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Nintendo makes plenty of new IPs

Gimme Gimme Games argues that Nintendo already makes a bunch of new IPs every year but people largely ignore them for whatever reason. (3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   801d ago
While I don't like this article's jabs at Sony (seriously, there are worse worse offenders to "milking" than God of War), it makes a good point about Nintendo's newer IPs and how people ignore them.

"But but but I want IPs that appeal to me!"

Fair enough, but at least have the decency to acknowledge the fact that Nintendo DOES bust out new IPs here and there, but they don't appeal to you. At least then you'd be honest. And accurate.
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Need4Game  +   800d ago
Nintendo x MonolithSoft Action-MMORPG that'll last for 10years !
user5575708  +   800d ago
xenoblade is honestly the best rpg i played last gen. and i played plenty of them
Sanquine90  +   800d ago

This site is making a lot of articles jabbing at sony... I dont know why it has to make the comparison with Sony. Gimme Gimme Games is an Nintendo only site? because i have seen a lot of articles about Nintendo in the positive daylight. If anyone is to blame for the Wii U tanking it's Nintendo themself.. Friends of mine think the Wii U is a extra controller for the Wii. They need to give a console a proper name. Wii 2 was far better.

Iwata , please dont talk but just give us games. My wii U is collecting dust because im sick of playing MH ultimate every day
mrbojingles  +   800d ago
They seem to really prefer the PS4 in all their Xbox One posts.
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PopRocks359  +   800d ago
In all fairness around six or seven notable games are all coming out this year.

Game & Wario, Pikmin 3, Zelda WWHD, Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101 and New Super Luigi U (if you count it).
Sanquine90  +   800d ago

- Pikmin 3 ( reason why i bought the console) So im a happy man!
-Zelda WW HD looks stunning
- Donkey kong is always fun

So yeah! Good stuff
Sanquine90  +   800d ago

Yeah, i noticed that earlier. I dont know why.. I favor Wii U and playstation 4 but my taste is more RPG etc. And i know that will come to these two.

Pre ordered PS4 and Xbox one
Sincere0121  +   800d ago
Plenty of games r out and more are to come. Do your research instead of just repeating senseless crap that is constantly repeated online in order to have jabs at Nintendo.
If you really think MH Ultimate is the only game on the wii u then u must live on the moon. MH is one of the worst games on wii u, I played the demo but never got into it.
Sanquine90  +   799d ago
@Sincere Do some research> ? Uuuhm i did.... MH ultimate is awesome. Also have zombie U , toki tori 2 , Nintendoland , Super mario bros uuhmm and mass effect 3. So dont tell me i got no games;) I just want new games. Cant say anything to the fanboys
imXify  +   800d ago
11 games in 11 years for Ratchet & Clank ( 1 per year )
50+ games in 17 years for Pokemon ( ~3 per year )
125+ games in 28 years for Mario ( ~4 per year )

So what's your point ?
PopRocks359  +   800d ago
The point is they still put out new IPs when everyone seems to think otherwise?
imXify  +   800d ago
I'm okay with new IPs. But comparing it with Ratchet & Clank and God of War just wasn't necessary.
thezeldadoth  +   800d ago
sony defense.

Also, the mario games are way better than ratchet and clank and they sell more than any other IP. Of course they're gonna make more games. Mario saved the gaming industry...Ratchet and clank is just a decent IP from insomniac that misses just as much as it hits.
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AceBlazer13  +   800d ago
having lots of ips don't mean shit if they suck
_QQ_  +   800d ago
Those don't count, remember.
Rusty515  +   800d ago
@thezeldadoth: Mario didn't save the gaming industry. Between 1982 and 1985, gaming was still very much alive in Japan and other countries. The video game crash only happened in North America. And besides...That was over 25 years ago. Stop living in the past. The point is, Nintendo isn't the same company they used to be. When was the last time Nintendo actually made a relevant IP? Something that compares to Mario or Zelda as their "killer app"? Smash Bros? That was over 3 console generations ago. Face it. They're a shadow of their former selves and rely on the same exact franchises to carry their systems. And then Nintendo fanboys act like nothing's wrong as long as Mario gets a new cat suit. Pathetic.
thezeldadoth  +   800d ago
^lol yeah thats the only change to mario is that he got a new cat suit. Its funny how you guys are so desperate to spin things. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are some of the highest rated games in history, and they are new. Its not just nintendo, but nobody has created an IP as legendary as mario or zelda since, but the new games in the IP's continue to perform amazingly. Skyward Sword, Twilight princess, mario galaxy, all of those earned game of the year awards from multiple places.
mrbojingles  +   800d ago
You're counting non-mainline Pokemon/Mario games. If Ratchet had the IP strength to carry sports spin offs you better bet Sony would pull the trigger
jcnba28  +   800d ago
Mario Golf is not the same as Mario Galaxy. Just because the same character is in it doesn't mean it's the same game.
PopRocks359  +   800d ago
I've seen some really stupid people try to claim that Luigi's Mansion, Paper Mario and Mario Kart are all the same because they have Mario characters in it.

