E3 2013: Hands-on with The Crew- What a Driving Game Should Be Like (GamersBliss)

At E3 2013, Ubisoft had a huge surprise in store. The big surprise for fans around the world was Ubisoft announcing their upcoming next-gen driving game, The Crew. This is a game that levels players in the heart of an open world setting in the United States. The Crew is seriously a huge map of the entire United States leaving players to roam around well known landmarks, take on driving challenges and game with friends in an experience never before witnessed in gaming before. It takes over 90 minutes to travel coast to coast in-game and leaves single player, co-op and multiplayer seamlessly hidden within the map. This no load time, open world adventure plots players together to take out massive criminal organizations throughout the major cities of the United States.

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TheSuperior 1734d ago

Probably the best looking game at E3 to me. I am just so very sad that it wont be same system coop. I sure hope next-gen gamnig doenst do away with same system coop for good. Usually Ubisoft is really good with making same system coop. They had it with Far Cry 3 and they will with Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Link2DaFutcha1734d ago

Haven't been this interested in a racing game since need for speed Hot Pursuit on Xbox

NioRide1734d ago

Played the last driver game by Ubi, and thought the game felt fantastic, so much so that I actually beat it twice. If this turns out to be the same team I really look forward to it.