The Last of Us Weapons FAQ

GR: "There are a variety of weapons Joel and Ellie can use in The Last of Us. Taking full advantage of each means understanding what enemies to use a weapon on, and how it's most useful. Some weapons are more useful in stealth, while others are only viable options if you're ready to attract an audience.

"Here, we'll break down the entire list of weapons and which to use on which enemies..."

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acharlez2004d ago

The melee weapons are BRUTAL

dbjj120882004d ago

All of the animations are super violent.

ftwrthtx2004d ago

Love the bat with a blade attached. Super effective.

GentlemenRUs2004d ago

Flamethrower fully upgraded for me, It's a Infected-Eater!

ChipChipperson2003d ago

Oh you mean the, Bloater-Be-Gone Spray?

GentlemenRUs2003d ago

Works great on "bloated" warts too!


dendenmooshi2003d ago

I like how the game tries to make you use every weapon available. I didn't think I needed the smoke bomb very often, but I found myself needing to on a number of occasions. Same goes with the starter pistol.