I'll admit, there is a lot of games that use the Mario universe (a whole LOT), but no two Mario games are the same. Except maybe the New Super Mario Bros. games.
GenericNameHere  +   800d ago
Not the same games, but Mario's still in the forefront, selling the game. It's STILL A MARIO GAME, despite different roles and not "main" Mario games. You're still "milking" the Mario franchise.

Only ones I wouldn't call milking are rereleases (as in HD releases or remasters. I wouldn't count Mario 64DS as a new game)
ChickeyCantor  +   800d ago
"Not the same games, but Mario's still in the forefront,"

You mean a marketing trick? You're right. But that doesn't in any way imply they are the same game.

"You're still "milking" the Mario franchise. "

But why is this an issue? Why does this affect the next true mario platfomer?
It's something I never understood. Mario is milked ( eww ) so their main games are bad all of a sudden?

From all those mario games, i've hardly played any of the non platforming titles.
stragomccloud  +   800d ago
You should really think of taking into consideration actual Mario games, and not just Mario themed games, or games with Mario in it. Mario is Nintendo's mascot, so obviously as the face of Nintendo, he will be in almost everything he can possibly be put in.
fatstarr  +   800d ago
They did the comparison so blind people could see that ALl of the Big 3, Milk their Bread and Butter Franchises.

but the claim that Nintendo Only does it is now Disproved
and the Claim that Nintendo doesnt have New IP's
is now disproved

just because it isnt a game of the year contender or some "new" fps doesnt mean its not a New IP.
AWBrawler  +   800d ago
Exactly. LAST STORY is a new IP. STEEL DIVER is a new IP. XENOBLADE though similar to Xenogear and xenosaga is still a new IP. Wii Fit is a new IP. BATTALION WARS though inspired by advanved wars is a fairly new IP. TRACE MEMORY is fairly new and has a sequel on Wii. And heck X is coming to Wii U as.are some unannounced new IPs.
Sanquine90  +   800d ago
@AW Brawl The last story is awesome.. But cmon steeldiver. Xenogear and the new announced X game ( one of my most anticpated games of the next generation) and you are hearing this from a sony fan ( who also has a big heart for Nintendo)
quantae06  +   800d ago
@imXify Mario isn't a game, he's a character. Mario Kart and Mario Bros U are different games n different series. But your off topic anyways.
trickman888  +   800d ago
Plenty of IP's, not enough big multi platforms.
fatstarr  +   800d ago
coulnt agree more thats the killer of the wiiu
the shafting by the 3rd parties and then when big name games come out they never give us the good ones, just the shitty ones no one wants to play.
weekev15  +   800d ago
Hence why this household will once againbe a 2 console hoiuse. WiiU will be my primary console for the games I love and ill have my PS4 for my multiplatforms and naughty dog.
Triforce079  +   800d ago
Can i just say if Sony or Microsoft had Donkeykong,Mario,Zelda,Metroid ,Animal crossing,Waverace,F-Zero,Kid icurus,Smash bros,ect ect they would milk them even worse without the quality,look Nintendo have the most successful franchises in the gaming world what should they do not support them ? well if they wernt in such demand they could.
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quantae06  +   800d ago
@Trickman888 True! The Wii U has a lot of good multiplats, but they are coming up short on others. The Crew should be on Wii U, but thanks for WatchDogs n Splinter Cell Blacklist Ubisoft. ;) Either way I'm happy to buy whatever multiplat that uses the Gamepad in unique ways. I buy both 1st and 3rd party games on Wii U. I love gameplay features with the Gamepad. If the game isn't on Wii U though I'll also have a PS4. PS4 with Infamous SS n Kingdom Hearts 3 to start off with. :)
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Chrono  +   800d ago
Wii Fit U = goty
Loadedklip  +   800d ago
Yea ... clearly Mario Golf is a sequel to Mario Galaxy ...
/end sarcasm

some of you guys are a joke.
rextraordinaire  +   800d ago
New IPs, Veteran series, who cares?

I don't mind playing Dragon Quest for the nth time, even if it has the exact same mechanics. Same goes for Shin Megami Tensei, SoulCalibur or whatever.

Do a game, do it well, and it will sell.

Sure, new IPs can deliver some really greats surprises (Catherine, The World Ends With You, Vanquish and many more), but a well known series that can stick to it's roots is as good a value as anything else.
TongkatAli  +   800d ago
Yeah, but for some people it gets boring. I'm actually not excited for the new MGS cause I'm bored with its whole universe and Metal Gear Solid 4 killed it for me.

