The Last of Us is an emotional, moving and beautiful journey

Having just finished the single player campaign of The Last of Us, I found myself sat speechless for 30 minutes contemplating what I had just been through. I talk about myself going through the experience because thats exactly how it felt. If emotional attachments were on the agenda. Naughty dog executed the game perfectly.

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PFFT1768d ago

An amazingly beautiful story!

Rusty5151768d ago

Agreed. Hope it gets a sequel. I don't think Joel and Ellie's story is finished yet. I don't know, even though the ending could stay like didn't feel complete. Fingers crossed for last of us 2 on ps4...Oh my god. Imagine how sexy that game is gonna look on the ps4...

geeniusgee6021768d ago

Literally this needs to happen. I'm pretty sure it will too. But probably in about 2 years :(

PFFT1768d ago

Yep here is hoping it get a sequel. And im pretty sure it will be sooner than two years. Especially now that the PS4 is more developer friendly.

franko1768d ago

I'm on 70%. Masterpiece.

fardan851768d ago

Talk about games which can make an effect on your emotions, I felt so sad just for playing the prologue.
I hope the games sells well so that Naughty Dog and Sony will provide us with a sequel.

JKelloggs1768d ago

Just completed it, the best game I've ever played

Heisenburger1768d ago

This game is absolutely top notch.... I swear...


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