PS4 bundle pre-order sales dominate GameStop

Pre-order sales for bundles that include Sony Corp.'s Playstation 4 dominated GameStop Corp.'s online division this week due to strong demand post retail price announcement for the hardware.

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MegaMohsi1676d ago

not surprised, console is $100 cheaper, even if it weren't for the whole DRM and used games thing $100 price difference makes a huge difference to mainstream consumers.

wishingW3L1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

and even more when they see the PS3 still getting GOTY quality games like the Last of Us while the X360 is dead in the water. It makes the Xbox seem like a weak brand for relying so much on Call of Duty and other 3rd party shooters.

MegaMohsi1676d ago

It looks like all the 360 COD'ers are migrating to PS4 because COD Ghosts is the #1 preorder haha

NameRemoved00171676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


I don't think the majority of the cod fanbase wants to spend $500 on a console or have that stupid kinect so makes since.

harrisk9541676d ago

The bundles at Amazon have either Battlefield 4, Killzone, Knack or Watchdogs, plus a PS+ card for less than (Knack) or equal to (B4, KZ, WD)the XB1 by itself!

Walker1676d ago

PS4 will surpass PS2 ! mark my words !

JetP06191675d ago

i believe you. Ps3 will also come VERY close to ps2's lifetime sales by the time devs stop supporting it.

PS3gamer4life1676d ago

Lol its funny how,xbox fans switching to ps4 but yall talk so much shit bout playstation lol

Rip-Ridah1676d ago

Your comment isnt helping the situation. Instead of throwing mud in their faces, we should be welcoming them with open arms. If you arent apart of the solution, you are a part of the problem...

Unicron1676d ago

Careful there with that goodwill man! This is N4G!

-GametimeUK-1676d ago

Not for much longer. Xbox One is going to own next next generation now the DRM is lifted.

MasterofMagnetism1676d ago

Just like how 360 owned this gen. Oh wait minute...

first1NFANTRY1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Just like the 360 owned this gem right. Ha! don't make us laugh troll. The 360 is in dead last with no exclusives in sight.

This time around both consoles will be launching roughly the same time so the advantages M$ had this gen are GONE. They'd better hope Sony messes up somehow or they'll be crushed right out of the gate.

Sarobi1676d ago

The price tag will be the difference maker.

NameRemoved00171676d ago

Own this gen?
Requires internet to activate the console
Cost $100 more than the PS4.
Comes bundle with a kinect that 95% of people won't use.
The bundled kinect always has to be plugged in.
The PlayStation 4 has superior hardware in every category.

Whats the xbox one have that the PS4 doesn't?
I guess HDMI in and a couple exclusives like forza 5?

Foliage1676d ago

Xbox has finished in last every generation; with someone like you claiming: "They will win THIS time!" every single time.

Even a year head start didn't work.

After all the spinning for how you guys liked DRM and all those stupid policies; using it to claim the PS4 was inferior... here is another spin (360 was a fitting name) now with you guys claiming the PS4 policies were indeed better (now that Xbox One changed to match the PS4).

Keep spinning, kid!

At the end of the day; the PS4 is still twice as powerful and will have the better games and price.

Xbox can't even use their bullshit "power of the cloud" excuse; now that they can't guarantee each user will be connected. Great work there Microshafts; the spinning to date was all for nothing.

Here is something you can't spin:
Kinect is still required to be connected. Microsoft were caught in the NSA scandal sharing your private information. Enjoy! Don't wank in view of the Kinect government feed!

-GametimeUK-1676d ago

When did I ever say I liked DRM? How can I wank in front of a Kinect with no Kinect? I don't recall saying I will buy a Xbone. All I'm saying is they will win.

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ShowGun9011676d ago

Go PS4!

no creepy camera watching me to see if my heartrate goes up watching baywatch...

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