I'm not buying another Metal Gear and don't care how good it looks, but the Wonderful 101 is going to be sick! New ip and Platnuim.
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Jay70sgamer  +   800d ago
This article is so on point I always wondered the same thing when Sony or xbox release 5 or six halos or call of duty gears of wa,gods of war r etc ..no one say they are milking it but if nintendo releases a mario, Zelda etc people say they are milking it...as far as nintendo keep putting out new Mario's it's what people want how many units does it sell...it's in the millions ..so why wouldn't you keep bringing it out and changing it up so it's not the same game as before its common sense ..when car companies are successful with a certain model ...they reproduce the same car every year with added features ..that's called being a very smart company/business ..it's called supply and demand ..if these titles didnt sell do you think nintendo would keep producing them no......people hate on nintendo for no reason and if Sony or Microsoft had a franchise character do you think they would not continue to produce that same character that sells millions ...hell yeah
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fatstarr  +   800d ago
This article is so spot on, it points out the hypocritical people and the bias that the industry has against Nintendo.

Like for reals I have been saying this, this article will be used in future debates on my part. when sony does it its all cool same with microsoft. Nintendo Games Just dont get love unless its cult players spam the shit out of it. EX Xenoblade being the most wanted game and hard to find game of last generation.
Inception  +   800d ago
From the article
"So why does Nintendo get such a bad rap for “not taking risks” or not making new IPs? I don’t know really and can’t find an answer. It seems like the media and internet gaming community generally ignores most of the things Nintendo does that isn’t Mario/Zelda/Metroid related. I can’t always blame them, Nintendo does market those IPs far better but why wouldn’t they? Is it honestly that surprising that they have a Mario Kart, 3D Mario, Zelda every 3-5 years?"

Well, maybe nintendo don't give enough promo to new IP's compare to sony who promoted Fat Princess, Rain, Journey, etc with good amount of spotlight?

I mean, i never heard -until now- games from the list such as Legend of Starfy, Geist, Chibi Robo, Glory to Heracles, Flingsmash, or Kersploosh. And i never see some ads too for those games. Hell, even The Last Guy got some ads from sony on PSN and gaming sites. And just look at The Last Story, Xenoblade, or Pandora Tower. Imagine if there's no petition from oprainfall, i think nintendo will not localize this new IP's.

So don't blame gamers if some of us always think that nintendo don't made games besides Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or DK. But hopefully nintendo promotes their new IP better than Mario and friends.
Gemmol  +   800d ago
Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Music and etc is all new ip too
Inception  +   799d ago
Yes, i knew those game also new IP, but nintendo advertise those game a lotttt better than Geist, Chibi Robo, Flingsmash, or Kersploosh. Even they bundled Wii with Wii Fit or Wii Sports. But do you see nintendo bundle Wii / 3DS with Geist, Chibi Robo, or Flingsmash? Or do you see tons of ads for Geist, Chibi Robo, or Kersploosh compare to Wii Fit or Wii Sport?
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   800d ago
While Monolith is a Nintendo first party, I wouldn't really count either X or Xenoblade as "Nintendo IPs". Both of those games don't deviate at all from Takahashi's previous games.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   800d ago
The problem with Nintendo New IP's is they all got that Mario theme what ppl really want from Nintendo is more mature exclusives games
RFornillos4  +   800d ago
no offense, but i believe this is one of main misconception about new IPs: if it's not "mature" in nature, or not different enough, or not full of graphical flair like an FPS, or if it uses the same "characters" over and over again, then it's not a new IP.

nintendo, like Disney, treat their characters as somewhat similar to "actors". by putting them into their games, they become characters of that game, acting into what the gameplay calls for.

there was an interview i read, and this is with regards to how devs come up with ideas for a new game in Nintendo. the intereviewee said (i'm not sure if it was Miyamoto or someone else from Nintendo), they usually start their idea for games based on gameplay. not thinking of which characters to use. depending on how they perceive the gameplay will be, they will then look into their roster of existing characters and see if the gameplay will be applicable to any character; if there is one, they will then use the character. of course at times they wouldn't need to do that for established characters like Link for Zelda.

and for people asking for Mario to be in an FPS with guns and all, just a bit of trivia, Miyamoto once said that one of the early design for Mario (before the final NES Mario appeared) was that he was supposed to use a gun as a weapon. imagine how it could have turned out.
Triforce079  +   800d ago
Beyonetta2 is Nintendo's and this is just the start expect more games like this.
CaptainN  +   800d ago
No its not,its Sega's....who basically let Nintendo use it because they werent going to. Platinum games is making it,Nintendo payed for it,Sega owns it!
thomasmiller  +   800d ago
WOW AND THE SONY AND MICORSOFT TROLLS GASP AND FAINT!!! thank someone for telling the truth!! nintendo does have new ips, and I cannot wait to play wonderful 101!! it looks to be my favorite!
jakmckratos  +   800d ago
All of those either suck or are 3rd party exclusive
kirbyu  +   799d ago
I prefer when they make sequels.

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