in every 24 hours?
Dlacy13g  +   961d ago
nope they are killing the whole program as a response. The disc is the disc once with it as you will.
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rainslacker  +   961d ago
Ah, thanks, Read that and must of missed it. Guess it makes sense though. One person who plays online can install the game, then pass it off to someone who doesn't play connected.

Wonder if the game will still install onto the hard drive and just use the disc as verification that you own the product. Seems the hard drive install was an integral part of the system. Maybe it'll be optional for the dev now.
DarthJay  +   961d ago
Bring back the DRM. I was sooooo much more excited for this.

Oh well. I think they just need to figure out how to make it work, now. I guess I'll bite the bullet for everyone else. It will be a great feature once they figure it out.
stage88  +   961d ago
MS have literally lost confidence in everything they've done.
Complete shambles.
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TheFallenAngel  +   961d ago
The sharing with family sounded good. Why did they get rid of it?
majormarkd  +   961d ago
No check in means no way to police the sharing. Ruined
NateCole  +   961d ago
oops. Well hey at least its not restrictive anymore?.
OrangePowerz  +   961d ago
Better to not have DRM and no sharing compared to the other choice.
KionicWarlord222  +   961d ago
SO disappointed in so many ways.
creatchee  +   961d ago
I really liked the family group plan and being able to play any of my games on any console. The DRM and checkins were never a concern for me.

I guess it's better for the masses, but it had better not mess up the cloud initiative. Otherwise, we basically have two of the same console this generation. I wanted different experiences for my money. I'm still getting that by buying both and playing the exclusives that each offer, but still - they're clones at this point minus the slight difference in raw power.
monkey48  +   961d ago
Was going to be extremely confusing anyways.
ProudGamer  +   961d ago
So does this mean that DRM is gone totally from Xbox ONE?
monkey48  +   961d ago
Yes I wish we could say that, now its truly up to the publishers if they want to include it.
Sarobi  +   961d ago
I don't think DRM is gone for good.. their future still relies on cloud computing.
D-riders  +   961d ago
there still a$$holes, talking to us like idioits. super rude of them to give us the finger.
Corpser  +   961d ago
The mandatory install of disk games has to be gone too, now we're back to having to insert the disk to play disk games
green  +   961d ago
I am really sad that this feature has been removed.This was my comment in another article and i do not see why they can not do it this way.

"Buy game, install it on xbox One. If system tries to connect to internet to authenticate disk and fails, it prompts user to insert game disk back into system for verification. No interenet also means no accessing of saves on the cloud and no game sharing."

What i am basically saying is that they should keep the internet checking but it is not mandatory to play games. If you are online, then the game sharing will be active.
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JAMurida  +   961d ago
I'm surprised they did this so soon. I was expecting this to happen at like Gamescon or something. Good to see that they figured out one of their F' ups. I wonder they'll drop the mandatory Kinect and drop down to $399 to match Sony.
giovonni  +   961d ago
I humbely disagree because kinect separates the two products from each other and if used correctly can add something different. Gaming has to evolve from just standared controller inputs. It's time for games to recognize when we are frustrated and toggle the difficulty from our emotions, body language and fical recognition. voice commands that change the dynamic of how we play a game.

However, we can't move forward when gamers fear change, and blow things so out of proportion evolution stops. If Microsoft makes kinect a simple add on developers won't use it, so now we are back to the same contoller Scheme. Something has to give for the better of gaming.
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JAMurida  +   961d ago
I agree somewhat that it would be interesting for gaming to evolve into something more than a controller input, but for the most part, I don't see it happening with Kinect.

While that idea you stated does sound good, how many games would actually be able to do that? The first thing in mind would be RPGs (mainly thinking along the lines of Mass Effect and Dragon Age). And even that was limited to only being simple voice commands to your squad-mates, (which in truth could have been down with a standard headset). The only people (just as with the PS move) that will push something like this would be first party devs.

To be honest though, I would say the Occulus Rift probably has a much better chance of becoming a new standard than Kinect or Move, which IMO has so far proved to be nothing more than just gimmicks.
giovonni  +   961d ago
@jamurida. I think kinect can do it, because all the pieces are there. look at project spark. also think about short mini games of hacking things, making a hand motion to signal time out or set a play, taunt. Or having to react to an environment. For instance bright lights blur vision so by shielding your eyes with your hands in front of kinect gives you vision to advance. It's a new way of gaming. Kinect is not perfect, but it with an imagination it can and will surprise many
jr85prix   961d ago | Spam
horndog  +   961d ago
That f $&*! ng sucks!!! I was really looking forward to that feature. The worst part about that is the people that were crying about this probably never were getting an x1 to start with. Now watch these same idiots turn around and say MS screwed up again and should had stuck with the 10 person sharing plan. MS just stick to your guns for fk sakes.
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safsaan  +   961d ago
are people saying kinect is always listening able to read? in many articles it is said kinect can be turned off and it only listens for xbox on. this is a feature in my phone, doesn't mean that its always listening. Now if you all were bitching about $100 more i would understand but the kinect stuff is ridiculous.
frostyhat123  +   960d ago
Thank you sony fanboys for ruining this foreveryone else with your endless complaining.

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