Byron: The Interview - 'The US are looking at this report very carefully'

Next-Gen speaks with Dr. Tanya Byron, author of the independent report published Thursday, Safer Children in a Digital World. Here, she talks about the reaction to her recommendations and the game industry's likely next moves...

Dr Byron, a clinical psychologist, yesterday set out an action plan for the UK government, industry and families to work together to support children's safety online and to reduce access to adult videogames.

Next-Gen: You've been talking to the media and to the call-in shows today. What's the reaction been like to the proposals you set out?

Dr. Tanya Byron: I suppose the first response I got this morning was from the Prime Minister when he said to me, when we were on GMTV together, that he was going to accept my recommendations in full, followed by the Secretaries of State at the launch I did later. I understand there's been a very positive debate in Parliament about the review.

A number of MPs have supported the recommendations and also the processes of the review and we're getting calls in from industry which are in line with the kind of relationship I've had with both the videogames and internet industries which has been so incredibly positive throughout this review.

I think we can make things happen here in a pretty positive way for children and families in terms of digital safety.

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bootsielon3763d ago

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Commando473763d ago

Oh cmon, just because some ho says videogame ratings are weak does not mean its true.

First she looks like a horse, second most of her research was biased(i prefer video evidence), i see shes a TV personality as well and not a very good one either.

If i were the US government, i would look more closely at my health care and crumbling housing market...

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poopface13762d ago

to keep her stupid ideas on the other side of the ocean, hopefuly the Us says no to this ho. The current rating we have is fine, its up to the parents to see what their kids get. If they have no parents then video games are not their worst problems, and if they simply have bad parents(the kind that cant look at the front of a box) then you cant blame video games for them being Fuc#ed up little bastids.