The Xbox One and live TV -- here's what to expect

What's in a name? A whole lot, if you're asking yours truly. "All Your Entertainment. Input One." Such intriguing statements were declared in a document that leaked from Redmond last summer. The slogan "All in one, input one" was on the Microsoft banners decorating the LA Convention Center for E3 this year. But this probably left many wondering: what is "input one," exactly? It didn't go unnoticed by those who follow the TV industry. Input one is commonly used in the biz to refer to the TV input most Americans use to access the majority of their content. This is the input that's displayed when the TV is turned on, and it's the input that most connect their set-top box from their cable or satellite provider to. Naturally, it's a highly coveted position in the content industry and one that is well fortified by the incumbents.

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just_looken1882d ago

good article showing Microsoft's past in there attempt's at a all in one tv device and there future attempt the xbox one. Sense i am Canadian 90% of this though has no use for me both sony and microsft need more out of usa stuff for there customers. I know but but the world revolves around the usa ugh just toss us up hulu or fucking amazon man fuck. Yeah its up the the makes off the app and you got all the rights crap but come on all we got up north is netflix and crakle.

1881d ago
TesMgsFan1881d ago

X1 is a joke seriously why would you turn from a game console to a tv box ??

Geezus1881d ago Show
Geezus1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

im more interested in the snap mode which looks like a kick ass feature

truegame1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

What I don’t' like about the set-up is that I still need my cable box or cable DVR in the room to use it and I will still need a remote to control the volume for the TV viewer or Blu-ray since I have it hook-up up to my receiver. So, I will still have to use voice command and then a remote for my receiver (volume etc) which defeats only voice commands.

It is just a pass-through and you are paying for a guide. You still need your cable box or a DVR. I wished it had a Tuner or Cable card built in so you can ditch the box. I think allot of people think it has a built in Turner/Cable card and a DVR and are going to buy it not knowing what is need. MS really explain stuff wrong and hope people get and then find out later. Great Idea, but is missing some things to make it all in one.

AxeCain1881d ago

I'm sure the volume can still be controlled through the xbox without the need of a remote. PS3 has volume controls for music during playback; I'm sure this can be done for xbox one.
I totally agree that MS needs to explain things better. I have so many questions....