Microsoft vs. Apple: Who Patches 0-days Faster?

Apple's teasing commercials that imply its software is safer than Microsoft's may not quite match the facts, according to new research revealed at the Black Hat conference on Thursday.

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology looked at how many times over the past six years the two vendors were able to have a patch available on the day a vulnerability became publicly known, which they call the 0-day patch rate.

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vitz33766d ago

Someone REALLY needs to make the sasser worm equivalent for Macs. A bug so crippling to Apple that it would end this constant name-calling and bickering so we can get on with it.

ANY OS. Regardless of kernel, structure, etc. is only as secure as the number of programmers/hackers willing to invest time into tearing it apart.

There is no such thing as a secure OS. There will always be new ways to crack it.

ITR3766d ago

Any computer can be secure. Just unplug for the net.

I do believe OS X and Linux are a bit more secure out of the box then say Vista.