Xbox Confusion After E3 is A Question of Identity

Microsoft’s fading media presence has left many questions. But what is at the root of the debate?

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xHeavYx1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

No DRM anymore, MS fans must be doing happy dances

adorie1739d ago

However many Zealots are left. I saw a big switch of fanboy alliances within the past 3 weeks.

Winter47th1739d ago Show
SixZeroFour1739d ago

i hate it, i am getting both and would have had 2 consoles going in 2 different directions when it came to the future of gaming and would have loved to see how it panned out for both companies

the way i saw it, ps was short sighted and for the here and now, where as ms was going for the future and having a long race...but now both are going for a similar route and it doesnt breed innovation...gamers shouldnt be happy

-GametimeUK-1739d ago

I'm happy about MS doing a 180, but I too would have loved to see what could have happened next gen if MS stuck to their guns.

WalterWJR1739d ago

I think you got a bit to convinced by major nelson pointing to the future

SixZeroFour1739d ago

@walter, im not talking about the cloud, im talking about going digital

i truly believe the future is digital downloads, physical is eventually gunna go extinct (with possibly only AAA titles staying physical for collector editions)...IF the future is digital, how do you trade or sell digital copies on the ps4? if the answer is "you cant" then how different is that to xbones previous policy of not allowing game trades/sells?

previously, xbone had it figured out being able to play games by install and allowing trades/selling with digital copies, also, the shared library is an amazing feature, but it was taken away to keep things the way they are now

Foxgod1739d ago

I know what aint confusing, connect on day one, insert game, play!

SuperLupe1739d ago

Yeah also this pretty much made my mind, getting a XOne first. PS4 later.

Foxgod1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yup, lets all just game, and hope the big three keep surviving.

The last thing we want is that Apple and android gamers ruin our fun.

M(MS)S(SONY)N(Nintendo) > [email protected] casual stuff.
As long as our market grows, investors wont be running toward casual junk.

fingazblank1739d ago

Don mattrick needs a good kick up the jacksie, he and his team have hurt the xbox brand, crisis talks at microshaft hq with Steven Spielberg, sir Ben Kingsly and Russel crow in attendance, they verbally assaulted ole don with some insults as the ms execs looked on. Fearing blood and powerade being spilled, Spielberg yelled cut. After the meeting don tweeted the story.

Lulz_Boat1739d ago


Microsoft’s Major Nelson said in an interview recently that Sony’s PS4 console isn’t going to make them change anything about their Xbox One system.

Dlacy13g1739d ago

NO, but consumer outrage and pre-orders did. Pretty simple.

KillrateOmega1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

So now that they took away several features, features that MS preached would lead to a great possible future, why should I buy the Xbox One over the PS4?

Don't get me wrong, I think this great news and now we can rest easy (for a while, at least) that future of consumer rights in the industry have been preserved, but the Xbox One is still basically more inferior, more restrictive, more expensive, and possessing of less indie support than the PS4.

Now that SOME of their crap policies have been erased, I might get one a couple years down the road, but why should I get it at launch?

If someone can give me a non-fanboyish reason as to why it's now the superior console, then I'd appreciate it.