Fuel Overdose Developer Frustrated With Xbox One and PS4's Policy Towards Indie Games

"I think that as long as you comply with their technical constraints they should allow you to sell your game on their platform. That’s more or less the case on PlayStation, that’s how the App store works, that’s how the Android market works. But once again that’s their policy, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Maybe they want to avoid alienating the big retail publishers? I respect that but if so they should say it and stop presenting themselves as indie-friendly."


Skander got in touch with GamingBolt and clarified that he was only referring to the Xbox One.

Title modified as: Fuel Overdose Developer Frustrated With Xbox One's Policy Towards Indie Games

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Vengeance11381922d ago

Shouldn't the title read as "...Frustrated with Xbox One's Policy towards Indie Games" ?

as the PS4's policy towards indie's is pretty flawless considering they have pretty much ALL the indies on PS4/Vita

rainslacker1921d ago

His frustration in general was over visibility on the respective marketplaces. Saying they have to compete for visibility with the big publishers and other media available on those networks.

I guess what he's asking for is a sort of indie channel, where indies don't get drowned out by other big games and offerings from the owner of the console.

NewMonday1921d ago

"It’s crucial for us indies to get visibility"

doesn't he know self published indies will have a prominent section in the PSN store and buried in the menus.

he will still have to compete with the other indes within the section, the popularity will depend on the community, it's up to him and his game.

Gamer19821921d ago

Hes talking about visibility? Yeah try releasing your game on ios and tell me if people magically find your game. Apple sure as hell won't promote it and it will get lost in a sea of millions of games. At least your game will pop up now and then on consoles. At least PS4 allows self publish. This guy really needs to start looking at the bigger picture and how hard life is in other places too. People think ios is a golden chalice but in reality its a cursed one.

-Gespenst-1922d ago

Good points. This is just big corporations trying to co-opt Indies, not helping them out.

MWong1921d ago

Don't worry M$ will do a 180 on this too and all will be well in the world ;).

1922d ago
GamersHeaven1921d ago

Hilarious how every one tries to drag Sony into every thing negative about xbox one DRM and now indies.

GribbleGrunger1921d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

Sarobi1921d ago

How can you be frustrated with self-publishing on PS4?

cabinotier1921d ago

self-publishing is not always good for developers.
if a developer have no press section or poor resources, co-op with publisher is better way for developer than self-publishing.

HammadTheBeast1921d ago

Then do it that way. Sony hasn't disregarded using a major publisher, its still an option for indie devs. They just removed the restrictions and a lot of barriers.

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The story is too old to be commented.