Insomniac CEO Ted Price Chooses Xbox One Over PS4. Will You?

CCC says: "At present, the next-gen arms race is more easily likened to a witch hunt: Sony is currently riding a wave of positive reception while Microsoft is weathering a storm of backlash. However, to the dismay of fanboys everywhere, it is far too soon to draw conclusions about who will win the coming technological arms race. The holiday release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is still months away, and the systems’ respective manufacturers are undoubtedly holding a few trump cards. As such, industry favoritism, one-sided as it may be, will not decide anything until consoles hit shelves—though, obviously, it is a strong indicator. Developer testimony, however, is a bit more concrete and represents internal opinions of next-gen systems from the people who will actually be working with them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price had to say about the Xbox One."

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Prcko1919d ago

I think no
All i can say is good luck

JoGam1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

CORRECTION: Ted Price did not choose Xbox One over Sony completely.. They are multiplatform now. Meaning they will develop for both systems. He already confirmed this.

He has develope a exclusive game for the X1 however the company isn't exclusive to MS

Gaming1011919d ago

lol Ted Price didn't choose Msoft, so much as Msoft dropped a sack of money on his desk. When Msoft does the same for me I'll switch.

Majin-vegeta1919d ago

Hahhhahaha nope.PS4 all the way.

Foxgod1919d ago

I choose games, and i like the XB1 games.
But everybody has their opinion, if everybody had the same one, there would have been one console only, and we would be at the mercy of its creator.

NameRemoved00171919d ago

All the good series are on the PS4, I guarantee you atleast half the xbone exclusives will be ported to PC. Dead rising 2 xbox exclusive oh wait PC port, Alan wake xbox exclusives oh wait PC port, hundreds of xbox exclusive arcade games oh wait PC port.

Foxgod1919d ago

Good is a matter of perspective.
I own both a 360 and a Ps3, and i just prefer the style of the Xbox exclusives.

NameRemoved00171919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

@Foxgod what exclusives? Almost every game is not technically an xbox exclusive series?
Gears of war? Sorry gow 1 is on PC its not an exclusive series.
Halo? Sorry halo 1 and 2 are on Pc its not an exclusive series either.
Dead Rising? Sorry Pc ports on Dead rising 2 and the arcade ones.
Alan wake? Also ported to PC

wishingW3L1919d ago

what exclusives? The same 3 franchises for an entire generation?

Foxgod1919d ago

MS opened 7 new studio's since 2011, which have all been working on XB1 titles.
They have about 14 in house studio's now, and about 5 third party studio's that develop exclusively.

Would be a bit strange if they produce only 3 franchises.
Besides, there where more then three first party franchises show already on E3.

NameRemoved00171919d ago

How many of those exclusives are actually brand new ips that are not kinect games/stupid crappy games. Its next to nothing.

TheFallenAngel1919d ago

No. Ted choose the money MS gave him. We don't need him with his mediocre games anyways.

scott1821919d ago

I could never get into resistance, what a generic half @ssed game series. Ratcet and clank was an awesome series that I hope lives on.

TheFallenAngel1919d ago

Whoah now, Resistance: Fall of Man was an AMAZING game! I still play it today. Resistance 2 was mediocre and Resistance 3 was good.

scott1821918d ago

Ok, I will give ya that, resistance: Fall of Man wasn't bad. But the other two were horrible.

Knushwood Butt1919d ago

Yeah, and with Fuse filling bargain bins everywhere, Insomniac will take any gig they can.

wenaldy1919d ago

Get over it. The last two games of theirs sucked.

Cryptcuzz1919d ago

I certainly did and agree with you on that.

Here's to hoping Sony revive the Resistance and Ratchet and Clank series with a better developer that has fresh ideas.

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The story is too old to be commented.