Analyst: Sony makes $25 profit on every PlayStation 4

According to analyst Michael Pachter, Sony will make a $25 profit on each PlayStation4 console sold.

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CaptainFaisal1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Thats amazing! 399$ and getting 25$ ! i bet X1 499$ they get 350$ profit! -.-

MariaHelFutura1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

PS4: It only does win, wins.

NewMonday1771d ago

Pachter : “Sony really couldn't go lower than $399, they really couldn't go to $349″

I think they could with a 250gb HDD and throwing out the HDMI cable and mic.

Pandamobile1771d ago

250 GB? What is this, 2007?

NewMonday1771d ago

as a lower option if push comes to shove.

WilliamH1771d ago

The price difference between 250gb & 500gb hdd's is minimal. I would have loved to see a 1TB model for €499. The fact they're making a profit on this system at launch is very nice for them, a complete turnaround from the disaster PS3 launch price which was an incredible €629 here in Ireland.

CaptainFaisal1771d ago

In saudi we had it for around 1000-1100 $ -.-
im getting anxious about the PS4`s price when it comes out here! hope its 399$ not 1100-1500$ and they give us this excuse ( we payed for shipment, and we give you 1 year warranty ) then that should atleast make the console 499$ atleast .
guess how much i bought my wii u deluxe for! 640$!

NewMonday1771d ago


yes but along with the cable+mic and the $25 profit they can manage to cut $50 and still break even.

Lovable1771d ago


That's a lot of $25 dollars...

CaptainFaisal1771d ago

so lets say they will sell between 7M - 13M PS4s at launch that means they will get 175M - 325M on day one!
imagine all of them getting PS Plus! way more!
its like all the money they paid for Gaikai is back!

DEEBO1771d ago

that's better then losing 200 on every system sold like they did with the ps3.

mushroomwig1771d ago

That's pretty impressive, considering they were still losing money even with the $599 PS3 price.

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The story is too old to be commented.