E3 2013: South Park: The Stick of Truth Preview- Extreme Humor (GamersBliss)

E3 2013 housed a new live demo preview of Ubisoft’s South Park: The Stick of Truth. At the big Ubisoft press conference a day before attendees got to browse the show floor, we were treated to a very funny trailer. In this trailer we were taught, well sort of, how to fart and not just any fart; a classic really stinky fart as if it were an ancient secret. It was a funny showing for the game that surly made a lot of viewers crack a smile. If that classic South Park style humor wasn’t enough to get you interested in more about South Park: The Stick of Truth, what would be?

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TheSuperior 1976d ago

Cant wait for this game. The E3 trailer really got me laughing when Cartman said that it might be availble this year and then made that video game joke... classic! haha

SheaHoff1976d ago

I am soooo pumped for this game!

Link2DaFutcha1976d ago

If this game could come out today, I would be soooooo happy. I'm stacking sunder armor already chriiiiiiist

fattyuk1976d ago




Lighter91976d ago

So people ARE still excited for this game.. Hm. For me, South Park got old a long time ago.