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No, Jimmy Fallon, The PS4 Isn’t The Only Console With Used Games

Speaking with Sony Chief System Architect and Knack Director Mark Cerny, Fallon seemed struck by a random thought before leading in to the live demo. "Oh, the big story that everyone is talking about is this system is the only one where you can still play used games," Fallon said, almost off-handedly. Cerny replies accurately that "we support used games and we don't require an Internet connection." Fallon answered back over audience applause, "that's pretty major, 'cause you can go to GameStop and pick up that stuff." (PS4, Xbox One)

mushroomwig  +   842d ago
Now they all support used games.
ziggurcat  +   842d ago
yes. confirmed here:


edit: disagreeing with confirmed information from a direct source... *facepalm*
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TesMgsFan  +   842d ago
So are you gonna buy the xbox one ? Not me PS4 is gonna be mine :D
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Blackdeath_663  +   842d ago
doesn't change the fact that they are charging you $100 more for inferior hardware and mandatory kinect which i have no interest in. just give me package without the kinect that is alot cheaper than the ps4 and were on to something
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ziggurcat  +   842d ago
@ TesMgsFan:

will consider it now that they have gotten rid of half of their horrible policies. it'll be a no-brainer if they drop mandatory kinect (why it's required when it's not necessary to navigate the system software is beyond me), and allow people to upgrade their HDD.
b_one  +   842d ago
its a cold calculation, not "we love you" they will screw ppl as they did to date, now with a polite smile.
psyxon  +   842d ago
>caring about disagrees... *facepalm*
plaZeHD  +   842d ago
That's awesome. Ok now I am leaning more towards to Xbox One since Microsoft is doing more innovative things than Sony. But still the price tag and the mandatory Kinect are huge problems.
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BluEx610  +   842d ago
People with no internet are still screwed.... People with Shotty internet are happy though. I hope they make another SKU, one without Kinect and drop the price. Common people start bitching about Kinect requirement. Make them go back on that also lol.

I'm glad the days of bringing your game to play with or against your friend via lan is still there. That was a big part of console gaming itself.
Calvin_ISA  +   842d ago
@ PlazeHD

More innovative then Sony? Removing retarded requirements, and going back to the normal standard is "innovation"?
Yeah... Okay.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   842d ago
I think that Microsoft really hurt themselves by not revealing this information at E3 and a lot of consumers that were turned off by the Xbox One initially due to these DRM rumors, are not going to be aware that Microsoft made this recent policy change for a while.
Tainted Gene  +   842d ago

They couldn't reveal it because the XB1 initially didn't HAVE THAT POLICY.

They just now switched their idiotic stance on the horrible DRM and have gained "some" good will..... But they still have a ways to go before the butt raping they did to me and other gamers heals.
ziggurcat  +   842d ago
@ FullmetalAlchemist:

they posted their policies right before E3.

and they had no idea that sony was going to drop those two massive bombs onto their lap, either.
jade0732  +   842d ago
Wow... Talk about backdowns!

This is very good news for gaming. : )
Calvin_ISA  +   842d ago
Wrong Reply
*delete this comment*
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mania568  +   842d ago
so they chance things not to lose to the ps4 and everyone goes crazy saying xbox is the best now, really?
xbox is equal or worst in all aspects, kinect is a pain and +100$ for a worst console with something most people dont even want forced down on you.

all because they have some ok exclusives, ps4 will have way better exclusives down the road, there is sucker punch, santa monica, amazing games like uncharted or new IP´s as great as the last of us, PS4 WILL win on the exclusives in the future, if you think its all about games then ps4 is your home not xbone who JUST starts with more exclusives and the only one worth mention is really titanfall.
Donnieboi  +   842d ago
If it wasn't for Fallon bringing this to national attention, the Xbox One would probably still be a DRM machine. The only reason MS caved is because of NATIONAL embarrassment and exposure of their evil policies on national television.

Fallon should be thanked. PLUS, at the time of the recording of his program, te XBox One WAS still a DRM machine. The next day it's not anymore. Coincidence? No. Especially since just 2 days ago MS was saying they would not budge on their policies. So obviously they didn't change it because of the gamers--they changed because now even the dumb, casual morons who would have bought the Xbox One now know of it's DRM and ant-used games policies, all thanks to Fallon bringing this info to every American home.

