How To Defeat Super-Infected Bloaters in The Last of Us

GR: "Bloaters are the final stage of Cordyceps infection. Joel and Ellie will have to face off against these monstrous and spore-grenade-tossing enemies several times in their journey. While you can unload tons of ammunition into the Bloater's face, using different weapons and different strategies can make short work of these hulking brutes."

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acharlez1975d ago

This will be super helpful.

GentlemenRUs1975d ago

Flamethrower with power upgrade! Shuts them up in no time ;)

Cure1975d ago

flamethrower is ruin these guys quick. no upgrade needed.

The only time you will have a tough time is the first time you encounter him in the gym i think. i just used the bottle fire and hand gun to shot his weak points.

stuntman_mike1975d ago

"Shoot his weak points" sounds so 90's lol. But this game is awesome.

Now i'm not gonna read anymore last of us articles least for spoilers.

RedSoakedSponge1975d ago

molotovs seem to do the trick. let them bitches burn!!

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The story is too old to be commented.