Why The PS Vita Is Growing From Strength To Strength "Sony made quite a statement at this year's E3 Press Conference. Driving home their ideals for their next-gen console the PlayStation 4, as well as solidifying the future of the PlayStation 3. However one aspect was left rather disappointing for fans of the PlayStation brand, Vita coverage."

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PopRocks3591771d ago

Right now I think one of the Vita's biggest strengths is its indie support, because heaven knows Sony seems far more enthused by the PS4 (and rightfully so) at present.

The platform deserves more AAA support though. More Tearaways and Gravity Rushes as oppose to more Call of Duty spinoffs and cross-play games.

starchild1771d ago

Yeah, indie support is a great thing to have. I like the Vita. The remote play capability with PS4 is what seals the deal for me.

caseh1771d ago

'Vita's biggest strengths is its indie support'

I think that is also one if its biggest problems. I'm all for indies getting recognition for their time and work, however I really can't be f*cked with indie games and i'm not about to lay down £200 for a hand held whose selling point (outside of impressive technical specs) is indie titles.

I'm already spoilt for choice with indie type titles on my Android phone, 99% of which are free and with the exception of maybe a handful of indie titles on PS3 (Journey) I can see why it isn't really getting much consumer support.

rpd1231771d ago

And that's also it's biggest weakness. Indie support is great and all, but it doesn't sell consoles. It needs AAA support in addition to it's great indie support. But it's not getting that support at all.

imXify1771d ago

85 games coming by the end of the year. 37 games announced.

Those 48 games remaining can't be all indies, so I think great games are coming ! :D

Protagonist1771d ago

Seen this? Looks freaking amazing!!!

Freedom Wars PS Vita:

Torchwood41771d ago

Maybe the US will be getting its own version of a Vita Heaven press conference soon!