MS only did it because now they can no longer rely on the ignorance of the casuals. Even they now know of Xbox's attempt at evil. MS (as a corporation) is still the devil, as far as gaming is concerned, and will take the first opportunity to screw us again. Don't pay for their crap, and maybe one day MS will just leave the market for good.
Gravity_DoGG  +   842d ago
This is before Microsoft changed there policies
ZBlacktt  +   842d ago
Thanks to Sony. Who has always been the world leader in video gaming consoles. Blu-ray players, MS just now copying that move 7 years later.

Every gamer should be thanking Sony. They forced MS to not screw you XBox gamers.
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AutoCad  +   842d ago
lol classic
insertnamehurr  +   842d ago
Ive got some good news for the xboxone fans...

Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM
UPDATE: No more 24-hour check-in, game ownership stays as it is and no restrictions on trading and loaning, among other changes.
PSVita  +   842d ago
Is that really true? Link?
ziggurcat  +   842d ago
PSVita  +   842d ago
Thanks :)
Boody-Bandit  +   842d ago
Here is an IGN link confirming this

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Azurite  +   842d ago
They also removed the region lock! o_O
I'm amazed atm.
ZBlacktt  +   842d ago
Thank you Sony for forcing MS to not screw gamers like they wanted to.
PerryCaravello  +   842d ago
I was going to say wiiu, but now they all do.
R_aVe_N  +   842d ago
At the time of the show they really didn't. I just goes to show that when people complain with their wallet things can change really fast. I still don't trust Microsoft so still a no buy for me for now at least maybe after a year I will take another look.
monkey48  +   842d ago
Still Always on Kinect..*sigh*
dark_101  +   842d ago
Nah, it can be turned off

Minato-Namikaze  +   842d ago
Define off.
Transporter47  +   842d ago
Off for them Means Pause.
NameRemoved0017  +   842d ago
Off mode = turn off led and commands and keep the camera/microphone rolling.
rainslacker  +   842d ago
For a good analogy Minato think along these lines.

Your watching a TV show that is about a news crew filming some guy. Something bad happens, and that guy says to turn the camera off. Well, the camera guy puts the camera down, like he isn't filming, but the camera is still rolling.
Gamesgbkiller  +   842d ago
Too late MS.
aviator189  +   842d ago
Considering that these new consoles will probably have a life-span upward of 10+ years, I don't think it's late at all.
NameRemoved0017  +   842d ago
10 years, ha they won't last 5 before tablets surpass them in hardware.
SpinalRemains  +   842d ago
Right, Hatter

Because PS4 and Xbone compete with tablets.
Gamesgbkiller  +   842d ago
Still they change it for MONEY not because we

IF THEY CARE about CONSUMERS , they wouldn't have done this stuff in the beginning .

But the Kinect is still around :(
alb1899  +   842d ago
Why too late, what is it now?
Isn't out yet and is too late?
Transporter47  +   842d ago
I think the damage has been done, do you think people will cancel their pre orders for an xbox one? I still don't want one, inferior hardware + mandatory kinect + higher price? Yeah no...
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MrDead  +   842d ago
Now all they need to do is try and make it as powerful as the PS4 or drop the price. Its good news that the DRM issue is dead.
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Swiftcricket  +   842d ago
They could still drop the price if they don't mind taking the loss but it's too late to be making hardware changes without delaying it so doubt they'll do that. Funny they changed their policies right after saying they wouldn't but glad they did though. Good news for anyone that wanted one.
NameRemoved0017  +   842d ago
The kinect sensor adds $100 to the price so it would of been $400 if they didn't force you to use it.
MrDead  +   842d ago

The question I have about the xbox is if you remove kinect and cut $100 of the price you would still end up with a system less powerful then the PS4 but at the same price of the PS4.
Mikelarry  +   842d ago
i think now the games have truly begun. i think the ps4 still stands better chance with a lower price if ms really wanted to compete on the same level, remove the kinect and add on and drop the price to either below or same price as the ps4
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No_Limit  +   842d ago
It is never too late. I am so happy now. I can't wait to play Forza 5 and Killer Instinct....anywhere, in a submarine, hold on to my Gamefly game rental plan, and sell them onCraiglist when I am through with them. Good job MS.
WalterWJR  +   842d ago
Clap Clap Microsoft credit is due where credit is due and I appreciate what you have done here. It takes a big man to admit he made a mistake and in all honesty did not think Microsoft would go back on this. they have done the right thing.
TKCMuzzer  +   842d ago
Don't get to excited. They announced it on May 20th, everyone complained they did nothing. Sony announce no DRM and used games and within a week they do this. This was not based on gamers opinions but their nearest competitor forcing their hand and Microsoft's fear of losing market share.
Doing the right thing would have been to listen in the first place and not wait for pre order charts to come flowing in....this was just a business decision...

