[WKG] Grid 2 Review

Released in 2008, Race Driver: Grid was regarded by many as the best racing game of 2008 and with its sequel Grid 2 now hitting shelves, will Codemasters be able to claim pole position on the racetrack once again

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NioRide1855d ago

You know what really bothers me, That the online community is already dead.

Over the last 5 days I have raced against the same exact people, so much so that I know when they get on and aren't on my friends list know what they race before hand and can predict what type of driving line they will use.

However over the last 2 days there have been no sessions at all except for maybe 1 hour out of the day.

The_KELRaTH1854d ago

Ps3 is pretty dead too.

Graphically it's a step worse than Grid 1 - sure the cars are very nice but when racing you get a nice shiny bonnet and very low texture scenery - hard to make out when the road changes direction on some tracks.
The game modes are far too restrictive and the tier cars selections are not comparable - a simple solution would have been to have an option to just select 1 car for some competitive racing.

Truefeel actually just feels like traction control is on - there should have been selectable options.

There's no really good tracks like Spa, Le-Mans, Bathurst etc etc

Touring cars are slower than road cars of same tier!!

Amount of content is tiny compared to other racing games at a similar price point.

I'd give it 5/10