Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft prepare to do battle in April. Who'll Come Out on top?

The console war, which seems to have been ongoing for years now, is showing no signs of stopping. Microsoft's Xbox 360 launched late in 2005 (yes, that long ago!) but we're still not quite sure who'll win the war in the long run.

In a sense, all three manufacturers could describe themselves as being in a winning position right now. For Microsoft, the Xbox 360 has done exactly what is needed. It hasn't obliterated the competition, but it has built upon the original Xbox and Microsoft are now major players in the console market.

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ajeben8093765d ago

cant we all just live in peace? how bout they all come out on top because of good sales for all of them?

Silellak3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

It's really depressing that such an obvious, fair, balanced, non-fanboy statement got 4 disagrees and only 1 (now 2) agrees.

If you needed any more proof that we're losing N4G to the fanboys, this is it.

Thanks, guys, for taking this place away from the gamers and throwing it directly into the hands of the fanboys.

Blitzed3765d ago

Bubbles for you both. I have been seriously considering leaving N4G to get away from the fanboys and reps that litter this site, but you guys give me hope. The gaming industry as a whole is doing great and that's great for gamers. Without all the competition, we wouldn't have the price drops we have been experiencing or the industry as a whole trying to push the envelope on what they can deliver.

TruthBTold3765d ago

I know a lot of comments come from fanboys as well as the support for agrees and disagrees but that is what happens in any website that is dedicated to multiplatforms. You would have less offensive comments in websites that are dedicated to only one platform but you will still hatred or negative comments towards the competition, its just the way it is and it wont change unless there is some sort of strick control over who joins and what they say.

kevin11223765d ago

this place has been lost to the fanboys for a long ass time, you are just seeing a different side. Before it was the xbox fanboys and now it is the ps3 fanboys. Who knows, maybe the wii fanboys will be next.

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decapitator3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

This month will be quiet challenging. Am interested to see how well it turns out as well.

madestar3765d ago

stupid article... it's another... gta4: who will sell more...

Matsuiichi3765d ago

I'm dedicated to PS3, but let me say this: Basically, there's no point in asking this.

Xbox 360 and Wi will come out on top, for different reasons. Wii has Mario Kart coming out, and Mario's name alone shifts copies. Then, everyone knows that on a multiplatform release, Xbox 360 comes out on top with sales. It just plain happens.

We all know PS3's in for third place this month. Madestar has the right idea: It's basically who will sell more, and we know that's a dumb question.

Sorry, PS3, my friend, but the truth hurts. Maybe the months after April will be better to us.

pwnsause3765d ago

your're forgetting that this month the PS3 not only has GTAIV as well but also GT5p.

mikeslemonade3765d ago

Agreed, the PS3 has two games where as the 360 has one game. Gran Turimo Prolouge already at 1 million preorders in Europe alone. PS3 will gain the most ground this month because the Wii is still too supply constrained to surpass what they did with Super Smash.

BrianC62343765d ago

You forgot GT5 Prologue. I work with a lot of car nuts who aren't into gaming much. But they also bought a PS2 for GT3 and GT4. When they see GT5 Prologue you know they'll buy a PS3. April will be a HUGE month for Sony. In Europe GT5 Prologue was sold out as soon as it was out. It will be just as big in the US.

TruthBTold3765d ago

As they mentioned above, PS3 has another giant franchise GTP which is already selling like crazy. However in the game section I think GTA might sell more copies in NA but not the rest of the world. UK which was 360 second territory is already starting to switch over to the PS3 and well the rest of the world has been in favor of the PS3 so if you think about it there is a very good chance that GTA IV will sell more world wide on the PS3 due to its history with the console where many people fell in love with the franchise.

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LarVanian3765d ago

Sony will win April easily with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, PSN Store overhaul and GTAIV.

TruthBTold3765d ago

due to its larger install base but I dont see it moving more consoles than the PS3 with GTA IV. The franchise will move more PS3's than 360's. We will see 360 selling more copies initially on the install only. But consolewise, PS3 already has an advantage with GT5P selling consoles just because of that game and others will buy PS3 due to GTA IV. Should be an exciting month.

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