I agree, it is good news but people shouldn't ignore the fact this is not a reaction to their fans concerns but a business decision.
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WalterWJR  +   842d ago
I am not excited for the Xbox one and will most probably never own one. But this is good news for everyone.
ZBlacktt  +   842d ago
Credit due???? Sony is the one everyone should be thanking. They forced MS to copy their lead and not to screw gamers like they were. Sony crushed them at E3 so bad they had no choice. So again, thank you Sony.
GusBricker  +   842d ago
So how many 30 minute specials on Spike will MS have between now and release? 2?
D-riders  +   842d ago
actually yes it is none of you can give a clear understanding of xbox policies, so until then ps4 is the only console with sed games
boldscot  +   842d ago
Ha, how embarrassing for Microsoft!
All the restrictions that they tried to force on people removed because the gamers have spoken, gotta love it.
TKCMuzzer  +   842d ago
For me personally, they made their stance clear, they didn't listen, they didn't really care, it was only when their nearest competitor struck and the pre order charts started coming in did they react.
Maybe one day I will get one but it's not enough for me to not get the PS4 first, plus I can get two extra games with the price difference, bingo.
coolmast3r  +   842d ago
I'm pleased it finally happened.
illtownNJONE  +   842d ago
Omg, I knew it, soon as drm & 24 was taken away, sony drones will find something else to complain about......gtfo
TKCMuzzer  +   842d ago
The only thing is the price really, is it a hundred dollars more in value? that's nearly two games on launch day and after all, isn't it all about the games...
quenomamen  +   842d ago
You mean little things like $100 more expensive, crappier RAM and a less powerful GPU ? Yea, Sony boys can be so petty sometimes. Lol
rainslacker  +   842d ago
There's still the Kinect. I mean, Kinect doesn't bother me much, but people have been talking about it along with DRM. I haven't really seen much about the $100 price difference, but it does get mentioned occasionally...usually along with the Kinect.

Fan boys will always find something to complain about. And their polar opposites will always be there to call hypocrisy and bias. Such is the way of gaming.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   842d ago
My faith in Humanity has been restored.
Groo  +   842d ago
they are just saying this to get people to buy the console and then screw everyone down the road.. common people.. if MS has tried to get a way with this crap do you really think they wont try again?? MS is like a cheating girlfriend that doesnt give a crap in hell about you and yet the sheep keep running back to them.. christ
Roper316  +   842d ago
my thoughts exactly they will just patch it all back in over time with mandatory system updates. MS still wants the samething but know they need the sales too, so ease up early and then once we hit a certain amount of consoles sold we start to reimplement it back in.

I don't trust them as a company to not back pedal on a back pedal.
WeAreLegion  +   842d ago
I'll wait for an apology.
Groo  +   842d ago
haha, sorry bro, I don't think people are gonna get one.. MS is to proud to admit they were wrong.. I hate bashing on MS just because some of my good friends were on 360 that I had to leave behind.. but damnit, I don't and will never have faith MS again, they promise so much and do so little, while nickel and diming people..
TheGrimReaper0011  +   842d ago
Very good of microsoft, however, it is a problem that never should have occured in the first place.
While this news will get more xbox one consoles moving, people will not forget this. They slapped the consumer in the face multiple times! Would YOU simply forgive someone who would slap you in the face multiple times hard and afterwards he says "I'm sorry"?
Besides, considering the console was build around the cloud, this def makes it less powerful than PS4. That and PS4 just has more and better looking exclusives for me.
And the 500 dollar price point will still be an issue.
But at least they are changing the policies
quenomamen  +   842d ago
Haha, so much for the " oooh we know whats good for you, high and mighty bean counters at MS "
These guys are a joke, they might as well as kept it like it was cuz now theyre just coming off like a bunch of mindless morons who dint know crap about gaming besides counting money. Get out the hardware bussiness and stick to making Windows OS you hacks.
steven83r  +   842d ago
Article is dumb. Seriously you're gonna talk shit about what Fallon said days before MS announced they caved to the pressure? Dumb ass writer. As Fallon could see into the future. Why not say Uh hey Nelson you moron your system does support offline play and used games, how could you not know that working for MS?
Heavenly King  +   842d ago
Still PS4 day 1.
GraveLord  +   842d ago
At the time of this interview, this was entirely true.

What this article should be titles is "Microsoft has a lot of work to do".

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